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Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One

Introduction, Design Features

We remember, about 4 or 5 years ago, when a initial Epson Small-in-One printers seemed on a market. Then as now, their pivotal offered indicate was, of course, size: You could buy an all-in-one (AIO) appurtenance with a unequivocally tiny footprint that printed, copied, and scanned, and tuck it on a dilemma of your desk. The Expression Home Small-in-Ones have been a buttress for many years, like a Expression Home XP-410 Small-in-One we reviewed behind in 2013, a apart prototype to a $99.99-MSRP Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One we are reviewing here today.

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (Left Angled Alternate)

This is indeed a fourth iteration of a XP-400 series. The XP-410 mentioned above was followed by a Expression Home XP-420Expression Home XP-430; we reviewed that final one reduction than a year ago. Aside from a new underline here or there and some opening tweaking, a XP-400 array unequivocally hasn’t seen many change over a years. And, as we can see in a picture below, a earthy coming has stayed remarkably consistent, too…

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (410 vs 440)

The XP-440 is a one on a right; a XP-410 is on a left. Making a few tweaks to a product, up-ticking a name, and releasing it as a new product is common use among printer makers. Not usually does releasing somewhat iterated machines with incrementally aloft indication numbers, year after year, keep a products themselves uninformed to an border (generating new reviews, like this one!), yet it also gives us record reporters something to do. We’re not complaining.

Like a initial XP-400 array model, a XP-440 delivers top-notch peculiarity opposite all of a primary functions. It churns out stellar prints, generally photos, and it scans utterly well. This is, however, an entry-level, low-volume AIO printer designed for home and family use. It’s meant for environments that will direct usually light usage, and that’s evidenced by a miss of an involuntary request tributary (ADF) for promulgation multipage papers to a scanner yet user intervention. That repudiation is approaching in this cost range, yet it exceedingly boundary your scanning capabilities.

Like many other entry-level AIOs of a class, this one, like a predecessors, costs a lot to use, in terms of a per-page cost of ink. That’s always a vicious emanate for us. Historically, we’ve always endorsed expensive-to-use machines like this one with a premonition that, given of a using cost, they are unsentimental for usually minimal use (say, no some-more than a few hundred prints or copies per month). Our beef is that a buyers of these entry-level AIOs who indeed use their printers day to day finish adult removing taxed, and heavily, for doing so.

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (Right Angled)

Nowadays, though, with a coming of “supertank” printers like Epson’s possess EcoTank models and Canon’s MegaTank AIOs (such as a Epson Expression ET-3600 and Canon Pixma G3200), users have some-more choices. If we need to imitation hundreds of pages on your entry-level AIO, we can opt to compensate some-more for a printer itself, with a aim being to compensate reduction for a ink to keep it going. If, on a other hand, we need a printer yet will use it little, we can spend reduction than $100 on a tiny AIO like a XP-440, in sell for aloft per-page ink costs over a life. If we imitation usually a few pages any month, afterwards a cost of ink is reduction important. Hence, a viewpoint on a cost per page typically seen in low-cost entry-level AIOs like this one has altered with a times.

That said, a Epson Expression XP-440’s using costs are, as you’ll see in a Cost Per Page territory after on, utterly high. Even so, if all we need is to imitation and make copies on a tiny scale, a XP-440 is designed to do only that, and it does it utterly well.

Design Features

Aside from some teenager cosmetic changes (the scanner lid is agree on a newer model), a XP-440 is scarcely matching in coming to a indication it’s replacing, a XP-430…

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (430 vs 440)

The XP-440 is a one on a right, a one with a agree lid. At 15.4 inches opposite by 20.8 inches from front to behind by 11 inches high, and weighing 9.5 pounds, a newer indication is accurately a same distance as a predecessor, and about half a bruise heavier.

As mentioned, a XP-440 has no ADF for scanning multipage papers automatically. Instead, you’ll have to indicate them one page during a time, manually. If you’ve finished many of that with a scanner like this, we know how vapid and time-consuming it can be. In addition, a XP-440 can’t imitation two-sided pages automatically. To get both an ADF and auto-duplex copy from an Epson Expression model, you’ll have to step adult to a many pricier Expression XP-860, that lists for $299.99. (As we wrote this, however, Epson was charity it on a site for $100 off that MSRP.)

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (Scanner)

Connectivity options embody of Wi-Fi, joining to a singular PC around USB, and Wi-Fi Direct (which allows we to imitation from or indicate to your mobile device yet possibly it or a printer being on a same surrogate network). Epson also provides several mobile connectivity apps, including Epson Connect, Epson Email Print, Epson Remote Print, Epson iPrint, Epson Print and Scan, and Epson Creative Print.

In addition, we can imitation from and indicate to SD cards around a container to a left of a outlay tray…

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (SD Card Close-up)

You can configure a printer and perform direct-from-the-device tasks, such as creation copies or scanning to a cloud, from a XP-440’s control panel, that is anchored by a 2.7-inch tone LCD…

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (Control Panel Angled)

It’s color, yet it’s not a hold panel. The row tilts ceiling for easier observation and use, as we can see above.

You navigate a row options with 4 arrow keys and an OK button. Other buttons on a row embody Power, Home, Back, and and reduction keys (for augmenting and dwindling a series of copies), Start (to trigger creation copies), and Stop (Cancel). This is a same control row a XP-400-series models have had given day one; we found it easy to figure out and use then, and now.

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (Front)

Finally, there’s a bundled software, that consists of a printer driver, Epson Scan, and Epson Photo Scan. Epson Scan is a time-tested, full-featured scanning interface that includes visual impression approval (OCR) for converting scanned content to editable text. It allows we to select from a beginner-oriented interface with minimal features, or an modernized interface that provides endless control over a scanner’s performance. Epson Photo Scan, meanwhile, contains a few filters, such as dust-and-scratch dismissal and red-eye improvement that we can request as we indicate in your family-album snapshots.


For some time now, a routine of environment adult an entry-level printer like this has turn flattering many foolproof, as it is with a XP-440.

At reduction than 10 pounds, it’s easy to unpack. The XP-440’s tone arrangement walks we by joining a printer to your wireless network and installing a ink cartridges. In a tests, a program found a printer right divided and commissioned a suitable drivers and utilities.

It’s so simple, in fact, that environment adult these tiny printers gives us unequivocally tiny to speak about. For coherence in testing, when an Ethernet interface is unavailable, like on this model, we exam over USB. Understanding, though, that today many people will use this printer over Wi-Fi, we also tested it to make certain that there were no issues when joining to a wireless network. There were none.

Cost Per Page

If it weren’t for a XP-440’s high using costs, this competence be a ideal entry-level low-volume printer (for folks who don’t need an ADF, that is).

Epson offers dual ability classes of ink cartridge for this printer: standard, and supposed high-yield, or “XL.” The standard-size black-ink tank is rated (by Epson) during 175 pages, and it sells on Epson’s direct-sales site for $12.99. The 3 tone tanks (cyan, magenta, and yellow), when total with a black ink, are good for 165 prints among them, and they sell for $9.99 each. Using these estimated yields and pricing, we distributed a XP-440’s monochrome cost per page (CPP) during 7.4 cents, and a tone cost per page during a whopping 26 cents per page.

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (Ink)

These using costs are eye-poppingly high, generally a tone one. Spending some-more than a dollar to imitation 4 tone pages (and not even photos, during that) is a lot! There are a integrate of ways to revoke these unreasonable costs. Choosing a high-yield tanks helps, and opting for an ink combo container (containing all 4 high-yield tanks) will save we even more.

That said, a high-yield black tank is good for 500 pages during a cost of $30.99, and a 3 tone tanks produce 450 pages and sell for $16.99 each. The estimate, then, with these tanks is a using cost of 6.2 cents any for black-and-white pages and 18.2 cents any for color. Choosing a XL combo container ($58.99) will revoke a tone CPP to 13.1 cents.

If you’re copy or duplicating 100 or so pages any month, these costs substantially won’t mangle you. Compare them to what we’ve distributed from Epson’s possess EcoTank models and Canon’s MegaTank machines, though, and a XP-440’s CPP total are off a chart. (Both broach using costs underneath a penny per page for both monochrome and tone pages.) If we consistently imitation a integrate of hundred pages or some-more any month, a choice between these dual forms of printers seems obvious.

Paper Handling

The XP-440’s solitary paper tray extends from a behind of a framework and binds possibly 100 sheets of customary paper or 20 sheets of reward imitation paper. There is no paper cartridge.

Because paper loads from a behind of this printer, a imitation trail is a true shot by a machine, underneath a imitation heads, and on to a 30-sheet-or-so outlay tray. Loading paper is a snap, as is changing paper form and size; we simply mislay a stream stock, adjust a guides, and trip in a new media. There are no drawers to open and reconfigure.

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (Input)

It doesn’t get many easier than this, yet it does meant your paper is unprotected to a elements when a printer is not in use. We printed hundreds of request pages and several photos, burdensome some-more than one set of ink cartridges, yet incident. The paper trail worked flawlessly.

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One (Output)

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