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Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse

Introduction, Design Features

As surfers are to a subsequent vast wave, so are rodent makers to a subsequent vast must-have finger-feature.

They’re always looking for it, fervent to find it and float it out. For a surfer, it translates into a good day during a beach, yet for a manufacturer, it can meant sales, sales, sales. But this is where surfing, that isn’t always a rival sport, tools metaphors with rodent manufacturing, that always is. For companies that rest severely on a success of their peripherals, roving a pattern of any big, smart underline is key, before many of a foe catches on.

Corsair Glaive (Left Angled Third Grip)

Whether a underline is critical or not doesn’t matter; as a marketer would say, it’s all about perception. So when a Mouse Resolution/DPI Holy Wars began, it wasn’t as yet any gamer could presumably make use of a 7,000dpi, 12,000dpi, or 16,000dpi setting. The thought was simply to stir with ever-upticked numbers. To quote Mel Brooks in Spaceballs, “Your Schwartz is as vast as mine!” And we can’t have that.

After hyper-resolutions peaked, RGB lighting arrived, a much-hyped underline that dead whenever a RGB mice were in use (that is, when we put a hands on them), and didn’t supplement a whole lot when they weren’t (as against to, say, keyboard lighting). We’ve reached Peak RGB in 2017, and meanwhile, we are observant indeterminate signs that modular earthy designs might be a subsequent vast catch-me underline on a horizon. Last year’s Roccat Nyth, for example, came with a span of transmutable side grips. More recently, Asus has announced a Strix Evolve Mouse, again charity mixed side grips. And now Corsair has expelled a Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse, with 3 ride grips.

Is that a trend? As a aged observant goes: Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and a third time, it’s all over Amazon. If so, it’s one that’s expected to infer some-more estimable than possibly sky-high dpi settings or RGB lighting, since a formula honestly impact a shape, speed, and ergonomics of a mouse.


So, here’s a Glaive RGB, a latest modular candidate…

Corsair Glaive (Top)

It employs a mutated hourglass shape, as do so many gaming mice these days, with usually a spirit of gash on both sides. The plain matte-black bombard is a sincerely vast one: usually underneath 5 inches long, by 3.6 inches wide, by 1.7 inches high. It could work in a scratch reason for a vast hand, yet a many some-more ergonomically sound palm reason would be suitable on this rodent with possibly a large- or medium-size one. Note a plane arch, rising to a index finger…

Corsair Glaive (Back View)

That offers good support for a cupped palm during rest. And even when you’re playing, we wish to keep as many elements of your arm and palm during rest as possible. Less tragedy now means fewer carpal-tunnel surgeries later.

That quarrel of 5 illuminated stripes, like parasite outlines on a ruler, corresponds to 5 of a dpi settings that we can store on a Glaive…

Corsair Glaive (Top Angled)

Click a symbol to a right of them, and a array of lights moves adult as a dpi does, before it starts again with a lowest setting. Ourselves, we cite a dpi toggle, so we can select to lift or reduce a dpi on a fly; or unwell that, dual buttons for that purpose, as a Corsair Scimitar offered. But during slightest a visible evidence here is good.

Above a dpi symbol is a far-reaching corkscrew circle with glorious tread…

Corsair Glaive (Front)

It has a good pleasing bumpiness that doesn’t lift courtesy to itself, divided from whatever we wish to stay focused on.

Given that this is a right-handed mouse, there’s tiny to see on a right side…

Corsair Glaive (Right Angled)

The rubberized hardness of a reason row is some-more for uncover than anything, and it doesn’t yield many support.

The left side of a Glaive, on a other hand, is where all a action’s holding place. As in this initial view…

Corsair Glaive (First Thumb Grip)

And a second one…

Corsair Glaive (Second Thumb Grip)

And, because not, a third…

Corsair Glaive (Third Thumb Grip)

Or, if we wish a organisation shot display all a pieces exploded, that is substantially best for comparison’s sake…

Corsair Glaive (Thumb Grips)

These are a opposite thumb-grip configurations. Two of these transmutable panels are scarcely matching in shape, their biggest disproportion being a textured rubber inset, or miss of one—though a one that has it unequivocally doesn’t uncover many movement resistance. The third grip, though, reserve both a rubberized hardness and a far-reaching (roughly 0.75-inch) shelf that acts as a ride rest. There’s tiny weight opposite among a three: a thin, textured reason is usually a tenth of an unit heavier than a thin, non-textured grip, and a one with a ride rest is usually one-tenth of an unit heavier still. The altogether weight of a Glaive is a assuage 4.3 ounces—a bit hefty, to a hand, for MOBAs, yet matched to many other diversion genres. Here is a demeanour during a grips, all out of a mouse…

Corsair Glaive (Isolated Grips)

If you’re disturbed about lift from this mouse’s cord, don’t be. The several of a preceding images uncover a bit of a braided cord, yet it’s stretchable and lightweight. It gets points, as well, for carrying a Velcro tieback, something we’re observant some-more of these days.

The grips will lift some attention, yet a side buttons merit their impulse in a spotlight, as well…

Corsair Glaive (Left Profile)

You’re not about to upset that symbol you’re pressing, not given a stretch between them. The figure and stretch of a buttons are distinctive, too, targeting a round of a ride with a brazen button, and a side of a ride with a behind one. To be honest, we would have elite a few some-more buttons than usually a Glaive’s simple six, yet a usually approach we can see that wise within a stream pattern would have been if a reason were lowered closer to a roving surface. Then, dual tiers of buttons would have been possible.

There’s not many to see on a mouse’s underside…

Corsair Glaive (Underside)

Just a visible sensor, and 4 vast slip pads. Incidentally, when we use a ride rest, that adds a fifth slip pad to a mix. We find, in terms of a tracking “feel,” that it slows things down usually a bit further.

Finally, here’s a demeanour during a full hint of a package collected in one place. Beyond what we have discussed so far, there’s a middle primer and a tiny cloth drawstring bag for transporting a mouse…

Corsair Glaive (Box and Contents)

Now that we’re all acquainted, let’s get a Glaive RGB commissioned and take a demeanour during CUE2, a Corsair Utility Engine.

Corsair K95 RGB PlatinumK70 RapidfireStrafeVengeance K95 keyboards, a face-lift to one side. That said, we’ll yield a few pictures, and adequate comments to explain because CUE2 is substantially any Corsair peripheral’s best feature…

Corsair Glaive (CUE2 Main Screen)

This is a opening screen, atypical in that it is both shrill and confusing. (Hopefully, Corsair will sale it, once it realizes that people who see this have already purchased during slightest one of their products, and wish to get to gaming rather than operative around vast cinema suggesting they buy something else.) The usually applicable partial is a tiny frame during a top, display any Corsair rigging we have commissioned that creates use of CUE.

Clicking on “GLAIVE RGB” brings we to a array of screens from a menu on a left: Actions, Lighting Effects, DPI, Performance, and Surface Calibration. Here’s an instance of a Action screen…

Corsair Glaive (CUE2 Actions)

Actions is all about profiles and symbol assignments. “Default” during a tip left means you’re modifying your default profile. One form is stored in onboard memory, yet we can emanate and revise as many game-specific ones stored on your mechanism (or peep drive, for that matter) as we wish.

Once a symbol is highlighted, we have a really far-reaching organisation of button-programming options, including such seldom-seen ones as Launch Application and Timer. You can also launch a Macro Editor from here…

Corsair Glaive (CUE2 Macro Editor)

There’s a lot we can accomplish with this feature, even with usually a dual ride buttons you’d wish to reassign out of a Glaive RGB’s sum of six. You can emanate a macro, for instance, that repeats 3 times while pressed, with a specified delay—or one that has dual apart actions, once when triggered, and another when a symbol is released.

Lighting Effects offers a operation of options surfaced with a by-now-standard salsa of 16.8 million colors…

Corsair Glaive (CUE2 Lighting Effects)

The Glaive RGB furnishes 3 lighting zones: a logo, a front area (which looks like a exhausts of a jetpack), and a mouse’s supposed Light Edge, a slight rope that separates a side buttons from a tip of a mouse. You can module any separately.

The DPI settings are self-explanatory…

Corsair Glaive (CUE2 DPI Settings)

You can store 5 settings per profile, and rivet a Sniper Mode. The latter’s a good underline for pointing aiming; it switches we over to a sixth (and presumably finer) dpi environment whenever we reason down a designated Sniper Mode button. Release a button, and we burst behind to your frequently scheduled dpi setting.

Also here, a check box between a X and Y axes can decouple a two. This is useful for mousing on wide-screen monitors, on that we might wish to vessel left/right some-more quick than up/down, or in games where some-more movement comes from a sides, for instance, than from above.

Also, usually briefly, take a impulse to notice in certain screens a harmless Revert symbol on a right. It’s simply that, a discerning approach to burst behind to a final environment we had in any territory of CUE2. We like it.

The Performance area would seem to be CUE2’s new catch-all add-on for things that haven’t found a acquire on other pages…

Corsair Glaive (CUE2 Performance)

At a moment, it has only three features. There’s Pointer Speed, along with a check box to “Enhance pointer precision.” Also, here we will find a angle-snapping control, in 3 flavors: high, medium, and low. While that’s positively improved than a Biostar Racing GM5’s singular on/off angle-snapping check box, it pales before Mionix’s doing of 15 notches on a linear slider in its CastorAvior 7000 mice.

Last, yet not least, we come to a underline that initial seemed in Corsair’s lineup final year, on a Surface Calibration tab…

Corsair Glaive (CUE2 Surface Calibration)

It’s in hint a lift-distance wizard, not a slider, and it’s really welcome. Optical sensors, in particular, are fussy when it comes to your mousing surface’s opacity and depth, and while a sorceress can’t make an visible rodent work on glass, it can make life a lot easier when we barter out rodent pads and other personification surfaces.

This shade feels empty, that is substantially an try to discharge visible congestion, as we suggested above. The 3 icons on a bottom left are non-functional. All we do is collect adult a idol in a screen’s top half, and pierce it around while gripping a arrow in a immature territory of a speedometer, conjunction too quick nor too slow. At a end, we benefit a turn and can request a indicate to any skill…pardon! We mean, a Glaive RGB is now scrupulously calibrated for your new mousing surface.

And bear in mind, this is a value that’s stored with each game-specific form in CUE2. As a result, we can emanate a diversion form calibrated to your favorite rodent pad, and another for your favorite hardwood desktop. That way, we won’t have to recalibrate a sensor’s lift stretch each time we barter out surfaces.

There’s one other vital underline of a Glaive that we haven’t overwhelmed upon. That’s a visible sensor, a Pixart PMW 3367, that was also partial of a Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB. It’s advertised as charity a high finish of 16,000dpi, yet as we remarkable in a introduction, nobody games above roughly 3,500dpi. The high numbers are usually for show. It’s also configurable in increments of 1dpi, as against to aloft values in other pattern software—but if we can tell a disproportion between 2,100dpi and 2,101dpi, we have a destiny as an e-sports champion or commentator, or maybe with Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Because nobody else can.

For a peculiarity of a 3367 in tangible gameplay, though, let’s pierce a contention over to performance.

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