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Data#3 gets AU$600k to reinstate Govdex file-sharing service

Australian-listed business record solutions organisation Data#3 has cumulative a agreement from a Department of Finance to emanate and control a cloud-based file-sharing and “community collaboration” solution, replacing a existent Govdex platform.

The software-as-a-service resolution on a open cloud regulating Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure will set a dialect behind AU$656,524.

According to dialect CIO and CISO John Sheridan, financial will use an flexible proceed to broach a service, operative closely with Data#3 and several supervision agencies.

“The aim is to design, rise and develop a use charity that is driven by, and manageable to, user needs,” Sheridan wrote in a matter from a department.

Data#3 pronounced a new resolution will see a dialect capacitate larger interconnectivity, record sharing, and partnership between supervision agencies and organisations opposite a public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

It is also approaching to broach cost assets to participating agencies and yield a devoted sourroundings for supervision to work with both inner and outmost parties.

The cloud service, used by around 90,000 individuals, will yield a singular indicate for supervision employees and attention partners to work together, permitting them to share files, horde contention groups, control tasks, control video broadcasts, run polls, and interpret messages in real-time, among other tasks.

“We are gay to work with a Department of Finance on this innovative initiative,” Data#3 CEO and MD Laurence Baynham pronounced in a statement. “It is a good instance of how leveraging people and record can assistance to expostulate digital mutation in a open sector.”

In selecting Data#3, financial published a breeze matter of mandate on Dec 9, 2016, with responses compulsory a following January.

At a time, it pronounced it would spin to a government’s cloud services row for a businessman to reinstate a aging Govdex solution.

The sovereign supervision operates a handful of row agreements, including for cloud, datacentre facilities, telecommunications and telecommunications management, and IT hardware.

The row agreements form partial of a whole-of-government digital strategy combined after it was suggested a supervision was spending over AU$5 billion per year on IT.

To date, a cloud services row has sealed adult around 100 elite vendors in further to Data#3, with Microsoft, Datacom, IBM, and Macquarie Telecom among a first to get on board.


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