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Dell XPS 15 9560 (2017) UHD review: Compact, plain and configurable

The latest incarnation of a Dell XPS 15 updates a indication we reviewed early in 2016. It’s a bigger kin of a XPS 13 that we rated unequivocally highly. There are some common elements such as a high-quality build and nearby edge-to-edge arrangement that allows a 15.6-inch shade to be packaged into a comparatively compress chassis. In fact, Dell says this is a smallest 15.6-inch laptop around. The accessibility of UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) shade fortitude in some models competence tempt some buyers, and this was a indication we was sent to review.

Anyone looking for a tough, solidly built laptop with a 15-inch shade should put a aluminium-bodied Dell XPS 15 into a mix. The lid is a tiny thicker than on some other laptops, though we was usually means to hook it unequivocally somewhat in my hands.

There is a tiny bit of give in a outward centre of a lid, though dire utterly tough did not have any outcome on a arrangement itself. This laptop would substantially tarry in a bag though a protecting case. That said, there’s any odds that a china aluminium lid and bottom could get scratched by other bag contents, so aesthetics competence direct a case.

There’s no give in a carbon-fibre palm rest. The hatched finish to this — and indeed a whole keyboard approximate — looks appealing and is “cool to a touch” according to Dell. Some feverishness does waste by a keyboard though: this isn’t unequivocally conspicuous in bland use, though using a prosaic of my palm opposite a keyboard we did find a executive area somewhat warm. It’s not a vast problem.


The 15.6-inch XPS 15 9560 weighs 2kg with a high-capacity 97Wh battery, or 1.8kg with a customary 56Wh unit. It comes with FHD non-touch or UHD touch-screen options.

Image: Dell

All of this courtesy to plain pattern does meant a XPS 15 9560 is on a complicated side. It comes in during 2kg with a 97Wh battery, SSD and hold display, or 1.8kg in a 56Wh battery, SSD and non-touch configuration. Whichever choice is selected, this is a poignant weight to lift around — generally as you’ll also need to find bag space for a sizeable AC adapter.

While on a subject of bag space, it’s value observant that a XPS 15 9560 is 357mm wide, 235mm low and a limit of 17mm thick during a back, tapering to 11mm during a front.

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This is an out-of-date non-rotating laptop. The shade pushes to an angle of about 120 degrees, and there it stops.

Dell bigs adult a InfinityEdge screen, and righteously so. The minimal tip and side bezels are usually 5.7mm wide, permitting a 15.6-inch shade to be squeezed into a comparatively compress chassis. But minimising a top bezel has a knock-on outcome on a camera, that has been relocated to a incomparable 25mm bottom bezel where it sits off-centre towards a left edge. As we commented in my examination of a XPS-13, that has a same arrangement, this is rather ungainly to use.

Notably, video pursuit tends to outcome in an unflattering ‘up-nose’ view, that can usually be bound by anticipating a proceed to column a laptop adult on something that raises a camera to where it would be were it on a top bezel. This is expected to be unreal many of a time.

In Dell’s defence, it’s not a usually culprit: Lenovo also uses a slight top bezel and locates a camera underneath a shade in a Yoga 910. At slightest in this box a camera is mainly located. Having used both Dells and a Lenovo for video pursuit we feel Lenovo’s resolution creates a best of a bad job, while Dell’s off-centre positioning adds insult to injury.

The shade is stable by Gorilla Glass and is unequivocally reflective. The dual UHD (3,840 x 2,160) models that are accessible off-the-page have hold screens, while a FHD (1,920 x 1,080) models miss hold support.


The UHD (3,840 by 2,160 pixel) touch-screen offers copiousness of genuine estate, while a liughtness goes adult to 350 nits.

Image: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

My examination representation was a UHD indication and a IGZO IPS shade is glorious — splendid (350 nits), colourful and uncommonly viewable. Dell provides an app, Dell PremierColor, that allows we to name opposite colour settings. Unfortunately this didn’t wish to run on my examination section so we couldn’t exam it, though a thought is sound.

However, going for UHD pushes a cost considerably, with a dual models straddling a £2,000 symbol (see comparison below). These dual high-resolution models also come with a 97WHr battery rather than a customary 56WHr unit; this helps with battery life though pushes adult complement weight.


The keyboard is backlit and has good-sized keys, nonetheless some competence find it reduction manageable than they’d like.

Image: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

The keyboard has no flex in it. The keys are good sized, and there’s copiousness of travel, nonetheless a typing knowledge is a tiny lacklustre. There’s a miss of open as a keys rebound back, and somehow a responsiveness is usually a shade off. If we don’t use opposite keyboards frequently we substantially won’t notice, though if we do, or are strict about keyboards, we competence wish to give this one a hearing run. There are dual levels of liughtness to a backlight, tranquil by a Fn key. The trackpad is vast and responsive, and worked though any problems.

There are 6 pre-configured models on Dell’s UK website, blending and relating core components. All have 7th-generation quad-core Intel processors and dissimilar Nvidia graphics — a multiple that’s singular in mainstream laptops and that gives this complement substantial punch.

As common with Dell laptops we can personalise these configurations, and businesses looking for Windows 10 Pro will need to do this as Home comes as standard. Off-the-page options are: is


The complement measures 17mm thick during a back, tapering to 11mm during a front.

Image: Dell

Across all models a connectivity options are a same: a full-size HDMI connector; a span of USB 3.0 ports (one on any side); a USB-C pier with Thunderbolt; a 3.5mm headset jack and an SD label reader.

Mains energy is supposing around a tiny exclusive round-pin connector. A battery assign indicator shows how most energy is left by lighting adult to 5 white LEDs when a symbol is pressed.

Battery life on my examination sample, was reasonable though not outstanding. For instance during one duration of comparatively low-level use — writing, web browsing and a tiny streaming — a battery forsaken from 100 percent to 47 percent in 5 hours.

Screen liughtness was left during a preset 40 percent during testing, and this was glorious for operative indoors. A full day’s work should be achievable, nonetheless this will count on how processor-intensive your workloads are and a length of your operative day. Opting for a FHD chronicle of this laptop should yield a longer battery life — generally if we also opt for a higher-capacity battery.



Image: Dell

The Dell XPS 15 9560 is a solidly built laptop versed with a quad-core Core i7 processor and dissimilar Nvidia graphics. The large, minimal-bezel shade is a pleasure to use and there’s a good operation of pattern options.

But beware rising costs as we customise components. All of a off-the-page models run Windows 10 Home rather than Pro, for example, and a higher-capacity battery is substantially a ‘must have’ for energy users.

If we like Dell’s proceed though are endangered about this laptop’s distance and weight we competence wish to demeanour during a XPS 13, and if we wish a entirely rotating screen, cruise a XPS 13 2-in-1. Whichever indication we demeanour at, compensate sold courtesy to a ungainly camera position. It competence be a understanding breaker.

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