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Diabetes height mySugr exits to Roche for as most as $100M

mySugr, a renouned digital diabetes government height that emerged from Austria a few years ago, has been acquired by health hulk Roche. It now becomes a heart of Roche Diabetes Care’s new patient-centered digital health services. Roche skeleton to say a merger as an open and eccentric height for health word companies, medical record companies, and curative companies.

The mySugr app serves as diary for diabetics tracking their blood sugar, drugs and activity levels and works in team-work with insurers. It has been operative with Roche given 2014 and formerly got appropriation from Roche’s Venture Fund.

While a sales volume was undisclosed, it could good have been among a biggest health tech exits in Europe to date, and is a poignant one for a Austrian startup scene.

According to some observers mySugr was valued between $75 million and $100 million.

Competitors to mySugr Livongo lifted $70m and glooko has recently lifted $35m.

mySugr was founded in 2012 by Fredrik Debong, Gerald Stangl, Michael Forisch and Frank Westermann. Currently, it serves one million users and is deliberate a marketplace personality in a field. As of now, it’s accessible in 52 countries and 13 languages.

“Thanks to a imagination and a tellurian network of Roche, mySugr will turn an indispensable messenger for an easier life with diabetes,” says Frank Westermann, CEO and co-founder of mySugr.

Back in Mar 2015 Roche invested another €4.2 million into a startup, together with a already invested XLHealth and iSeedVentures.

The founders have detailed their tour to date here.

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