Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Cybercrime organisation abuses Windows app harmony feature

When Microsoft done it probable for enterprises to fast solve incompatibilities between their applications and new Windows versions, it didn’t intend to assistance malware authors as well. Yet, this underline is now abused by cybercriminals for cat-like and determined malware infections.

The Windows Application Compatibility Infrastructure allows companies and focus developers to emanate patches, famous as shims. These include of libraries that lay between applications and a OS and rewrite API calls and other attributes so that those programs can run good on newer versions of Windows.

Shims are proxy fixes that can make comparison programs work even if Microsoft changes how Windows does certain things underneath a hood. They can be deployed to computers by Group Policy and are commissioned when a aim applications start.

Shims are described in special database files called SDBs that get purebred on a OS and tell Windows when they should be executed. Security researchers have warned that this functionality can be abused to inject antagonistic formula into other processes and grasp persistence, and it seems a enemy were listening.

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