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Dell XPS 13 9370 (2018) review: A glorious small-format laptop, with one drawback

This latest chronicle of Dell’s XPS 13 has some tough acts to follow, including a 2-in-1 version of a XPS 13 we reviewed final year — that itself followed on from progressing iterations that had all impressed. It’s tough to lead from a front, so what has Dell finished to labour what was already a top-notch laptop — detached from relocating to 8th era Intel Core processors?

Dell’s aspiration with a XPS 13 has always been to put a comprehensive laptop inside a little chassis, and to make a ensuing hardware light and portable. That has always been achieved, and here a aim is some-more about enlightening prior advantages rather than doing anything radically different.

So, a external entrance of a Dell XPS 13 9370 is really recognisable.


The 2018 XPS 13 has roughly matching measure and weight to a prototype and a minimal-bezel shade that formula in a suboptimal camera placement, underneath a screen. The new indication is powered by 8th-generation Intel Core processors.

Image: Dell

The first version of a XPS 13 was lauded as a world’s smallest 13.3-inch laptop. This was followed by an updated model with an InfinityEdge shade bezel measuring 5mm on a sides, 13mm during a top, and 18mm along a bottom. Later came the XPS 13 2-in-1, that was lighter and slimmer than a predecessors, measuring 302mm by 199mm by 11.6mm, and weighing 1.2kg. The new XPS 13 9370 matches these measure roughly exactly, a usually disproportion being a starting weight of 1.21kg.

Dell has managed to revoke a shade bezel even further, bringing it to 4mm on a brief and tip edges. All of this is remarkable, nonetheless this design’s one obstacle remains: minimal bezels meant that a cameras — for video job and Windows Hello — have to lay underneath a screen. The ensuing unflattering ‘up a nose’ perspective might be adequate to put visit video-call users off this laptop. That’s a contrition given a XPS 13’s many good points.

The machined aluminium framework is stout and tough. we was means to flex a lid a little, though not adequate to worry about, and a bottom is really tough. I’d positively be happy carrying this laptop in a bag though a protecting sleeve.


The 2018 XPS 13 adds a indication with a rose-gold lid and a white wrist-rest area.

Image: Dell

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The brushed china finish to a lid is pretty attractive, and is joined with a hatched finish on a CO twine palm rest. It looks really identical to final year’s 2-in-1 model. For those who wish something a tiny some-more stand-out there is an choice with a rose bullion lid and a white glass-fibre palm rest.

As ever with Dell laptops there are mixed configurations available. Not all screens are touch-responsive and removing that underline is an ascent on a entry-level price. At a starting cost a shade fortitude is 1,920 by 1,080, though this rises to 3,804 by 2,160 in some models — including my touchscreen examination unit. Watching video on this shade is an comprehensive pleasure; a nearby bezel-free approximate is a bonus to anyone who places a reward on multimedia.

Moreover, it isn’t required to ratchet adult a liughtness to get a best out of this laptop. we found a default 40 percent sourroundings for operative on battery ideally adequate.

Sound outlay is good too. Speakers lay on a left and right edges of a base, where they can propel sound outwards to broach reasonable stereo effects. Listening to song and examination a film were all satisfying, nonetheless there is a tiny exaggeration during tip volume.


Image: Dell

The keyboard is a pleasure to use. The keys are large, and really good sprung. There’s hardly any click when they are pressed, that means operative in a still sourroundings won’t provoke other people. The trackpad is far-reaching to compare a screen’s aspect ratio, and is well-spoken underneath a fingers and responsive. There’s a two-level backlight that’s simply managed on a Fn key.

The energy pivotal looks a tiny strange: it’s an unmarked round sitting tip right of a keyboard that incorporates a fingerprint sensor. It’s an surprising setup, though it works good enough, and is a good proceed to minimise visible clutter. A likewise minimal proceed has been taken with a battery assign light on a chassis; it sits, intense white while a laptop is charging, on a front centre corner of a chassis, unimportant though useful.

In another neat touch, there’s a battery energy indicator on a left corner of a chassis. Press a little symbol with your fingernail and adult to 5 lights irradiate to let we know how most assign remains. If usually all laptops had such a user-friendly feature.

Minimalism also extends to a laptop’s connections: there are dual USB-C ports with Thunderbolt and one with PowerShare, and an audio jack and a MicroSD label reader.

Preconfigured versions of this laptop all run possibly Windows 10 Home or Ubuntu Linux, on Intel’s 8th era Core i5-8250 and Core i7-8550U processors. You can have possibly 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of RAM, with SSDs trimming between 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. My review configuration married a Core i7-8550U CPU with 16GB of RAM, a 3840-by-2160-pixel touchscreen, a 512GB SSD, and Windows Home, and a list cost is £1,699 (inc. VAT; £1,415.83 ex. VAT).

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Battery life is really good. In one representation event we used a laptop in bland conditions — writing, browsing, and streaming — for 5 hours and depleted a battery to 56 percent. This was on a endorsed battery energy mode, tweaked so that a shade never went off, and with a shade liughtness set to 40 percent. On this basis, with my real-world use pattern, all day computing on battery energy is positively a possibility.

The energy section is comparatively little and light, so carrying it is not too most of an additional weight burden.


The latest incarnation of a Dell XPS 13 is a really considerable laptop indeed. I’d go as distant as to contend it is now a best small-format laptop I’ve seen. The nearby bezel-free shade is sharp, splendid and a pleasure to view, and sound outlay impresses too. The keyboard is beautifully weighted, and battery life impresses.

The usually thing that would put me off is a camera location: I’d scapegoat some top shade bezel for it to be changed there.


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