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Database administrators acquire reduction in a UK than mainland Europe, US

Database administrators (DBAs) formed in a UK acquire reduction than their counterparts in mainland Europe and in a US, according to a consult by Microsoft SQL server collection businessman Redgate Software.

The survey, that was carried out on Redgate’s village site SQLServerCentral, found that DBAs warranted an normal of $94,176 per year in a US – a tip normal of any region. Respondents in a UK, by contrast, acquire reduction than half of this volume – only $44,483, that is also $10,000 reduce than a normal in continental Europe ($54,565).

DBAs also acquire some-more on normal in Canada ($69,324), Australia ($78,000) and New Zealand ($82,200), while DBAs in India acquire significantly reduction on normal ($21,766). The Americas come out on tip when looking during normal income by continent ($85,245), followed by Europe ($51,122), Africa ($49,248), Asia Pacific including Australasia ($35,334), and a Middle East ($20,250).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, DBAs in a open zone warranted a slightest on normal ($71,930), while those in utilities ($104,204), logistics ($99,681), industrial/automotive ($91,535) and sell ($89,640) came tip on a list of attention zone normal salaries.

Those were followed by DBAs in genuine estate ($89,937), not-for-profit ($84,104), medical ($83,104) and financial ($77,670). Technology providers paid on normal only somewhat some-more than those in a open zone ($71,930).

The survey, conducted during a finish of 2016, had 432 respondents from 40 countries with a operation of normal full-time salaries from $200,000 for someone with 19 years’ knowledge operative in a bank in Italy, all a approach down to $1,700 for a lead operative in India during a record provider.

“This image shows a best places to work if we wish to be a well-paid DBA,” pronounced Steve Jones, Microsoft information height ‘most profitable professional‘ (MVP).

“The summary is clear: those in a US and in a application sectors have a tip normal salaries, creation them a tip choices for gifted DBAs, while a UK lags behind a rest of Europe when it comes to take-home pay,” he added.


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