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ExpensiveWall: Android users compensate a cost for downloading tainted apps

Check Point has detected new Android malware that is used to send fradulent SMS messages to reward numbers, charging users for any one. The malware’s name, ‘ExpensiveWall’, comes one of a malicious apps that it uses to widespread itself. That app is called ‘Lovely Wallpaper’ and if we ever downloaded it, we do not have a sympathies.

According to Check Point, ExpensiveWall is a “new various of Android malware that sends feign reward SMS messages and charges for feign services to users’ accounts but their knowledge.”

According to Google Play data, a malware putrescent during slightest 50 apps and was downloaded between 1 million and 4.2 million times, before a influenced apps were removed.

Check Point told Google about ExpensiveWall in August, and Google private all of a peaked apps that a confidence association told it about behind then. However, we should also mislay a app from your device during your end.   

“While ExpensiveWall is now designed usually to beget distinction from a victims, a identical malware could be simply mutated to use a same infrastructure in sequence to constraint pictures, record audio, and even take supportive information and send a information to a authority and control (CC) server,” combined a organisation in box we weren’t disturbed enough.

“Since a malware is able of handling silently, all of this unlawful activity takes place but a victim’s knowledge, branch it into a ultimate espionage tool.”

A blog from Check Point adds that many of a putrescent apps come with a kind of reviews that we competence expect, and some advise that it is advertisements on other apps including Instagram, that drew them to a tainted shit.

“The comments prove that a app is promoted on several amicable networks including Instagram,” it explained. “Which competence explain how it came to be downloaded so many times.”



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