Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Download of a day – Planetarium

Planetarium, as a developer is penetrating to indicate out, isn’t a diversion – it’s a world generator – though it’s good fun to tinker with. 

You can make your possess world regulating a tiny preference of controls, though a genuine fun is in finding a 250-odd planets it already contains. These can be found by typing  words into a hunt box during a bottom right, afterwards drumming Enter to see what appears. Move your rodent over a world – if you’ve been lucky, you’ll see a outline created by a planet’s creator.

The Planetarium Subreddit contains a list of planets detected by players. If we find something interesting, we can take a screenshot by drumming 4 on your keyboard. Planetarium is usually accessible for Windows during a time of writing.

Download here: Planetarium

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