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Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One

Introduction, Design Features

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The Dell Precision 5720 is, by and large, a rebranded chronicle of a company’s possess XPS 27 (2017) outfitted for a business and veteran market. You can’t tell a twin detached from a outside; nowhere is there a “Precision” or “XPS” tag on possibly machine. We don’t have a problem with that; a XPS 27 (or a Precision 5720, for that matter) has a decidedly purify demeanour that fits in a veteran environment, whichever season it is.

The vital differences exaggeration on a inside. Unlike a XPS 27, a Precision 5720 is Independent Software Vendor (ISV) approved to work with pro-grade calm and pattern applications from a likes of Adobe and Autodesk, to name a few. It has all of a ancillary hardware, including AMD Radeon Pro WX-series workstation graphics, Intel Xeon server-class processors, and ECC memory. Very few AIOs on a marketplace can explain to offer that kind of hardware. Additionally, as a Precision-branded unit, we get entrance to Dell’s business use and support, contra a reward (albeit consumer-grade) support on a XPS unit.

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (Left Angled)

You competence have guessed that a entrance price for a neat workstation like this isn’t cheap. The bottom indication of a Precision 5720 is $1,699, yet a least-expensive touch-screen-equipped indication will run we $2,119, and that’s with usually a Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. The chosen Precision 5720 pattern sent to us for examination surfaced $3,459. That enclosed a 4K hold display, a fastest Intel Xeon CPU accessible in this system, 32GB of ECC memory, a 512GB SSD, and a 2TB array of tough drives. The hold arrangement combined an articulating stand, and it also compulsory a strike to a AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 8GB graphics.

The Precision 5720 doesn’t seem to have many in a approach of apples-to-apples competition. As of this writing, a HP Z1 G3 is substantially a closest altogether competitor, charity a identical category of hardware as a Dell, nonetheless it has usually a 23.6-inch display. Lenovo doesn’t offer a workstation all-in-one during all, and we didn’t find one from smaller boutique vendors, such as Digital Storm. But, as we’ll see in this review, a Precision 5720 is in something of a category of a own, anyway.

Acer Aspire Z3HP Envy 34 (2017)Apple iMac 27-inch (2017); a Dell’s side and tip arrangement bezels are underneath a half-inch thick, since a arrangement bezels on a iMac are some-more than double that. Horizontally, a Precision 5720 measures 24.6 inches, and a arrangement apportionment alone is 17.1 inches tall. We totalled a unit’s sum height, from a tip of a arrangement to a desk, during 20.2 inches. It’s notable that a non-touch Precision 5720 is somewhat smaller, during 24.1×16.9 inches wide. The non-touch chronicle is also a lot lighter, during usually 24.9 pounds, as conflicting to a 37.3 pounds of a touch-enabled examination unit. Most of a weight disproportion comes from a articulating mountain on a hold model.

The Precision 5720 comes with one of twin arrangement stands, and it is also accessible with a customary VESA mount, a $49 option. The latter would be useful if we wanted to wall-mount a Precision 5720.

For non-touch configurations of this AIO, a simple tilt-only mountain is included, permitting for 60 degrees of tilt. If we have a touch-enabled display, as did a examination unit, an articulating mountain is included. It has an considerable 90 degrees of tilt, and it also allows we to overlay it down distant adequate to offer as a really costly table. In all seriousness, being means to use a Precision 5720 like this is a bonus if you’re an artist or perplexing to benefaction something to a crowd.

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (Back and Right)

The articulating arrangement mountain seemed unusually sturdy. Despite a weight, sloping a section was really easy, and it could be finished one-handed. The stand’s hinges finished no creaks or sound of any kind in operation. The hinges were also resistant to arrangement wobble; touching a display, as you’ll really do with a touch-enabled chronicle of this AIO, didn’t means a arrangement to visibly move, regardless of lean or articulation.

Swivel composition isn’t supported, yet we can pierce a section from side to side. That’s some-more severe than it sounds, as a rubber feet underneath a arrangement mountain and a weight of a section make it a genuine plea to budge.

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (Left Profile)

According to Dell, a abyss of a Precision 5720 is 3.2 inches, yet that doesn’t tell a full story. If we lift a section as distant behind conflicting a wall as possible, a front of a arrangement aspect will be between 7 and 8 inches from a wall during minimum. The inconsistency in abyss comes from a arrangement stand, that similarly extends out between 2 to 3 inches in front of a display. Those numbers will change depending on how a arrangement is slanted or articulated.

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (Back and Left)

The all-glass front of this desktop extends from tip to bottom, lending it a Darth Vader-like sheen. The black contrasts good with a gunmetal behind and aluminum arrangement stand. In terms of material, a mountain and arrangement arm are metal, while a behind row of a section is plastic.

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (Speakers)

You competence have speckled a 6 round speakers backing a front of a display, yet we substantially didn’t mark a downward-firing ones that were out of steer along a bottom edge, as seen here…

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (90-Degree Tilt)

All in all, there are ten speakers built into a Precision 5720. We’ve listened this howling setup before on a Dell XPS 27, and we’re certain blissful we got a possibility to hear it again, albeit during smallest volume. Sitting in front of a Precision 5720 and listening above 30 percent volume guarantees conference loss. Given that they are powered by 50-watt-per-channel amplifiers, you’ll need a brawny set of outmost speakers to even come tighten to a turn of sound constructed by a Precision 5720. The clarity and fact of this setup were remarkable; we could hear a particular picks of a guitar string, and a pointy hits during a tip of a drum note. The drum wasn’t off a charts, yet it was some-more than adequate to be convincing.

The irony of all this, of course, is that a Precision 5720 is sole as a business machine. It’d be a tragedy if a sound setup didn’t get a possibility to widen a legs in a still corporate office. When’s a subsequent bureau party?

Features Display

The 27-inch PremierColor arrangement on a Precision 5720 is a star attraction. This arrangement has usually about each possible underline you’d wish for veteran work. The 4K shade fortitude is befitting to a row this large, giving we 4 times a operative space of 1080p. The quad-core Xeon processor and 32GB of RAM in a examination section meant we can revise 4K video yet worrying about a appurtenance being underpowered.

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (Display)

Dell says a arrangement covers 100 percent of a Adobe RGB tone space, a wider operation than a ordinarily referenced RGB tone space. That kind of coverage creates it suitable for veteran color-sensitive work. The far-reaching observation angles also help; a far-reaching lean operation and a articulating mountain on a examination section let we demeanour during your work from any angle yet fear of tone distortion.

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (PremierColor Software)

The pre-installed Dell PremierColor program allows we to change arrangement settings, including tone space, brightness, and tone temperature.

The display’s pattern peculiarity is indeed beautiful. The brightness, colors, and contrariety were all stellar, as good as or improved than anything we’ve seen before. This is one AIO PC where you’ll never be stranded with a bad monitor.

The 10-point hold support on a examination section was a $210 upgrade, yet that income also gets we a glorious articulating mountain instead of a customary fixed-tilt stand. But a ascent cost to a hold arrangement is effectively $420, as we have to spend another not-so-subtle $210 for a upgraded AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 8GB graphics label to use it. We’re not certain because those options are sealed together, yet that’s a approach is.

The accumulation and preference of ports on a Precision 5720 is some-more than adequate, even above-average for an AIO computer. But incompatible a few side-mounted ports, entrance to a ports was formidable during best.

The energy symbol and a Type-A USB 3.0 pier are along a right edge…

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (Right Profile)

Along a left edge, you’ll find a full-size SD label reader and a headset (headphone/microphone) jack…

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (Left Tilt)

You’ll need nimble fingers to get to a rest of a ports. They’re located in a cave-like recess behind a arrangement panel, with a arrangement stand’s ascent indicate entrance between we and approach access. Connecting roughly anything behind here will engage snaking a wire into a space and afterwards running it into a right pier with your fingertips. Connecting a little USB expostulate is utterly a challenge. We finished adult sloping a arrangement as distant behind as we could, afterwards reaching underneath a row to get to ports.

The glorious pier preference means some redemption is in order. From a left, there is a built span of Type-C USB 3.0 ports with Thunderbolt 3 support, a Gigabit Ethernet jack, a AC energy connector, a headphone jack, full-size DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI video-out connectors, and 4 Type-A USB 3.0 ports. Dell says a Precision 5720 supports adult to 3 additional 4K monitors during 60Hz, presumably by a DisplayPort connector and a twin Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Included Peripherals

No keyboard or rodent is enclosed with a Precision 5720, yet for reduction than $10, Dell will embody simple connected variants. But wires are something we wish to equivocate with an AIO PC, so we’d advise going wireless. Dell shipped a KM717 wireless keyboard and rodent set with a Precision 5720, a $69 add-on.

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (Wireless Keyboard and Mouse)

The keyboard has a slim design. It has a good volume of heft to it, mostly interjection to a china aluminum chunk that covers a top. The black underside of a keyboard is plastic. There are no flip-out feet; a keyboard is henceforth forked a few degrees. Two AAA-type batteries fit inside a behind spine on a underside of a keyboard. Rubber pads underneath a spine assistance keep it from shifting around.

The typing knowledge from a island-style keys is good, nonetheless a feel is a bit shallow. If you’re looking for a lawful feel of a automatic keyboard, we won’t find it here. The keys are, fortunately, still to a press. They miss backlighting.

The ultra-modern arc-shaped wireless rodent doesn’t feel as conflicting as it looks. Your ride and pinky will find a home along a edges of a ambidextrous design. Like a keyboard, a rodent is powered by a span of AAA-type batteries, giving it a good weight. The oddest facet of this rodent is a front-edge visual sensor. Horizontal cursor transformation seems a bit supportive if you’re used to “pointing” a rodent in a instruction you’re relocating it, as conflicting to usually relocating it horizontally. The rodent is plain in terms of features, yet it worked excellent in a testing.

Both a rodent and keyboard bond by a singular USB dongle. The dongle sticks out of a USB pier usually a fragment of an inch; removing this connected into one of a USB ports behind a Precision 5720 was roughly a pursuit for tweezers, as we noted. But you’ll hopefully have to do that usually once.

Core i7-7700K, yet good forward of a 45-watt notebook-class Core i7-7700HQ CPU, a many absolute chip you’d now find in a mainstream or gaming laptop. The latter is also mostly found in workstation-grade notebooks; it runs during usually 2.8GHz, with a Turbo Boost to 3.5GHz. The closest consumer-grade chip to a Xeon E3-1275 v6 is substantially a Core i7-7700 (non-“K”), that has a 65-watt TDP and really identical clocks. It’s also offering in a Precision 5720 for a bit reduction than a Xeon chip in a examination unit.

The Xeon chips and their Core counterparts are formed on a same underlying technology. The primary disproportion is that a Xeon supports Error Correcting Code (ECC) RAM, that identifies and repairs calculation errors on a fly. This form of memory is some-more expensive, yet required for applications that need pinnacle precision. (Think systematic computing and rarely formidable financial calculations, where each final decimal place matters, or architecture/design apps used for, say, collateral projects.) Our Precision 5720 examination section came versed with 32GB of DDR4-2133 ECC memory in a two-16GB DIMM configuration, a whopping $550 ascent over a customary 8GB of DDR4-2133 ECC configuration. Compared to a non-ECC 32GB configuration, a ECC pattern was usually $56 more. As we said, though, ECC memory isn’t a unsentimental prerequisite unless you’re behaving really specific work. That goes for a Xeon processor, too; there’s meagre reason to get a Xeon over a Core-class processor unless we need a ECC memory support it brings. The Xeon E3-1275 v6, a fastest CPU offering in a Precision 5720, was $77 some-more than a Core i7-7700. The twin chips achieved roughly equally in a benchmarks.

As distant as memory support goes, a Precision 5720 tops out during 64GB, in an arrangement of 4 16GB DIMMs. You can configure it with that many RAM approach from Dell for a series we won’t brave form here.

Storage enlargement is typically a diseased indicate for AIO PCs relations to normal towers, yet a opening isn’t too vast with a Precision 5720. It has a singular M.2 container for solid-state drives (SSDs), and twin normal 2.5-inch bays. Our exam section had a 512GB PCI Express-bus expostulate in a M.2 slot, that is where Windows 10 Pro was installed, and a span of 1TB 7,200rpm tough drives in a 2.5-inch bays. The latter were striped together around RAID 0, appearing as a singular 2TB volume in Windows. The Windows designation was squeaky clean, as you’d design on a business machine.

Dell offers adult to a 1TB SSD in a M.2 slot, bringing a limit configurable inner storage in a Precision 5720 to 3TB. That’s not a ton, given that a single 10TB 3.5-inch tough drive in a mid-tower desktop gives we 3 times a storage. Likely, as on some HP ZBook G4 laptops we reviewed recently, a comparatively low storage roof has to do with workstation acceptance for higher-capacity drives (or miss thereof). But with a twin Thunderbolt 3 ports on a Precision 5720, hooking adult really quick outmost drives shouldn’t be a problem. And, of course, there’s always network or cloud-based storage. Our Precision 5720 had an inner Intel 8260 wireless label with Bluetooth.

The Precision 5720 comes customary with an AMD Radeon Pro WX 4150 4GB graphics card. As we forked out, you’ll need to flare over another $210 for a some-more absolute Radeon Pro WX 7100 8GB chip if we get a examination unit’s hold display. Both GPUs are professional-grade, a requirement for a Precision 5720’s ISV certification. Cards of this size also support a Precision 5720’s 10-bit tone arrangement panel; consumer-grade AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce GPUs tip out during 8-bit color.

The WX 4150 is an entry-level card; a WX 7100 is a improved choice if your applications engage 3D manipulation. According to AMD’s specs, a WX 4150 has reduction than half a computing energy of a WX 7100. This creates sense, as a WX 4150 has reduction than half of a Stream Processors onboard, and a 128-bit memory interface as conflicting to a wider 256-bit one. The choice of upgrading to a WX 7100 is finished for we if we opt for a hold display. In box you’re wondering, both of these chips are able of complicated 3D gaming. (Stay tuned for a benchmarks.)

Accessing a internals of a Precision 5720 is a comparatively candid affair. (You’ll wish to put a desktop monitor-side down before attempting any of a following, on a scratch-free aspect like a towel.)

Dell Precision 5720 AIO (Open Back)

A tiny cover during a bottom of a behind lid, usually behind a arrangement hinge, comes off with one ceiling pull. Behind it are twin Phillips-head screws that need to be loosened. Once this is done, a whole behind row of a desktop slides ceiling and off. The 4 notebook-style DIMM slots for memory are underneath a china cover on a right side of a behind of a desktop. A vast steel feverishness shield, hold by 3 Phillips-head screws, surrounds them. Remove it to entrance a M.2 Type-2280 (80mm) container for SSDs.

The twin 2.5-inch expostulate bays are on a conflicting side of a chassis, built on tip of one another. The expostulate enclosing is tool-less, creation it comparatively easy to barter drives in and out.


The good news about a Precision 5720’s cooling is that it’s unusually quiet. We could hardly collect out a gently whirring fans in a room yet credentials noise. Under normal operation, a fans weren’t heard during all.

After back-to-back runs of Futuremark’s perfectionist 3D benchmark, Fire Strike Extreme, we celebrated that a Xeon CPU in a examination section surfaced out during 90 degrees C. That’s hot, by a measure, yet eventually it falls within a thermal specifications for a chip. We don’t like to see a thermal boundary pushed, so 5 or 10 degrees C off that series would have finished us some-more comfortable. The AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 graphics label appearance during usually 71 degrees C, though.

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