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Corsair Lapdog

Today, PC gaming is one of a few expansion areas in consumer computing, so hardware makers are pouring it on heavy, profitable additional courtesy to building rigging for gamers. As a result, if you’re a PC gamer, you’ve never had it improved when it comes to indeed sitting during your table and gaming.

You’ve got a far-reaching preference of tricked-out, specialized keyboards, mice, and monitors to select from. If you’re happy gaming right adult in front of your monitor, we can customize your gaming sourroundings to your fondness utterly easily. All it takes is cash.

But that’s not a box if we confirm to pull behind from a table and send your gaming artillery to a couch, for play on a big-screen radio opposite a room. Sure, we can theoretically change a firm wireless keyboard on your lap. But what if we wish to use a connected keyboard?

Then there’s a mouse. If you’re regulating a wireless mouse, you’re all set…sort of. But where do we put it? A cot pillow isn’t a good mousing surface. Plus, many critical gamers wish a wired mouse, given they’re generally some-more accurate than their wireless counterparts (or during slightest that’s a notice many gamers have). And those same gamers wouldn’t even demeanour twice during an “HTPC-style” keyboard with a built-in pointer, such as reason pad, for PC gaming. A reason pad, for many games, is pointer poison.

The answer to these dilemmas is a “lapboard”: a keyboard-and-mouse resolution that lets we change both on your lap. We haven’t seen many to date, and a dual vast new ones from Razer and Corsair take unequivocally opposite approaches. (Roccat also usually expelled a third, called a Roccat Sova; we haven’t had a event to exam it yet.)

We recently reviewed a Razer Turret, that is an all-wireless lapboard solution. It’s a wireless keyboard we can change on your lap, with a side apportionment that flips open to act as a rodent pad for an enclosed mouse. When a Turret is not in use, both tools wharf plumb in a trim charging stand, creation it an glorious space-saving resolution for cot gaming. The Turret keyboard itself is rather tight, though, and it’s pricey for what it is. (Also, it lacks backlit keys, a tack of roughly each desktop gaming keyboard these days.)

Corsair Lapdog (Assembled)

Then there’s a theme of a examination today: a Corsair Lapdog. Less a lapboard than a “gaming tray,” for miss of a improved phrase, a Lapdog lets we use both a wired keyboard and a wired rodent adult to 16 feet divided from your PC and HDTV, interjection to a built-in, powered USB hub. Instead of usually resting a keyboard on a tray, we implement it inside a Lapdog chassis, so it becomes an constituent partial of a unit, extenuation gamers much-needed fortitude for typing or gaming. And underneath a big-bodied Lapdog is a large, contoured froth pad. It’s discretionary to use (you can mislay it), yet it creates a whole setup unequivocally gentle in your lap.

Corsair calls a Lapdog a “Gaming Control Center,” and it creates couch-bound gaming much, many easier than any other such resolution we’ve seen to date. Though it’s not perfect, it’s flattering close—so prolonged as you’re peaceful to marry yourself to one of a few specific Corsair keyboards, and we have a space to accumulate this unwieldly beast. (It’s closer to a St. Bernard than a pug, let’s usually say.)

Design Features

The Lapdog comes as dual vast pieces and a garland of smaller ones. Here’s an exploded perspective of what you’re faced with on unpacking a Lapdog box…

Corsair Lapdog (Parts)

The tip square is a categorical tray for a keyboard and mouse, and a bottom is a soothing froth support-pad assembly. The froth section is a accurate measure of a underside of a Lapdog and attaches to it around magnets, like so…

Corsair Lapdog (Foam Pad)

The Lapdog itself is 29 inches opposite and 10 inches deep. It’s done from plastic, with a few pieces of anodized aluminum, so it’s utterly light and doesn’t feel like a weight when we plunk it down on your lap. It’s in dual sections: a left-side keyboard area, and a right-side mouse-pad zone.

Corsair Lapdog (Tray and Foam)

The keyboard area fits possibly a Corsair K70-class keyboard (such as a Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire we recently reviewedCorsair K65 RGB), that has a “tenkeyless” (no series pad) design. Before we ask: Yes, these are a usually dual classes of keyboard that will fit in a Lapdog’s chassis. The framework is custom-made for them, and they fit snug, yet space around a edges.

The keyboard drops into a area designed for it and gets cumulative on all sides. It is determined once installed. You can see a K70 Lux commissioned in a physique here; as we can see, it looks like a dual tools were built as one unit…

Corsair Lapdog (Lit Keyboard)

Above a keyboard area is a lonesome “tunnel” for a USB cabling compared with a keyboard. The wire contingency be tucked into this niche, with a additional squished together and routed over to a mouse-pad area…

Corsair Lapdog (Cable Tunnel)

The rodent pad is a elementary mousing aspect that’s mounted onto a hard-plastic base. Underneath it is a built-in USB heart that occupies a distant right dilemma of a Lapdog chassis. Once we have a keyboard installed, a wire gets routed out a right side of a “tunnel,” afterwards plugged into a USB hub, as shown below.

Corsair Lapdog (USB Hub)

Next, we dump a mouse-pad cover onto a appliance (after we block in your connected mouse, of course), and all attaches with tiny screws. (Corsair provides a tiny apparatus to accomplish this.) A tiny hilt for a special screwdriver is incorporated into a froth pad, so, in theory, we won’t mislay it. Note that we can use any connected (or even wireless) USB rodent with a Lapdog; it doesn’t have to be a Corsair model.

Once a keyboard is installed, everything is trustworthy internally, and a mouse-pad cover is behind in place, it’s time to bond a Lapdog to your PC. To do this, Corsair provides a 16-foot wire that has a masculine USB block and a womanlike energy jack during a PC end. For a cable’s energy connector, a Lapdog comes bundled with a tiny energy section that has to be plugged in to wall power, afterwards connected to a inline wire connector to yield energy to a Lapdog’s inner USB heart and components. (The Lapdog doesn’t pull a required energy over USB, alas.)

The categorical wire is some-more than prolonged enough, in a estimation, for many living-room applications, and it’s thick too. That creates it durable-feeling (important, given it is proprietary), yet it’s formidable to censor in a vital room, yet we could probably track it around a corner of a room if a stretch were brief enough. We usually ran it true by a vital space, so it was a bit of an eyesore. Know that it’ll unequivocally be a tripping jeopardy if we have tiny children regulating about, or lots of feet trade opposite a space.

Once it’s all connected, though, we have auxiliary control of your conflict hire from a couch. You also get dual USB 3.0 ports on a outdoor corner of a Lapdog framework that are unused, so we can assign your phone, block in a USB peep drive, or use a USB headset with ease.

Corsair Lapdog (USB Ports)

When we buy it, a Lapdog is offering possibly bundled with a Corsair keyboard, or bare. As a stand-alone product, it’s a bit costly during $119.99, deliberation it’s radically a vast tray with a USB heart built in. If we wish to buy it with a wise Corsair keyboard, a cost goes adult to $199.99, bundled with a non-RGB Corsair K70 Lux with red backlighting and your choice of Cherry MX Blue, Brown, or Red pivotal switches. If we wish a some-more elaborately illuminated Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire keyboard, with a imagination rainbow LEDs in a keys, a gold cost goes adult to $249.99. (Corsair didn’t offer Lapdog/K65 bundles during this writing.) The gold pricing, in both cases, was a improved bargain. The Lapdog and possibly a Corsair K70 Lux or K70 RGB RapidFire keyboard, bought separately, would run we about $40 more.

The Lapdog comes with a two-year guaranty and weighs 5.7 pounds by itself. Now, let’s demeanour into environment it up, and regulating it for gaming.

Setup Real-World Testing

The Lapdog we perceived for contrast enclosed a Corsair K70 Lux keyboard ($119.99 by itself; $199.99 as a bundle), and a whole apparatus arrived in dual boxes, one of them big. The routine of “building” a Lapdog took about 30 minutes. It was for a many partial painless, as a enclosed primer covers many of a stairs with transparent illustrations and wording.

By default, a Lapdog comes with an additional image installed, that accommodates a length of a Corsair K65 keyboards. Because that indication line doesn’t have a numeric keypad during right, it’s many shorter than a K70, and this vast square of cosmetic in a Lapdog fills this space. Since we had a Corsair K70 Lux on palm for a review, and it does have a series pad, a initial charge was to mislay this additional hunk. You can see it in place below. 

Corsair Lapdog (K65 Adapter)

It didn’t take many effort; all we had to do was mislay several screws holding this filler square down, afterwards mislay a plastic.

Next, we wiggled a Corsair K70 Lux keyboard down into a keyboard opening. You have to do it during an angle, that allows a heading corner of a keyboard to slip underneath a influence mouth in a Lapdog. Next, we routed a keyboard cabling by a supposing tunnel. We did not use Corsair’s enclosed zip ties to secure it, given we were usually contrast a fit. Using a zip ties isn’t particularly necessary, anyway, given once a cables are in place, we screw an anodized aluminum “cover” over them. They won’t go anywhere.

Corsair Lapdog (Covered Keyboard)

On a distant right is a USB hub, a subsequent focus. We had to inspect a dual USB connectors entrance out of a K70 Lux and block in a one with a keyboard idol on it. The other USB connector on a K70 Lux’s wire is a USB pass-through and gets rendered invalid in a Lapdog. That’s given we could no longer entrance a additional USB pier on a K70 Lux’s edge. Once a keyboard was hermetic inside a Lapdog chassis, it was surrounded on all sides.

Corsair Lapdog (USB Hub Plugged)

After a keyboard wire was taken caring of, we plugged a connected rodent into a other USB pier in a hub, afterwards placed a aluminum cover over a hovel (atop a keyboard’s cables), securing it in place with a few screws.

Next, we grabbed a mousing surface. Note that this fact is not mentioned in a manual, yet once we secure a cover over a USB heart (which is a mousing surface), there’s a opening that allows a rodent wire to emerge from inside a Lapdog. (You can leave the excess mouse wire dark inside, if we like.) The opening is on a left corner of a mousing surface, where it meets a aluminum apportionment of a Lapdog that covers a keyboard cabling…

Corsair Lapdog (Wire Gap)

Know that we can also let your rodent wire hang all-out and block a rodent into one of a dual USB ports on the Lapdog’s right edge, if we will need to detach a rodent frequently. (Unscrewing a rodent aspect to get entrance to a inner connectors on a USB heart to unplug a rodent is a chore.)

With both a keyboard and a rodent connected, and all suitable covers in place, it was time to bond a Lapdog to a PC. We plugged in a AC energy “brick” (it’s indeed not unequivocally big) and connected it to a inline energy connector on a Lapdog’s cable. The other connector (a USB) went into a USB pier on a desktop computer.

The other finish of a wire went into a dual ports on a right behind of a Lapdog: a USB port, and a turn energy jack…

Corsair Lapdog (Power and USB)

As expected, a keyboard illuminated adult and a rodent came alive. It was time to play.

Corsair Lapdog (Keyboard, Mouse, and Tray)

We took a chair on a couch, that is about 15 feet divided from a computer, placed a memory-foam pad on a path first, afterwards situated a Lapdog down on tip of it. The magnets were usually a right strength, so it “clicked” into place simply and felt good and fast in a lap. Then, we set to typing and gaming.

Using a Lapdog

The initial gift we beheld about a Lapdog is that a memory-foam pad has an inverted mound that’s designed to fit snugly between your legs. It’s in a core of a pad, in sequence to keep things balanced. If we indeed use it this way, though, a keyboard ends adult approach over on a left, creation it tough to type. We finished adult ignoring a mound and usually relocating over a whole works a bit to put a hands in front of a keys. We’re not certain because Corsair designed it this way.

Corsair Lapdog (Lit Lapdog)

Foam foibles aside, we found a Lapdog lay unequivocally absolutely in a lap; it didn’t feel complicated or fatiguing during all. The keyboard was unequivocally easy to form on once we shifted a unit, and a mousing aspect felt accurate and grippy, too. Because all we unequivocally do with a Lapdog is use a keyboard and mouse, we spent some hours gaming with it, and we had a lot of fun. You’ll wish a big-enough HDTV shade to make this work from a couch, though, and a ideal stretch depends on a stretch you’ll lay from a screen.

We also attempted a Lapdog with a monitor, that was a bit too distant divided for a liking. And given it was a 32-inch panel, it was usually too tiny to use from a distance. You’ll unequivocally wish to use a Lapdog with a vast TV during standard cot distances. Corsair declares this a ideal couch-gaming resolution for someone with a 4K HDTV, and in ubiquitous it’s good for gaming in a vital room, supposing we can see what’s going on in diversion menus and a like from your specific couch-to-TV distance. In a case, we had no difficulty creation a Web browser bigger to read, yet we could not see a rodent pointer many of a time. This not a error of a Lapdog, of course, yet of PC gaming and computing on an HDTV in general.

As distant as a Lapdog goes, though, it felt solemnly designed, comfortable, and well-made notwithstanding many of it being plastic. The memory-foam underside felt excellent on a lap, and it was gentle adequate for us to use for a few hours via a day yet seeing a weight or size. You could also use a Lapdog yet a froth bottom, if we so desire, or it gets ragged out. The altogether build peculiarity suggests that a rest of a Lapdog could final utterly a prolonged time, and it even done us cruise some arrange of gaming HTPC build for a vital room for a initial time. Of course, Corsair even offers such a thing, as a element to a Lapdog; it’s called a Corsair Bulldog, that is a DIY home-theater PC kit. (See a preview of a Corsair Bulldog from Computex 2015.)


Overall, a Lapdog tender us with both its pattern and high turn of functionality. Corsair could have churned adult a reduction desirous product—just, say, a cosmetic tray to reason your keyboard and mouse—but a Lapdog is well-conceived, for a many part, and easy adequate to set adult in usually a few minutes.

Aside from a specific contours of a memory-foam pad and a miss of mouse-cord-routing instructions, we had no organic issues regulating a Lapdog. It’s gentle even for prolonged stretches, and both a rodent and a keyboard felt secure once installed. The mousing aspect had a right volume of punch underneath a mouse, and a whole package, once assembled, worked well.

The usually vital issues we had with a Lapdog are a fact that it requires a Corsair K70 or K65 keyboard, and a altogether size. The initial is due to a pattern of a Lapdog, as a keyboard snaps into place for a ideal fit. (Cynically, one competence dawdle on a thought that Corsair wants to sell some-more keyboards, too, yet that’s a given.) The problem is that it creates a Lapdog an costly proposition, even when bought in a $199.99 or $249.99 gold with a keyboard. And even if we occur to already possess an appropriate-model Corsair keyboard, it’s not ideal to have to unscrew all and mislay a keyboard from a Lapdog when we wish to use it on your desktop. You’ll have to adopt that keyboard for a Lapdog, or buy a dedicated one. Therefore, anyone selling a Lapdog will many expected have to buy a keyboard, too, and it’s misleading if you’ll ever be means to use a Lapdog with any other, destiny indication of Corsair keyboard. 

The second emanate is usually a perfect size, and a fact that a connected rodent competence be tethered awkwardly off a Lapdog. This lumber is some-more than dual feet long, and you’ll have to dedicate a mark to store it when it isn’t in use (under or behind a couch, perhaps). Bear in mind that you’ll also have cause in that 16-foot cable, that during slightest we can detach from a behind of a Lapdog and curl adult out of sight. But afterwards there’s a mouse. The rodent is a heavy thing; if we block a connected one into a inner ports on a USB hub, as intended, you’ll have a tethered thing that needs to be stored with a Lapdog. Putting a Lapdog in a niche or closet, station on end, will leave we with a rodent unresolved pendulously from one end.

Indeed, we wish Corsair had fashioned a joint or some other ascent intrigue for a connected mouse, to use when a Lapdog is in storage. It was adequate of an annoyance, we found, that we competence be tempted to block a rodent into one of a extraneous USB ports for easy detaching, or to use a wireless rodent that we could usually store separately.

Overall, though, a Lapdog public works good and is easy to set adult and use. If we are a PC gamer prickly to pierce your authority core to a couch, put it on your list of must-haves, or during slightest must-considers. And we’ll leave we with a cat’s review into what creates a Lapdog tick. Suggested captions in a comments below, please! (Ours: “Lapdogs and cats, vital together…”)

Corsair Lapdog (Cat and Lapdog)


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