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Crucial BX300 (240GB)

Introduction, Design Features

It’s a bit of a bizarre time in a solid-state expostulate (SSD) world. After scarcely a decade of creation saw opening pulling ever aloft and prices plummeting steadily, things have some-more or reduction intended off—at slightest when it comes to drives using on a normal Serial ATA (SATA) bus.

While NVMe-based M.2 drives (such as Samsung’s flagship SSD 960 Pro), that run over a many faster PCI Express bus, are still removing faster, a SATA interface has been a tough roof for a while now. That has done truly faster drives on a comparison interface (which was designed for spinning-platter tough drives) impossible. And while a cost of churning out drives has depressed in new years, interjection to a change from horizontally built (planar) NAND to plumb built 3D NAND (also famous as “V-NAND,” in a universe of Samsung’s drives), expostulate prices have also started to turn off due to increasing approach for peep storage in PCs, smartphones, and tablets. (They have even started to rise over some stretches.)

So, while a speed competition continues among a higher-end PCI Express drives, a concentration in a land of SATA SSDs has mostly shifted to “good enough” opening and, as in a box with a Crucial BX300 we’re looking during here, ways to palliate matters for users looking to ascent from a slower spinning-platter tough expostulate to an SSD.

Crucial BX300 (Drive Alone)

The BX300 is a deputy for Crucial/Micron’s Crucial BX200Crucial MX300 drive, too. The BX300 manages to perform good altogether for a budget-focused drive, adhering in many of a benchmarks to a center or upper-middle of a pack, contra other drives we’ve tested.

Where a disproportion can be, between drives so tighten in opening and price, is in a intangibles. Crucial also provides a smartphone-friendly online guide to assistance with a designation process, and an activation pivotal for Acronis True Image HD. The latter will assistance with a data-migration routine if you’re relocating an existent foot assign to your new SSD.

There isn’t many in a approach of surprises with a BX300—unless we count consistently plain performance, that isn’t always a given with a budget-focused drive. But we don’t have many in a approach of complaints, either. Capacity is a one area that competence give buyers pause. This expostulate usually ships in 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB flavors. (We tested a 240GB.) If we wish some-more gigs than that, you’ll have to step adult to the MX300 expostulate line, that now costs a small more, notwithstanding rather reduce opening in many of a tests.

We get that a BX300 is a budget-focused drive. But we’re flattering certain that many users don’t need a comprehensive fastest speed so many as they need capacity. And in these days of 4K video, unconstrained selfies, and ever-inflating game-install sizes, a 480GB expostulate is starting to feel cramped, even from many bill users’ standpoint. So make certain we consider your destiny storage needs realistically, before we dedicate to this line. 

See a beam to a best M.2 SSDs we have tested.)

The silver-metal bombard and blue-and-white plaque that make adult a Crucial BX300’s extraneous pattern will demeanour informed to those who have been profitable courtesy to a company’s other new drives. Like many 2.5-inch drives in a final few years, a BX300 is 7mm thick, and a association includes a spacer in a box for comparison laptops with thicker (9.5mm-high) expostulate bays.

There’s no unsentimental reason many users would need to get inside a drive, yet Crucial creates it flattering easy to do so, around 4 small screws. We popped off a lid, mostly since we could. As we can see, there’s copiousness of dull space inside, that is common for 2.5-inch drives these days, generally those with obtuse capacities…

Crucial BX300 (Internal Components)

Inside a drive, as remarkable adult top, lives Micron’s 3D NAND. But interestingly, Crucial says a peep here is MLC (multi-level cell), rather than a TLC (triple-level cell) memory that’s turn many some-more common in bill drives lately. MLC tends to be faster (particularly when it comes to write speeds), and a participation here, along with a Silicon Motion SMI2258 controller, expected comment for this drive’s surprisingly plain performance. (For some-more on decoding SSD lingo, see a underline Buying a Solid-State Drive: 20 Terms You Need to Know.)

As remarkable earlier, Crucial will boat a BX300 in a contingent of capacities. Rather than clap off a drives’ rated specs, here’s a chart, approach from a company…

Crucial BX300 (Raded Speeds)

As we can see, a rated consecutive speeds are a same opposite a 3 capacities, while random-read IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) are reduce during a dual obtuse capacities. Perhaps it’s unsurprising, then, that a expostulate wasn’t a star when it came to pointless reads.

As distant as expostulate continuation goes, Crucial rates a 120GB indication of a BX300 for 55TB of sum terabytes created (TBW), a 240GB indication we tested to 80TB, and a 480GB chronicle to 160TB. That translates, respectively, to 30GB, 44GB, or 80GB created to a drives each day for 5 years. Those positively aren’t a a top continuation ratings we’ve seen; the Samsung SSD 960 EVO (500GB) is rated to 200TB, for example. But a Samsung expostulate is pricier (and runs on a PCI Express bus, not SATA). And honestly, if you’re essay anything tighten to even 30GB of information to your expostulate each day of each week, we clearly aren’t a entry-level/upgrader user that Crucial is targeting with this drive.

Crucial BX300 (Box Contents)

The BX300 ships with a three-year warranty, that is customary for a expostulate in this cost range. As for in-box accessories, aside from a drive-bay spacer, you’ll find only a integrate of pieces of paper. One points we to a Web-based implement guide, while a other leads we to a download plcae for a Acronis True Image HD drive-cloning software, along with a sequence series for activating it. While it’s not mentioned in a documentation, a association also has giveaway Storage Executive software that lets we guard expostulate health and sum bytes written, refurbish firmware, and secure-erase a expostulate should we wish to palm it off to someone else down a line. We lonesome Storage Executive extensively in a examination of a prior Crucial BX200Crucial MX300Samsung SSD 850 EVO, while it’s been out for years during this point, is still tough to beat. It sells for about $90 in a 250GB capacity, that is in line with a BX300. But step adult to a 500GB model, and a cost shifts in Samsung’s favor. Samsung’s expostulate was offered during about $140 during that capacity, and with a SSD 850 EVO, we again get some additional gigs. Plus, a SSD 850 EVO has a class-leading five-year warranty.

The SSD 850 EVO stays a bellwether expostulate among bill and mainstream SSDs, and a tough one to kick on cost and opening among a SATA lot. But we think that a BX300 will tumble in cost during slightest somewhat as it finds a marketplace footing. If it stays during a launch price, though, there’s small reason not to opt for a Crucial MX300 or a Samsung SSD 850 EVO instead.

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