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Epson SureColor P5000 Standard Edition

Introduction, Design Features

This printer is so good during what it does, we competence not wish to buy it.

That competence sound strange, yet specialty printers by clarification are designed for a sold group. And no matter how good they become, they competence still be suitable usually for that same group. Photo printers are already a niche product. Yet within that niche, there are models that operation from small, battery-operated dye-sub printers to room-filling veteran models optimized to shake out hundreds or even thousands of prints any day.

Epson SureColor P5000 Standard Edition (Front)

The Epson SureColor P5000 is a smallest of Epson’s production-class printers. It replaces a Stylus Pro 4900, that was introduced behind in 2010. The P5000 is Epson’s highest-quality 17-inch wide-carriage imitation printer, in that it has a best inks, excellent imitation quality, and fastest speeds. Sounds great. So what’s a catch? The P5000 weighs 114.6 pounds and is intensely incomparable than a 17-inch printers that are targeted to photography enthusiasts, such as a Epson SureColor P800Canon ImagePrograf Pro-1000.

Epson SureColor P5000 Standard Edition (Ink Bay)

Like a Epson Stylus Pro 4900, a Epson SureColor P5000 has a rock-steady expostulate resource that provides a pointy and rarely unchanging printed image. It uses a opening feed complement to lift in a paper, and a difficult footprint gives it a some-more discerning bottom for precisely fixation any ink droplet. The P5000’s 11-cartridge, 10-color ink complement adds immature and orange to a brew that’s also enclosed in a P800’s 9-cartridge, 8-color system. And it has softened dirt and immobile control for reduced printhead projection maintenance.

Important for high-volume environments: a P5000’s printhead can be checked and spotless yet regulating any ink or paper. And that self-cleaning routine can be cramped to a span of ink channels, as against to a whole 10-channel system. You could set adult a P5000 to check and potentially purify a printhead before any imitation job. The whole procession is discerning and can be totally automated.

The downsides for a SureColor P5000 are mostly associated to a niche characteristics. Even yet a $1,995 squeeze cost competence fit a bill of some photography enthusiasts, it competence simply be too vast and difficult to be practical, generally if you’re fixation it into a home or little office. The P5000 is dictated for daily use in high-volume environments. For that reason, a horde of inner routines ceaselessly monitors a several components, usually to keep them in tiptop condition.

If we do fit a aim assembly for this printer, you’ll approaching be gay with it. Your ink costs will be many reduce than with 17-inch wide-carriage printers that are targeted to imitation buffs. Our P5000 photos were crook and some-more accurately colored than those from any other printer we’ve reviewed. In this case, it competence be reduction a matter of a settled imitation fortitude or even a series of nozzles; tip billing should go to this model’s impossibly discerning expostulate mechanism.  The accurate chain of a ink droplets is an mostly ignored cause that’s pivotal to a altogether peculiarity of a printed photo. 

We’ll be reviewing a Standard Edition of a Epson SureColor P5000. A some-more specialized version, a Commercial Edition, replaces a light light black ink cartridge with a violet ink cartridge. That allows a printer to compare 99 percent of a Pantone Plus Formula Guide colors. The Commercial Edition is designed for veteran proofing, where a imitation colors have to compare a famous customary exactly. For example, an ad group competence need to imitation a leaflet for customer capitulation that shows a accurate colors of a sold product. If a colors are off, even by a little amount, a customer competence complain. The Commercial Edition is not endorsed for photography.

Design Features

The Epson SureColor P5000 is roughly a same distance and weight as a dropped Stylus Pro 4900 that it replaces. However, it weighs some-more than twice as many as a Epson SureColor P800 (114.6 pounds contra 49 pounds for a P800 with a discretionary hurl paper adapter attached). It’s also many larger: Where a P5000 is 34 inches wide, 15.9 inches high, and 30.2 inches deep, a P800 is 26.9 inches wide, 10.5 inches high, and 23.1 inches low with a hurl adapter. All 3 printers have a 17-inch far-reaching carriage.

Epson SureColor P5000 Standard Edition (Left Angled)

So since does a P5000 import over twice as many as a P800? While a latter is solidly built by photo-enthusiast printer standards, a P5000 is built like a tank. Everything feels intensely clever and sturdy. The paper cassette is many thicker and worse than you’ll find on a consumer-grade printer. Epson doesn’t yield avocation cycle numbers for a production-class imitation printers; there’s no customary piece distance or volume of ink that competence typically be used on a page. However, it’s transparent from even a cursory hearing of a P5000 that this indication is assembled for heavy-duty use in veteran environments, where downtime means missed revenue.

Like a 4900, a P5000 supports both USB 2.0 and Ethernet connections. It doesn’t support Wi-Fi connections. That’s standard for this category of imitation printers, where a arrogance is that you’ll be traffic mostly with vast graphics files that need to pierce discerning over a discerning connected connection.

Control Interface

The control row puts many of a pivotal functions right on a aspect with an collection of buttons and indicator lights. There are dedicated buttons for loading paper, slicing hurl paper, behaving upkeep routines, and pausing or canceling an ongoing imitation job. When it’s not being used to navigate a menu system, a five-point symbol array (left, right, up, down, and OK) can call adult some of a some-more frequently indispensable functions. The left symbol becomes a paper source symbol to switch between piece and hurl paper. The right symbol becomes a menu entrance button. And a adult and down buttons allege a paper feed in their particular directions. Brief content labels or detailed icons straightforwardly brand all of these functions.

Epson SureColor P5000 Standard Edition (Control Panel)

Using a non-touch 2.7-inch LCD, we can entrance a far-reaching operation of settings. Most of these are setup and opening options geared toward veteran photography studios or striking pattern firms. For example, we can change how long the printhead pauses between any pass, from 0 to 10 seconds. This gives a imitation some-more time to dry, that can forestall slight picture blurring. Similarly, we can change a paper suction from -1 to -4. This alters a opening between a printhead and a paper, potentially regulating media feeding problems.

Among a upkeep options, we competence wish to set a Auto Nozzle Check menu choice to automatically check and purify a 3,600 nozzles before any imitation job, given it’s a comparatively quick, inkless, paperless process. You can also report a involuntary cleaning on an occasional basis, or we can spin it off. It’s value observant that when a Auto Nozzle Check is switched off, it will still check and purify any time we switch between a matte black and imitation black inks.

Setup Paper Handling

Even yet it’s a production-class printer, environment adult a SureColor P5000 is no some-more difficult than environment adult a consumer-oriented imitation printer or an inexpensive AIO. Once you’ve placed it onto a list or identical structure and private a make-up materials and confining tape, it’s simply a matter of installing a 11 color-coded ink cartridges, loading in some paper, installing a imitation drivers and associated utilities onto your computer, and joining possibly a USB or Ethernet cable. Because there’s no wireless support, you’ll need to do your copy from a computer.

Epson SureColor P5000 Standard Edition (Core Spindle)

If we devise to imitation regulating hurl paper, you’ll also need to implement a core shaft into a hurl paper feeder. The P5000 ships with an adapter that lets we use both 2-inch and 3-inch core hurl papers. And in a step adult from a P800, a P5000 has a high-speed rotary blade that can perform simple, yet really purify cuts onto a hurl paper. This indication can even do borderless copy with hurl paper—up to 529 inches. While that limit length is upheld within a imitation driver, some program applications competence not natively support prints that long. In that case, we competence wish to use a Epson Print Layout program that’s enclosed with a printer.

Epson SureColor P5000 Standard Edition (Paper Cassette)

The P5000 has 3 paper submit slots for piece paper. The paper cassette can reason as many as 250 sheets of plain paper during a time. When you’re regulating imitation paper (up to 0.35 mm thick), a series of sheets will dump rather discerning depending on their thickness. The piece paper sizes can operation from 8×10 inches to 17×22 inches.

Epson SureColor P5000 Standard Edition (Overhead)

When regulating thicker imitation papers (up to 0.48 mm), such as excellent art or canvas-based imitation papers, we should use a back primer feeder. It accepts usually one piece during a time, yet uses a opening feed complement to asian a sheet. After pulling in a sheet, a printer will check to see if a piece is rightly positioned for a printhead. If it isn’t rightly positioned, a warning light on tip of a printer will light adult in red. The LCD will afterwards indoctrinate we to reload a sheet. If that sounds a bit finicky, remember that throwing misalignments early will assistance we get rock-steady prints yet wasting your paper and ink first.

A third paper submit slot, referred to in a user beam as a front primer feeder, handles scarcely thick media (up to 1.5 mm), such as print board. This container could be accessible to have for those few times when we competence need it, yet many photographers will substantially never hold it.

We had no problems with a P5000 when copy with a far-reaching operation of papers. All 3 paper submit routes installed a sheets yet issue. We used a accumulation of excellent art papers from Epson regulating a profiles that are built into a printer driver. And we used excellent art and board papers from Hahnemühle, Ilford, MOAB, and Red River regulating a ICC profiles that those companies have grown to compare their papers with a P5000. We were means to find a profiles for all of these papers, even yet this is a comparatively new model, since a paper manufacturers can emanate a singular ICC form for any paper that will work with a Epson SureColor P5000, Epson SureColor P7000, and Epson SureColor P9000.

Epson SureColor P5000 Standard Edition (Roll Paper)

We also used dual opposite hurl papers that Epson supposing for this review: a 13-inch by 20-foot hurl of Exhibition Canvas Satin and a 16-inch by 100-foot hurl of Premium Luster Photo Paper. As with a sheets, a hurl paper installed yet emanate and printed as expected. The built-in rotary blade done purify cuts to a hurl paper with no unresolved fragments or disproportionate lines.

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