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CW@50: A demeanour during life on a pursuit in IT by cartoons

News flash: There’s a necessity of IT professionals with Cobol imagination and other mainframe skills.

Or maybe you’ve listened that before. We’ve been stating given during slightest 2002 that Cobol skills were in brief supply and that a conditions was going to get worse since comparison mainframe experts would shortly be timid and immature programmers had no seductiveness in training mainframe skills.

That competence not seem like most of a problem, though as we forked out in 2006, Cobol was decidedly not passed yet, with some-more than 60% of respondents to a Computerworld consult of IT managers observant that their organizations still used Cobol applications. That commission indeed rose somewhat in a identical consult we conducted 6 years later, after a Cobol mind drain had begun in earnest. And in 2014, we reported on some hard-core fans — organizations that devise to keep regulating a denunciation for as prolonged as they presumably can notwithstanding a necessity of workers with Cobol and mainframe skills.

The princely programming denunciation has even been in a headlines only this spring, when we reported that it might tumble to Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to eliminate Cobol and other bequest languages from a a sovereign government’s mechanism systems.

Oh, and if you’ve been reading this and saying, “It’s COBOL, not Cobol!” here’s the answer.

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