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Facebook and Google conned out of £77m after scammer acted as Apple supplier

IF YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE carrying a bad day, consider yourself propitious that we weren’t one of a staffers during Facebook or Google that were duped into handing over $100m (£77m).

News of dual vital tech firms being tricked by a Lithuanian male into promulgation him over $100m first came to light final month, though Fortune has this week suggested that a dual firms in doubt are usually bloody Facebook and Google. 

Both firms have given reliable that this in a case. Facebook, that managed to recuperate a bulk of a stolen $100m, pronounced in a statement: “We recovered a bulk of a supports shortly after a occurrence and has been auxiliary with law coercion in a investigation.”

Google said it had “detected this rascal opposite a businessman government group and soon alerted a authorities”, adding that it “recouped a funds” and is “pleased this matter is resolved.”

The scammer responsible, 48-year-old Evaldas Rimasauskas,  deceived a companies from during slightest 2013 until 2015 by masquerading as Taiwanese wiring manufacturer Quanta Computer that reserve collection for Apple Watch and Amazon’s Kindle devices.

In March, when news of a high-profile rascal initial came to light, he was charged with handle fraud, income laundering and aggravated temperament theft.

“From half a universe away, Evaldas Rimasauskas allegedly targeted multinational internet companies and duped their agents and employees into wiring over $100 million to abroad bank accounts underneath his control,” Acting US Attorney Joon H Kim pronounced in Mar when the DoJ announced a arrest of Rimasauskas.

“This box should offer as a wake-up call to all companies – even a many worldly – that they too can be victims of phishing attacks by cybercriminals. And this detain should offer as a warning to all cyber criminals that we will work to lane them down, wherever they are, to reason them accountable.”

Rimasauskas was arrested is now fighting extradition to a US, arguing that he was treated badly by a FBI officers who interrogated him and that he will not get a satisfactory and just trial. µ



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