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Ex-employee jailed for hacking private confidence firm

A DUDE IN AMERICA has been sent to a supervision hotel for 7 years after he left a organisation strictly yet returned unofficially to penetrate it for his possess profits.

Seven years is a prolonged time, yet that is how prolonged Jonathan Lee Eubanks, 29, of Davie Florida, has warranted in chokey for creation unapproved credit label purchases, and a array of other mistakes of a rapist nature.

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) says that Eubanks was convicted by a jury in April and found guilty of one count of intentionally causing repairs to a stable mechanism but authorization, one count of entrance device fraud, and 3 depends of aggravated temperament theft.

It was pronounced in justice that after he willingly left a association he done a array of earnings to a mechanism systems. He did this around an aged colleague’s mechanism on that he had commissioned applicable remote entrance software. The association that he worked for, and exploited, is a private confidence company, so this will have been unequivocally annoying for it and frustrating for workers who mislaid out financially.

“The justification showed that by this remote entrance software, on Jan. 27, 2013, Eubanks deleted all of a files on one of a company’s mechanism servers, including databases of customer and worker information and files required for scheduling and tracking worker shifts,” pronounced a DoJ.

“He also re-directed a company’s website, so that visitors to that site were instead destined to a website of a competing confidence firm. The hearing justification also suggested that a following day, Eubanks used a email comment of a former co-worker to send mixed emails in that former co-worker’s name to a company’s employees and clients adverse a association and accusing it of bootleg practices.”

For what a worth, and we can’t unequivocally see a relevance, a DoJ combined that Eubanks bought a array of purloin scopes and other ‘survival gear’ online regulating cards pinched from 3 people during another outfit that is also a private confidence firm. They will be dry by a time he gets to see them again though.

“The Honorable James I. Cohn, Senior U.S. District Judge, condemned Eubanks to a sum of 84 months in prison,” explained a DoJ.

“The judgment consisted of 60 months for intentionally deleterious a stable mechanism and entrance device fraud, followed by a uninterrupted tenure of 24 months in jail for aggravated temperament theft.” µ



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