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Dear Tim Cook: Instead of repair my MacBook, Apple gave me behind a Thanksgiving Turkey


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While a holidays are ostensible to be about decrease and spending time with family, they can mostly be stressful — and zero is worse than carrying to understanding with inauspicious patron compensation issues in sell during an intensely chaotic time of year.

In particular, it unequivocally stinks when your mechanism dies during a holidays, and we have to move it to a large box store for correct (especially when we have to go to a mall, when everybody is out shopping, and it’s an complete madhouse carrying to understanding with trade and parking).

One of a sell stores that we have customarily had good support practice with during a holidays has been Apple. Despite a fact that I have had my issues with a association over a decades, we have always valued their personal hold and their enterprise to do what is right for a patron within reason.

So, when my best crony of over 30 years, Mark, called me on a phone to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving holiday and report his story of anguish to me, we was definitely stunned.

Mark, who lives in Long Island, N.Y., where we both grew up, had an emanate with his 2013-era MacBook Pro. Specifically, he beheld a anti-glare cloaking on his shade was deteriorating.

After consulting with patron support on a phone, Apple concurred it was a famous issue and educated him to move it to his inner Apple sell plcae during a Walt Whitman Mall, where they would correct it giveaway of charge.

Great. Right? Well, not so great.

The prolonged and brief of a story is that after 5 — now going on 6 — apart visits to a store, a laptop came behind in worse condition than it arrived.

An amateurish dais technician boiled a categorical proof house and a I/O house while re-assembling a machine, and a store blamed a problem on a third-party Broadcom Wi-Fi procedure that Mark had substituted out with a OEM original.

Keep in mind a strange reason for a visit: The shade potion indispensable deputy due to a defective anti-glare coating. There was no reason to disaster with a complement logic.

He now has a mechanism that has no functioning Wi-Fi and is being asked to compensate $134-plus in tools for a appurtenance that Apple is going to exclude to use in dual months time, given Apple usually supports systems for 5 years.

Oh, and a topping on a cake? The box clamshell is no longer rightly aligned.

Also, after opening adult a complement to put behind a OEM Wi-Fi label (as requested by his CSR before Apple could resume work on his computer), my crony detected that a inner cabling was not re-installed rightly and that a brief — due to an wrongly re-installed energy supply by a dais technician — competence have shop-worn a system, that they are now seeking him to compensate additional income to repair.

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Dear Mr. Cook, we don't know what to do

Dear Mr. Cook, we don’t know what to do

“Recently, we beheld some blemish on my 2013 MacBook Pro’s screen…Now we have mixed problems within a same device…”

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As an certified use core for any OEM, if we repairs someone’s complement during a march of a repair, it is obligatory on a use core to lapse a complement to good functioning method or to reinstate a complement wholly — regardless of a cost incurred by a use center.

You destitute a thing on a handling table. It is now your problem. No blaming patron commissioned peripherals, etc., that are separate to a reason given a complement is on a bench.

What happened to Mark is unconscionable. We’re not articulate about usually any correct core here; this is an Apple sell plcae in a jammed mall.

I know we are substantially seeking for some-more details. So, we have asked Mark to write a minute minute to CEO Tim Cook’s bureau explaining a method of events, given no Apple store should yield such awful patron use in that a patron is being blamed for mistakes that were done by their possess dais techs.

They should be ashamed of themselves. And, during a unclothed minimum, Apple should reinstate his computer.

Every chairman in government who done excuses to cover their asses and who was concerned in this absurd censure diversion should be fired, and a amateurish dais technician who shop-worn this complement by putting it together so haphazardly should be tossed out on his ass.

This is a freaking Apple store in a bustling New York City suburb of 1.5 million people — not a selected TV correct emporium in a one-stoplight town. Apple should be employing a best dais techs they can find.

It is a long, formidable story that we wouldn’t wish on my misfortune enemy, let alone someone who was a best male during my wedding. But we advise we review it, given if anyone thinks that as a Mac owners they are defence to crappy patron use and tech support, consider again. It could occur to you.

Here’s an mention to get we started:

I perceived another call from Ryan, seeking me how all is going, and we explained to him that we perceived a mechanism behind in bad condition. It is now overheating, and a clamshell is not entirely aligned. The framework is so prohibited above a duty keys that if we leave my fingers there for some-more than a few seconds I’d bake my fingertips. (Please note: This is not an exaggeration, as we need to lift my fingers divided roughly immediately.) He done records in a complement and told me to make certain a store knows about it when we go behind for a sixth time.

I feel like we brought in a ideally operative mechanism with usually an outmost anti-reflective potion cloaking problem, and now we have a device that competence not final any length of time, due to a overheating emanate and a brief from a lax tie on a energy supply. The crude tie really good could have shop-worn a I/O house along with formulating other problems internally that have not risen yet.

Read a rest of a minute here.

As of Sunday, Dec 4, a Apple store during a Walt Whitman Mall now refuses to do additional work on Mark’s complement unless he agrees to compensate them for a repairs — this notwithstanding a fact that given receipt of his letter, AppleCare and Apple’s executive offices have educated a store to entirely revive a appurtenance to operative method during no additional cost to a customer.

Have we had a reduction than stellar support and correct knowledge during an Apple store recently? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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