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Dolby Vision is now upheld on name Philips UHD Blu-ray players

Philips has announced that it will shortly hurl out a firmware refurbish that will move support for a HDR format, Dolby Vision, to dual of a UHD Blu-ray players.

Though a 4K HDR marketplace is growing, Blu-ray players have been rather slower than TVs when it comes to adopting a latest technologies. 

While a infancy will support a customary format of HDR10, a series of players with a some-more considerable Dolby Vision support is particularly smaller given they unequivocally usually started to turn accessible in 2017. 

Even in TechRadar’s picks of a best UHD Blu-ray players, usually a really tiny series support Dolby Vision.

Supporting Dolby’s vision

The dual Philips models that will accept a firmware refurbish are BDP7502 and BDP7302, a former of that was initial announced final year with Dolby Vision support highlighted as one of a features. 

Until now, both models have upheld HDR10 though Dolby Vision record is a clear step adult for those meddlesome in a top peculiarity observation technology.

Complementing a Dolby Vision update, both players have a built-in Netflix app so that HDR calm can be accessed in some-more ways than only a UHD Blu-ray disc, as good as 4K upscaling for a crook picture on customary Blu-rays.

It’s Dolby’s preference in 2017 to make a HDR record accessible in program form that’s done updates like this possible, creation it distant easier for manufacturers to keep their players and TVs on a some-more even footing.

The refurbish for both players is accessible to download now.

Via Digital Trends

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