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Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard

Range of suit isn’t a vital emanate with keyboards, as we can see in a top-down picture below…

Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard (Conventional Keyboard)

With both of your arms entirely extended in front of you, your hands should roughly align with a outdoor edges of a categorical typing area—and that’s how many keyboards are built.

It’s when we chuck mice into a works that things get interesting…

Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard (Conventional Keyboard and Mouse)

Your shoulder has to focus during a larger angle to use a mouse, introducing a bit of additional stress. It’s admittedly subtle, yet like pushing a automobile over a short, unequivocally pothole-filled territory of highway any day as we go behind and onward a many longer stretch to work, a stresses amass with time. Replacing startle absorbers is always an option, of course, yet medicine to correct a effects of tendon highlight and repeated suit syndrome isn’t customarily as effective, and it’s a lot some-more dear and painful.

One resolution that has spin increasingly renouned in new years? Shrink a breadth of a keyboard. The ubiquitous idea: Most keyboards are about 18 inches wide, so if we can hit off twin or some-more inches, afterwards your rodent arm stays during an angle some-more closely aligned with your body, formulating reduction consistent aria on those muscles. How we go about doing this, and what we scapegoat to revoke that width, is where keyboard manufacturers differ in approach.

Very briefly, twin categorical solutions are typically offering today. The initial are a “75 percent tenkeyless” keyboards, that lop off a common numeric keypad during right to slight a keyboard. Then we have a “60 percent tenkeyless” ones, that not usually stop a pad yet also flog out a navigation cluster—Pause, Home, End, a arrow keys—and infrequently even a function-key row. (There’s also a “40 percent tenkeyless” option, yet these mislay a numbers row, and are meant to cringe a keyboard vertically. You won’t mostly see these for sale.)

So, that choice does a examination theme today, Evoluent, use to horizontally cringe a Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard (R3K)? Actually, a still-different choice from a tenkeyless brigade. It’s not utterly tenkeyless, yet an inventive resolution we’ll get into shortly.

First, let’s take a demeanour during a keyboard…

Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard (First Look)

The pivotal blueprint is unequivocally identical to that of a comparison Evoluent Mouse-Friendly Keyboard, that has a series pad relocated to a distant left of a pivotal layout. The thought is that a right-handed user won’t get held in a conditions in that he or she needs to pierce a rodent during a same time as pecking in numbers. (Yes, we all know about a numbers row. Still, only how many of us use it, compared to those who cite a series pad?) This creates sense, even if it isn’t one of a ways in that a R3K deflates a width. So, given it doesn’t discharge a series pad, how does this keyboard cringe itself to a stretch of a tenkeyless?

Let’s take a closer demeanour during a series pad here and also during a distant right of a keyboard, to get a improved clarity of what’s going on…

Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard (Numpad)

What Evoluent has finished is to mislay a navigation cluster, and hide many of a functionality into these twin areas. That’s zero new, where a series pad is concerned, given many other keyboards do accurately a same thing. (In fact some, such as a Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, go further, adding Insert to a series pad as a twin duty with 0, that a R3K doesn’t.) But this keyboard has a reconstructed right side that also includes many of a maritime cluster’s functionality. (The Insert key, not shown, is on a bottom row, twin keys to a left—just over a right Ctrl key.) It takes some removing used to, yet Evoluent saved about twin inches between removing absolved of a maritime cluster, and by fixation all a keys firmly together. (The breadth of a R3K is only underneath 16 inches, with a front-to-back magnitude of 6.7 inches and a abyss somewhat underneath an inch.)

Another engaging aspect of a R3K is a multiplicity of Delete keys—three, in fact. Two we can see immediately above, and a third is to a left of a left Alt key. Evoluent wants to give we options.

Speaking of which, let’s take another demeanour during a quarrel above a duty keys…

Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard (Shortcut Keys)

The developers call these keys “one-touch by-pass keys,” that mix customary Windows actions (Undo, Cut, Copy, Web, Email, Sleep, ShutDn) and media keys (Play, Next, Previous, Mute, Volume). In one way, we consider a Evoluent Mouse-Friendly Keyboard was aloft to a R3K: It used images/icons on a media-control/playback keys, not words. Presumably these were transposed by content given of a miss of coherence with a rest of a shortcut-key row, yet a mind processes images many quicker—particularly icons that are ordinarily known.

Still, it’s a teenager point; we conclude a by-pass keys. For a keyboard that’s sawn off by twin inches from a customary model’s width, a R3K positively squeezes a lot of functionality into what’s left.

Let’s take a demeanour during a keyboard from another angle…

Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard (Angle View)

This gives we a improved clarity of only how firmly packaged a keys are. There’s subsequent to no respirating space between them—just a pointy corner that creates split with your fingers a lot easier to manage. The keys are also set scarcely low to a cosmetic frame. (Evoluent advertises this as a underline that prevents wrist extension, yet a miss of any ergonomic pivotal span pointed differently in any quarrel feels a bit synthetic to a fingers.) This cuts down on soil removing in between a keys, yet it also formula in it being many harder to get out what dirt and soil do get wedged in. You won’t be means to use dense atmosphere with any grade of effectiveness, and we competence only have to spin over a house to shake-and-bang it as best we can. We’d keep a morning Everything Bagel good clear.

At only underneath 25 ounces, a R3K is unequivocally light. (That, and a miss of feet underneath, meant no traction if we try angling a behind of a keyboard adult opposite some lifted surface.) That’s not astonishing from rubber-dome variants, given they don’t typically embody a steel frame, yet it does make this keyboard a lot easier to pierce around. In practice, it’s like carrying a lumber of balsa wood, yet though a intensity risk from splinters.

There’s small else to note, save a thin, rubber-coated handle entrance out of a core behind of a keyboard to insert to a USB port. We would have elite a braided cord, yet given a R3K’s roughly lighter-than-air build, that kind of cord competence have pushed a section around were it stiff. Still, a handle is some-more receptive to repairs and event over time.

Features Performance

No special drivers are indispensable for a R3K, and no instructions for a use. Just block it in, and a customary Windows drivers bucket unequivocally quickly.

There’s no firmware for a keyboard, and so no pivotal reassignments outward of what we can do within Windows, many reduction macros and executable-specific profiles. (Nor do we get support for N-key rollover and anti-ghosting. But we didn’t have any issues with mixed keys not induction when regulating this keyboard for capability work.) On a other hand, we’ve already discussed a by-pass keys in a quarrel adult top, which, like good shoes, spin some-more gentle as we mangle afterwards in, until we can’t suppose doing yet them. Not that we can’t duplicate and paste, launch a browser and e-mail client, and close down a mechanism yet those keys, yet well-conceived shortcuts like these do make life only a bit easier. It’s insidious.

Most, if not all, of a R3K’s vital facilities are physical, and we’ve already lonesome these. The large one we haven’t overwhelmed on yet, however, is a pivotal action. The R3K uses a various on a rubber dome, called a scissor switch. In a nutshell, twin clever cosmetic strips, crossed like an “X,” are trustworthy to any pivotal and a keyboard, with a architecture between them. The domes on a R3K have a many shorter banishment distance, and in this box during least, a good understanding of resistance—something along a lines of a 55g to 60g actuation force yet any pleasing bump, rather like a unbending Cherry MX Black pivotal switch on a automatic keyboard. (Your mileage competence differ, yet that’s how it felt to us.) The R3K is still a rubber-dome keyboard, that means it’s reduction costly than automatic keyboards and will wear out sooner, yet a shorter banishment stretch competence lessen wear on a switches given there’s reduction push-pull on a architecture whenever a pivotal activates.

Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard (In Use)


In a R3K, what appears during a brief peek to be an normal keyboard with many relocated keys turns out to be larger than a sum of a confusing parts. 

In performance, a synergy of new facilities on a R3K—and a miss of some approaching ones—led to a unequivocally opposite knowledge than we expected. We’ve already remarkable a series pad relocated to a left and a endless reshuffling of a maritime keys during a right. These, in themselves, make for a bit of a training curve, yet a bend gets even tighter when we cause in a dense keys, nestled many revoke to a support than in many keyboards. Factor in scissor switches with a comparatively complicated actuation force and an deficiency of keyboard feet, and we have a keyboard that feels laptop-style but works good in gripping your right arm from pivoting too many out of sync with your body.

Our pivotal regard is that a R3K can’t be angled, and that it increases a tragedy in your wrist and finger tendons from a complicated actuation kickback over time. This is something we beheld even after only a few hours of use. And given a keyboard is so flat, it can’t be used in tandem with many wrist rests. The ones we attempted were indeed aloft than a wafer-thin R3K.

All of this became apparent as we attempted a R3K with a series of applications, including a Microsoft Office suite, Audacity, and TreeSize Personal. At a same time, all ergonomic issues to one side, a R3K achieved well—though admittedly it took a integrate of days to get a rethought blueprint and narrower keys instinctively underneath a fingers.

Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard (Using Numpad)

You can positively find other good, slight keyboards out there that revoke your rodent arm’s arc, such as a Corsair Gaming K65 RGB MechanicalRoccat Ryos TKL ProLogitech G410 Atlas Spectrum. Gaming-minded keyboards all, all 3 are significantly heavier than a R3K, and are unequivocally not designed for travel. That said, any comes with good pattern program (where a R3K has none), and their automatic switches will final a lot longer than a R3K’s scissor ones, and possess a revoke actuation force. They’re all 75 percent tenkeyless keyboards, as well, that means you’d have to learn to do yet a series pad.

We like Evoluent’s resolution to formulating a narrower keyboard better—you get to have your numpad, and reduced shoulder flex, too—but a other issues with a R3K keep us from giving it an all-out recommendation. Our best suggestion? Go to a store that has a R3K in stock, maybe along with some of a tenkeyless models we’ve mentioned above, and try out arrangement models of each. If a R3K’s feel doesn’t worry possibly we or your fingers in a prolonged run, and you’re not formulation to use your new keyboard for PC gaming in any critical way, afterwards a underline set and low MSRP of $59.99 only competence infer a good match. Otherwise, make certain we buy it from an e-tailer that’s easy on discretionary returns.


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