Sunday , 25 March 2018
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Customers fry Microsoft over confidence bulletins’ demise

When Microsoft asked business final week for feedback on a portal that usually transposed a decades-long use of delivering minute confidence bulletins, it got an earful from unfortunate users.

“Hate hatred hatred a new confidence circular format. HATE,” emphasized Janelle 322 in a support forum where Microsoft urged business to post thoughts on a change. “I now have to manually register this information to my spreadsheet to disseminate to my customers. You have usually combined 8 hours to my workload. Thanks for nothing.”

Janelle 322 and others left sardonic comments on a support forum Microsoft touted Friday as a place to post comments and questions about a Security Update Guide (SUG), a online portal that took a place of informed bulletins.

Microsoft announced a passing of bulletins in Nov 2016, observant afterwards that a new routine would entrance Feb. 14. Those web-published bulletins had been a cornerstone of Microsoft’s patch avowal policies given during slightest 1998. The bulletins’ care and clarity were prolonged praised by confidence professionals, who deliberate them the benchmark opposite that all other vendors’ efforts were compared.

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