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Every Xbox One X has a mini Master Chief dark inside

You competence remember that a Xbox One X console was once famous as “Project Scorpio” while in development, and Microsoft has paid loyalty to that bequest with a small warn dark inside any unit.

Specifically, it’s a small sketch of Master Chief from Microsoft’s acclaimed Halo array roving a scorpion that’s etched directly into a circuit board. It also creates for a humorous visible joke that references “Scorpion” tanks a Chief infrequently drives.

You routinely won’t see it unless we rip detached your section (and so blank your warranty, among other things), though YouTuber Unocero valiantly took that step for us all and suggested his find in a recent video. You can see it during around a 11:10 mark.

Scorpion strike

This is not a initial time Microsoft has finished something like this, as final year’s Xbox One S also contained a small artwork of Master Chief. Here’s a video from YouTuber Austin Evans display where you’ll find it. Alas, a Xbox One S chronicle has no scorpions or identical in-jokes. 

In both cases, a impression looks a small like Capcom’s Mega Man overdue to a stylized image.

Not adequate scorpions for you? The Project Scorpio name will live on in a limited-edition Project Scorpio Edition of a Xbox One X, that is radically a same console though with a special pattern elements on a console and gamepad. It’s already sole out during many retailers.

Microsoft calls a Xbox One X “the world’s many absolute console” roughly every possibility it gets, and not but reason. It boasts 6 TFLOPS of computing performance, that puts it significantly brazen of a competing PS4 Pro‘s 4.2 teraflops. In addition, the considerable 12GB GDDR5 graphics label natively supports 4K resolution.

The Xbox One X will launch on Nov 7 and sell for $499 / £449 / AU$$649.

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