Friday , 21 September 2018
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DeX gets an upgrade with the Samsung Galaxy S9

A better camera and personalized emojis might headline the new features on Samsung’s Galaxy S9, but there are good reasons for enterprise users to take notice: a new version of its innovative DeX dock and upgrades to Knox.

DeX was introduced with the Galaxy S8 last year and connects to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a PC-like experience powered by the smartphone. Software in the phone detects when it’s connected and replaces the typical smartphone homescreen with a computer-like desktop on the monitor.

The idea is that business travelers can leave the PC at home and compatible apps include Microsoft Office, Gmail and Adobe Lightroom.

In the new DeX the smartphone lies down horizontally instead of sitting up. That means the screen can be used as a touchpad so users don’t need to pack a mouse. In a demonstration it appeared to work well.

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