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Cougar Revenger S

In a crowded, greatly rival margin of consumer products—let’s contend gaming mice, for example—standing out from a rest is vital. Craftsmanship and magnificence can take your code so far, nonetheless to quarrel off your many rivals, we have to pronounce aloud and explain boldly. Before long, everybody in a famous star is shouting, “The tip resolution! The many accurate sensor response! The best shape/buttons/layout/lighting!”

There’s an fundamental risk in doing this—that a hype competence spin so strenuous that it sparks customer cynicism. Call it a Apartment Naming Law: if an section formidable is named Oak Grove, people assume there’s no tangible timber there. And a inference is that an Oak Grove formidable within an tangible ash timber doesn’t get any credit for it. That’s given a best selling walks a glorious line between undersell and overkill.

Which brings us to a Cougar Revenger S.


Where there’s unequivocally profusion in a selling summary (and contemptible fellas, a usually silly name), we also get a truly plain FPS rodent for your $49.99. This is what you’ll see out of a box…

Cougar Revenger S (First Look)

It sports a mutated wasp waist, pulling in towards a core on both sides, and prominent somewhat on a bottom right for a tighter fit in a palm. Though black, it’s not utterly as matte as many mice we’ve seen here during Computer Shopper, that gives it a gunmetal gray glaze underneath a light. Sizewise, it runs tighten to average: 5.1 inches prolonged by 2.6 inches far-reaching by 1.7 inches high. That’s usually a small incomparable than a likewise made Cooler Master MasterMouse MM530Thermaltake Tt eSports Ventus X

Cougar Revenger S (Talons)

We somewhat cite a latter given they carve a buttons to fit a balls of a fingers better, easing tension. It’s admittedly a miniscule difference, however.

You can’t see it in that image, nonetheless a Revenger S’s corkscrew circle indeed has no floor. Beneath a circle is a roving surface. It has a flattering good tread, despite with a surprisingly shrill drum click. South of it is a singular button, set by default to DPI Cycle. For a tastes, we cite a span of DPI Up and Down buttons, such as a Roccat Kone AIMORazer Deathadder EliteMad Catz RAT 6. One-way cycling uses time we competence not have to pierce from a aloft DPI environment to a reduce one. (We also like Sniper Mode for that same reason: jumping fast between dual DPI settings during a press of a button, that a Cougar UIX System program supports.)

There’s not most to see on a right side, this being a right-handed mouse…

Cougar Revenger S (Right Angle)

The usually underline of note is a rubberized side grip. You’ll be blissful to have it when a Royal Guard Charger does his thing in Far Cry 4, and your hands start to sweat.

The left side furnishes dual buttons…

Cougar Revenger S (Left Side)

They’re flat, shallow, and tighten to a rodent surface. It’s formidable to heed between a dual (or even a symbol and a aspect itself) nonetheless regulating your ride tip; and that’s awkward. Typically, we cite pointy edges and buttons with some-more depth, such as a Corsair Glaive RGB. The other side is usually a grippy pad…

Cougar Revenger S (Right Side)

The usually other indicate of seductiveness on a Revenger S is a mouse’s rubber-coated, 71.5-inch cord. We cite braided handle coverings given they strengthen a wiring better. Still, if you’re pulling a speed angle with a low-weight mouse, as is a box here, a rubber cloak means reduction lift on a unit. You’ll usually have to strengthen that cord from cuts and serious tortuous over time.

Setup Features

Setup is comparatively painless with a Revenger S. You download a UIX System program from a product webpage and implement it. We were quickly thrown when a pop-up seemed on a shade stating, “The program and a firmware are not concordant with any other for a time being. Yes/No.” This took us by surprise, as we weren’t wakeful that rodent setup now enclosed multiple-choice tests. Fortunately, “Yes” seemed to be a scold answer, given another pop-up seemed to uncover designation swell on a firmware update.

This is Performance, a initial shade you’ll see…

Cougar Revenger S (Performance)

It’s easy to read, that is some-more than can be pronounced for many other marginal pattern utilities, where dim gray on black is deliberate an suitable lifestyle choice. Four DPI settings can be stored. Also note a checkbox separating a X and Y axes. This can be unequivocally useful if we have a widescreen monitor, or play some games where your enemies come during we usually from a sides, rather than above or below.

The DPI operation for settings in a UIX System is 100dpi to 12,000dpi, nonetheless it’s not as if anyone can play a diversion effectively above a 4,000-to-5,000dpi setting. However, Cougar’s promotion for a Revenger S justifies a high DPI finish by stating, “Over-marketed as it competence be, DPI are still applicable when it comes to defining a gaming mouse’s accuracy.” Only, they unequivocally aren’t. This is one of those claims that doesn’t utterly bear adult underneath investigation.

An visual sensor isn’t like a camera’s CMOS sensor. Resolution on a camera becomes some-more accurate in good partial by reading a incomparable series of pixels concurrently in a given area, so a aloft environment means improved accuracy. With mice, you’re looking during a singular pixel’s size, and a fortitude increases by reading what are in outcome a larger series of slices of that pixel. The some-more slices of it we have, a some-more of them we can place in a singular inch, and a aloft a DPI—but it usually affects speed, not accuracy. What’s more, as a DPI increase, a slices get ever smaller, like dividing a cake into some-more pieces. You in spin break a strength of a vigilance that a sensor records—until finally, a vigilance becomes some-more and some-more shabby by what’s called a sound floor. The sensor starts stating a brew of vigilance and increasingly forged content, that indeed compromises accuracy. This reason is very generalized, to be sure, and there are many additional factors to consider, nonetheless bottom line: intensely high DPI isn’t a cause in achieving larger correctness on a mouse.

The UIX System’s Polling Rate is interesting, too, given instead of commanding out during a approaching 1,000Hz, a Revenger S offers 2,000Hz as well…

Cougar Revenger S (Polling Rate)

There’s another inaccuracy: MSI’s Clutch GM60 and GM70 both offer a polling rate of 3,000Hz, so 2,000Hz isn’t a tip available. That said, this all creates us wonder: If a polling rate of 2,000Hz or aloft is so most improved than 1,000Hz, given hasn’t it been granted to good pushing in a pattern program supposing by a other vast guns in a gaming peripherals business, such as Corsair, Razer, Roccat, or Logitech?” The answer: While it competence make cursor transport marginally smoother, it also increases a CPU bucket and competence make a rodent stutter. What’s more, any alleviation is pardonable during that spin of polling due to abating returns.

Angle gnawing is also offering on a Revenger S, nonetheless as an on/off switch rather than Mionix’s some-more nuanced display in the Mionix CastorAvior 7000, a linear slider with 15 gradients. It’s still good to have, regardless. Better still is Surface Calibration, a lift stretch sorceress that not usually offers 5 preconfigured choices, nonetheless saves as many new calibrations as we want. This can be generally useful if we pierce frequently between dual or 3 opposite surfaces, and don’t wish to recalibrate any time we switch.

Sniper DPI is unequivocally good to have, as well, nonetheless by default it’s not reserved to any button. We cruise of it as a approach of short-circuiting a common DPI cycle, jumping from, for example, your fourth stored DPI environment to your first. That can come in accessible in a diversion like Crusader Kings II, where one second you’re sharpened opposite immeasurable distances between a Mongolian steppe and England’s immature and pleasing land, while a subsequent you’re delving into deeply nested, firmly presented construction menus. Admittedly, a Revenger S usually comes with 6 buttons, and usually dual you’ll substantially wish to configure—those on a left side—but it’s a good choice to have available.

Lift Height, nonetheless accessible in a 3 flavors of low, middle and high, didn’t do anything for us. It’s ostensible to forestall cursor transformation if we lift a rodent off a surface, nonetheless a rodent frequency changed when carried during any of a settings.

The simple pattern of a Key Assignment shade is one we’ve favourite for several years…

Cougar Revenger S (Key Assignment)

It involves boring and dropping large, simply identified icons over several buttons. The preference of modernized options is flattering good: DPIs, Sniper DPI, Mode/Profile Switching, Launch Program, and Media.

Macro options are decent, too…

Cougar Revenger S (Macro)

The icons opposite a tip of a shade are a bit opaque, nonetheless not unfit to figure out. The initial instructs a UIX System to run a macro once; a second executes it a user-determined series of times; a third repeats a macro as prolonged as a symbol is pressed; and a fourth repeats a macro until that symbol is pulpy a second time. You can change check times, and confirm either to record a mouse’s movements, a comprehensive coordinates, or a coordinates relations to a final position. This is one of a improved macro editors out there, even if it lacks some of a complexities of a Corsair Utility Engine or a Swiftpoint Z Mouse.

Here’s a Lighting screen…

Cougar Revenger S (Lighting)

We admittedly find lighting on a rodent worthless, given your palm will cover a Revenger S when it’s in use—and if we try to hide a look while gaming to admire all a flattering colors, your avatar will die in laughable fashion. Regardless, we can name from among a approaching 16.8 million shades, select speed and brightness, and ask one of 3 effects. Note that a UIX System allows we to ask opposite lighting on a zones for any DPI environment you’ve stored. With that noted, we found a lighting unequivocally buggy: Switching between DPI settings while on a Lighting shade mostly left us with white or black squares that were ostensible to uncover a stream colored section settings. In addition, when we chose effects—such as Breathing—the lighting would infrequently return to Swift (the UIX System’s chronicle of Cycling), and clamp versa. Sometimes a ask to change effects on both zones usually took place on one zone, as well. We checked around, and found that utterly a few other owners of a Revenger S have been experiencing identical problems.

Finally, a controls on a top left side of a shade can be a bit confusing. You supplement profiles from a Game Profile Management button, that also lets we integrate any form to adult to 3 opposite games. Each of these can, in turn, be accessed underneath a hulk cat logo, where it says Current Game Profile. Those 3 Mode buttons, above that same cat? Think of them as sub-profiles, that we can barter among if we set one of a buttons to Insert Mode Switch from a Key Reassignment screen. That’s good for when you’re personification a diversion with mini-games that have opposite pivotal and order sets.

Two points sojourn to be mentioned underneath Features. First, Cougar has given a new rodent Omron switches rated for a lifetime of 50 million uses, and a PixArt 3360 visual sensor. We truly like a switches, nonetheless perspective a numbers with skepticism, given users in forum discussions frequently rate their peculiarity by a production republic and lot rather than by a lifetime claim. By contrast, a 3360 is one of unequivocally few visual sensors that gets roughly concept approval. It’s a stream one to beat, and nobody’s doing that usually yet.

Performance Testing Conclusion

Excellent visual sensor and switches, low weight and cord drag: a Revenger S clearly targets players of fast-paced, real-time games, and we’d know that even if wasn’t advertised as such. (More about that, in a bit.) We tested it on 3 titles: Far Cry 4, DOTA 2, and Skyrim. The rodent valid quick, with unequivocally small drag; and it went where we wanted it to go, regardless of a speed of a movements. It fundamentally became an free prolongation of a hand, that is accurately what these games call for.

Cougar Revenger S (Box)

We did find a span of side buttons too flat, however. It was formidable to compute between them, or even between one of a buttons and a surrounding surface, regulating a ride ball. The answer is to use a ride tip, nonetheless that stresses a surrounding tendons and a metacarpophalangeal joint—that’s a vast one during a bottom of a thumb. Repeated stressing of this area over time isn’t a good idea, unless we wish to privately check out a marvels of complicated palm surgery. (We have, so we know whereof we speak.)

The Revenger S’s ergonomics were differently sound. It possesses good plane and straight arches to yield glorious support for a hand. We don’t like rubber-coated cords given of a palliate with that they and their handle essence are damaged, nonetheless on a certain side here, they lift reduction on a mouse.

We’ve already deliberate a integrate of claims about this mouse’s DPI and polling rates. A third, that it’s “the ultimate FPS mouse,” is radically unprovable. What creates a good FPS mouse? A topnotch visual sensor, essential ergonomics, or light-on-its-toes movement? Is it that a rodent does whatever we need it to do in FPS titles and other movement games during any impulse while we play? Not usually does this reason loyal equally for a Cougar and a series of competitors, nonetheless several exaggerate a same elements that heed a Revenger S: a PixArt 3360 visual sensor, for instance, and well-rated Omron switches. If anything, we can dispute that a supposed ultimate FPS rodent needs some-more clearly discernible side buttons—not that we count this a vital emanate during all.

But if we omit a hype and combine on a facts, afterwards there’s no doubt that a Revenger S is a best FPS mouse. Of course, a same could be pronounced of a Razer Deathadder Elite, a Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex, and during slightest a few other gaming mice touted for their FPS credentials. Each has a drawbacks that supporters cruise minor, and any jumps all a critical hurdles. In a end, preferences here come down to a matter of personal taste. Check out a reviews, go to a store, or revisit some friends who have these mice and see how any feels—and plays. You can’t go distant wrong with any of a lot, and that positively binds loyal for a Revenger S.

Cougar Revenger S (Left Angle)

Cougar Revenger S

Our Verdict:
Set a claims of consultant polling and larger correctness aside, and a Cougar Revenger S proves itself an glorious FPS rodent during a reasonable price.


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