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Easeus ToDo Backup Server 2.0 review

The Easeus ToDo Backup Server 2.0 is a program package expelled by Chinese program businessman Chengdu Yiwo Tech Development Company, that trades underneath a Easeus code name. Launched in late January, a ToDo Backup Server 2.0 adds new facilities to a strange package, creation it a stronger product in a standalone backup server program market. However, some essential facilities are blank – a ability to understanding natively with practical machines being important among those.

There are also dual business versions of a Easeus backup software: Backup Workstation and Backup Technician. Backup Server is $199 (£125) and Backup Technician is 4 times as most during $799 (£490), though a latter is licenced for 10 systems rather than only for one.

We set adult ToDo Backup 2.0 on a Dell Optiplex 980 desktop regulating Windows 7 Ultimate, and a Labs SuperMicro complement regulating Windows Server 2008 R2. The implement took reduction than 5 minutes.

New features
ToDo Backup 2.0 has an softened user interface and it comes with a ability to behind adult specific files and folders, possibly incrementally or regulating a user-definable schedule. It is also means to emanate a design of server environments and a Windows pre-installation sourroundings (WinPE) bootable disk.

Using Backup Server 2.0
The user interface has a neat uncluttered feel with a categorical options tabbed opposite a tip of a opening screen. Clicking a home add-on gives entrance to a discerning start menu. The categorical choice is backup, and users can opt to emanate a complement design backup, behind adult a partition, or only behind adult information directories and files.

We tested a backup choice by imaging a Windows XP Professional OS on a Dell M50 Precision mobile workstation. The strange OS distance was 9.12GB and we chose to use a top application accessible to store a image, that yielded a .PBD record distance of 4.70GB.

The program gave us a operation of choices when imaging a handling system. You can select to determine a firmness of a corroborated adult OS image, password-protect it, and encrypt it to a extent strength of 256-bit modernized encryption customary (AES). Users can also opt to have an email sent by customary SMTP to forewarn either a backup has succeeded or failed.

Other options embody a ability to extent a bandwidth used to send a design opposite a network, separate it opposite DVDs if an visual front backup is required, or govern Windows user commands before or after a backup starts.

One problem we found when formulating a complement OS design was that there was no choice to calculate a space compulsory to store a image. However, we did have this choice when we were subsidy adult normal files and directories, though a calculation specifies that a storage space compulsory is for a true duplicate and it doesn’t refurbish a calculation if one of a application options is chosen.

Recovering OS images is elementary and, distinct a local Windows backup system, doesn’t need a strange complement front to redeem OS images. All a OS design recoveries we attempted proceeded though problems.

Full OS design backups occupy a comparatively vast volume of hoop space with any backup software, unless a high grade of application is deployed, so it’s preferable to design a OS during specific points: for example, before patch deployment so a OS can be rolled behind to a indicate in time before a patch was practical if a patch starts giving problems or creation a OS unstable.

Tools options
There are 4 categorical apparatus options: one to check for design integrity; a bootable media builder to emanate puncture redeem disks; a tiny apartment of hoop and assign counterpart and clean tools; and a apparatus to perspective design backups by Windows Explorer [see picture].

Easeus ToDo Backup Server 2 collection shade shot











The trickery to set adult iSCSI initiators is another reduction apparent facilities in Easeus ToDo Backup Server. An iSCI initiator emulates SCSI capabilities by permitting SCSI commands to go over IP networks, so users can send backups or snapshots over WAN links to remote SCSI devices, such as fasten drives.

The backup government underline also includes a choice to modify a Easeus design record format .PDB to VMware or Microsoft practical appurtenance formats. We found it was probable to modify to both formats, though a VMware format users will have to download and implement a VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit 1.1.1 before a acclimatisation – differently a following blunder occurs [see picture].

Easeus TDBU2 VM acclimatisation problem












Easeus ToDo Backup Server 2.0 is a decent backup program system, and it is a picturesque aspirant for other market-leading offerings from vendors such as Acronis.

But it does not, for example, have options to deduplicate information to save storage space and also understanding natively with practical appurtenance backup, and Easeus will have to supplement some-more facilities like that if it is to keep gait with the competitors.