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Details on AMD’s 16-core ‘Whitehaven’ Ryzen microprocessors leaked online

Long-running rumours that AMD will recover a series of Ryzen CPUs with 12 or some-more cores have been firmed adult following a trickle online of papers inventory a series of AMD engineering samples. 

The papers prove skeleton for 12-core and 16-core collection dubbed ‘Whitehaven’, that will offer 24 and 32 threads respectively.

The samples were published by a website. They prove that a 12-core Whitehaven will have a bottom speed of 2.7GHz and a boost speed of 3.2GHz, while a 16-core partial will come in dual variations, both using during 3.1GHz, with a ‘turbo’ of 3.6GHz.

The leaks competence also strew some light on Ryzen 3, with a inclusion on a list of a two-core, four-threat part, dubbed Gardenia, using during 2.1GHz/2.5GHz, as good as several four-core/eight-thread collection that competence also form partial of a Ryzen 3 line-up, that is approaching to be launched in July.

It is believed that a Whitehaven collection will support quad channel DDR4 memory and yield some-more PCI lanes for softened SSD performance.

According to WCCFTech, a Whitehaven collection will be directed during enthusiasts – presumably ones with low pockets – who competence differently be tempted by Intel Skylake X, due out in a third quarter, and won’t be concordant with AM4 due to their perfect size. An X399-series of motherboards has been mooted to residence a CPUs.

“It’s still misleading what a new hollow – internally formula named “S3″ — will particularly be named though we do know it’s going to be LGA, rather than PGA. In other words, a pins will be on a hollow rather than a CPUs distinct stream Ryzen chips,” records WCCFTech.

The phenomenon of new AMD collection is approaching during Computex in Taipei, that will run from 30 May to 3 Jun this year. AMD has already reliable a press discussion for 31 May during Computex, where Whitehaven, Radeon RX Vega graphics cards and a X399 HEDT motherboard height are approaching to be unveiled.  

In March, rumours abounded that AMD was formulation to launch a 16-core partial during Computex in May. The association is also rumoured to have 32-core Ryzen parts on a roadmap. 


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