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Data scientist contra information analyst: difficulty reigns

The information scientist position is mostly suspicion of as being a origination of a large information age, and graphic from a roles that went before it. In many organisations, and in a minds of many recruiters, a distinctions are not so clear, however. Not surprisingly, perhaps, given that information scientists can authority a extremely aloft salary, there has been copiousness of oblique CV tweaking going on as analysts find to stratagem themselves into a information scientist bracket.

In a prior investigate programmes Computing has found that a information scientist is more expected to be looking during what will happen, rather than what has happened. They will be some-more exploratory in their user of information and will go into some-more depth, experimenting to expose correlations and trends for serve analysis, or to come adult with engaging new commentary that nobody has suspicion of before. They also need a note that brings them into daily hit with a business so that they do not turn removed and their projects irrelevant. 

While a researcher purpose is also changing in line with advances in analytics record and a appearance of some-more information centric business transformations, their purpose is generally still deliberate as pierce concerned with chronological information in a classical BI fashion.

However, a latest investigate in this area threw adult a few surprises. Asked to select a tip attributes for information scientists and information analysts, respondents comparison knowledge in real-time analytics second usually to display skills. Real-time analytics is one of a fields that we would have suspicion to be resolutely in a information scholarship camp. Likewise, appurtenance training models, another information scholarship staple, were high on a list for information analysts during series four, yet approach down on a information scientist priorities during series 15.  The tip 5 for any purpose are shown below.

Data scientists

  • Able to remove insights from opposite forms of data
  • Able to brand a problem and find a solution
  • Able to consider creatively regulating data
  • Understanding a business
  • Delivering insights formed on new data

Data analysts

  • Presentation skills
  • Experienced in real-time analytics
  • Able to work in multi-disciplinary teams/collaboration
  • Able to build a appurtenance training models
  • Understanding a business

In a after stages of a investigate we will be seeking a series of CIOs to appreciate these findings, in wish of enlightenment. It could be for example, that a respondents placed aptitude above skills and collection in their assessments – a tip 5 attributes for information scientists positively tumble into this category.

For now though, these formula have us scratching a heads. Whatever they mean, they are another pointer that when it comes to a information researcher and information scientist roles – difficulty reigns. 

Full formula of a investigate will be presented during a Big Data IoT Summit in May (see below).


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