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Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280)

Introduction, Design Features

With a latest iteration of a business ultrabook, Dell has shrunk a box a bit, changed to Intel “Kaby Lake”/7th Generation core silicon, and combined an discretionary IR Webcam that lets we record in to a appurtenance regulating your face. “Ultrabook,” though, would advise to we that this is a trim, slim business cut that’ll hardly plump your laptop bag. Not quite.

Despite a fact that a measure and weight are a bit reduced from a previous-generation Dell Latitude E7250, a Latitude 12 7000 (7280) isn’t an ultrabook that exudes sleekness. It is, after all, a business machine, and one that packs lots of ports. Plus, this 12.5-inch ultrabook boasts stellar build peculiarity and ruggedness to mount adult to a wear and rip that highway warriors are certain to store on it. Its battery will also get we by a longest of work days on a singular charge.

Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280) (Angle Left View)

The Latitude 7280 line starts during $1,029 yet fast beam adult from there. (Our exam pattern rang adult during $1,850 during this writing.) Dell offers 4 baseline models of a Latitude 7280, that we can customize on Dell’s Web site.

The entry-level $1,029 indication is a light hitter, featuring a Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB solid-state expostulate (SSD), and a three-cell (42-watt-hour) battery. The subsequent indication adult costs $1,169 and stairs we adult to a Core i5 CPU. The $1,349 indication bumps we adult to a somewhat faster Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a four-cell (60-watt-hour) battery. The default pattern for a high-end indication costs $1,619 and facilities a Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, and a same four-cell battery.

All models, by default, underline a 12.5-inch arrangement with a 1,366×768 local fortitude and integrated Intel graphics. It’s not a reason screen. You can ascent a arrangement to an full-HD row (1,920×1,080 resolution) and supplement reason support. The other areas where we competence ascent embody adding some-more memory (up to 16GB), augmenting a ability of a SSD, and upgrading a Serial ATA SSD inside to a faster one regulating PCI Express and a NVMe protocol.

Our $1,850 exam pattern takes a Core i7 baseline indication and adds 3 upgrades: a 256GB SATA SSD, a 1,920×1,080 arrangement that also includes an IR Webcam, and a what Dell calls a “palmrest upgrade,” that brings in a fingerprint reader, a Smart Card slot, support for contact-less Smart Card, and Thunderbolt 3. (All that, clearly, extends good over a palmrest.)

Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280) (Rear Left View)

Now, make no mistake: A cost coming $2,000 is a elegant sum to compensate for a 12.5-inch ultrabook, quite one that isn’t all that neat or skinny and lacks a reason screen. It’s not built to spin heads, as many as it’s built to tarry drops. The rugged, magnesium-alloy box should reason adult to life on a road. Your information is kept safe, too, by a series of confidence features; TPM record encryption is standard, and vPro for remote supervision is offering on a dual higher-end configurations. Dell also backs a Latitude 7280 with a customary three-year guaranty with onsite use after remote diagnostics; Lenovo, for example, skimps on a ThinkPad X260 with usually a one-year guaranty of carry-in or repository service.

We’ve got good battery news and bad battery news. Let’s start with a bad: a battery is hermetic into a box and, thus, not simply replaceable. The good news is it runs and runs and runs. Battery life is pivotal for any ultrabook, and a Latitude 7280 delivers; it surfaced 15 hours on a battery-life test, that is extravagantly good.

The Dell Latitude 7280’s arch aspirant among business ultrabooks is a ThinkPad X270. (We looked during a previous-generation Lenovo ThinkPad X260, that warranted an Editors’ Choice and a singular 5-star rating; we just got in a X270 for contrast and review.) The Latitude 7280 and ThinkPad X260 are scarcely matching in terms of distance and weight and offer many of a same features, yet we preference a ThinkPad X260’s keyboard and reason pad. (It also has a indicating stick, if we are into that kind of thing.) Its battery is also user-replaceable.

Design Features

Where some ultrabooks embankment a entire USB Type-A ports to cut a skinny profile, a Latitude 7280 is built some-more like a tiny slab, with both forms of USB pier onboard. It facilities a magnesium-alloy enclosing that offers a solid, imperishable feel. We remarkable tiny to no flex in a lid or a keyboard deck. The framework provides a calming toughness to tarry daily commutes and prolonged highway trips.

Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280) (Lid)

It measures 12 inches far-reaching by 8.2 inches low and 0.7 in. thick. It weighs 2.9 pounds, a same weight as a ThinkPad X260. It’s looks a bit thicker than it is since it perks adult during a bit of an angle on dual long, rubber feet that run scarcely a breadth of a laptop…

Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280) (Bottom)

These extra-long feet yield a good hold on your list or aeroplane tray table, while also doubling as a gentle hold for your fingertips when carrying a laptop with a lid closed. Soft-touch paint on a lid and keyboard rug lends a lush feel, as well.

The 12.5-inch arrangement is LED-backlit and, in a exam unit, featured a 1,920×1,080 fortitude and an anti-glare surface. The default fortitude on Latitude 7280 models is usually 1,366×768; we suggest upgrading to one of a 1,920×1,080 options for a crisper picture and incomparable effective workspace on a smallish screen.

Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280) (Front View)

The arrangement ascent on a exam complement also enclosed an IR Webcam. Along with Windows Hello, Windows 10’s facial-recognition feature, a IR cam lets we simply place your face in front of a complement to record in. In testing, we found it easy to set adult Windows Hello and subsequently quicker and easier than typing a password. But we consider many users will use a fingerprint reader on a right corner of a laptop’s far-reaching wrist rest. As we mentioned earlier, a fingerprint-reader ascent also adds a Smart Card reader and a contactless Smart Card reader (via NFC). So, depending on a confidence needs of your bureau or organization, one of these might be a accessible (or with some supervision agencies, mandated) addition.

Depending on a configuation we opt for, we can get a Smart Card reader agreeable with FIPS 201, and an NFC procedure with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encryption. (FIPS stands for Federal Information Processing Standards.) FIPS 140 is a cryptography customary employed by a U.S. supervision for insurance of supportive data; sovereign agencies that make use of products contracting cryptography contingency use rigging that complies with FIPS 140. FIPS 201 is a homogeneous for temperament verification. If you’re traffic with a need for these kinds of compliances, we think your IT dialect is on tip of a purchasing game, or we have tangible discipline for what to buy.

The full-size keyboard facilities keys with good transport and backlighting. Dell didn’t have to shorten any of a keys on this 12.5-inch laptop (well, exclusive a trimmed-down arrow cluster, common in laptops this size), and a keys are whisper-quiet to form on. The reason pad is a tad undersize, measuring 4 inches far-reaching by 2 inches deep. Had Dell incorporated a rodent buttons into a aspect of a reason pad as practical buttons, there would have been room to make a reason pad larger.

Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280) (Keyboard)

A vital reason because a Latitude 7280 isn’t as skinny as some other ultrabooks is that it binds on to a comparison USB Type-A port, while some of a slimmest have ditched that partly or unconditionally in preference of thinner, some-more versatile Type-C ports. (They’re versatile in a clarity that we can block them in in possibly direction, and some of them support complement charging; reduction so, from a indicate of perspective of concordant devices.) You get both kinds on this system. You’ll find a USB 3.1 Type-A pier on possibly side of a complement and, in a exam unit, a USB Type-C pier with Thunderbolt 3 on a left edge.

Thunderbolt 3 delivers send speeds adult to 40Gbps; USB 3.1 tops out during 5Gbps. That said, this isn’t a charging port, so it’s generally useful for USB Type C inclination and any Thunderbolt advancing or high-speed outmost storage we might wish to connect. Also on a left corner is an HDMI pier (full-size!), a energy drum connector, and a Smart Card slot…

Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280) (Left Edge)

Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280) (Left Edge Ports)

On a right edge, you’ll find an Ethernet jack, a audio jack, a MicroSD label slot, and confidence lockdown slot…

Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280) (Right Edge)

Dell Latitude 12 7000 (7280) (Right Edge Ports)

The close container is a block nick nearby a rear. It works with a Wedge thatch from Noble Locks. This is a opposite animal than a many some-more common Kensington-style wire lock.

On a whole, this is a really finish set of connectivity for any ultrabook, and generally for one with a comparatively tiny screen, like this one.

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