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Core i7-8700K Review: Intel’s response to Ryzen is faster and cheaper than ever

Intel’s 6-core 8th era Core i7-8700K CPU is a existence check to high-performance, cost CPUs like a $2,000 Core i9 and $1,000 AMD Ryzen Threadripper. The genuine conflict for a desktop and consumer’s wallets is with this amazingly affordable (for Intel anyway) $359 CPU, code-named Coffee Lake.

In fact, a Core i7-8700K is Intel’s initial genuine response to AMD’s breakthrough array of Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 CPUs, and a viable choice to a Zen-based CPUs. But usually how quick is it, and that CPU should we buy? Read on to find out.

Core i7-8700K Coffee Lake Gordon Mah Ung

Intel’s new Coffee Lake Core i7-8700K is a critical crater of joe for those into performance.

What is Coffee Lake?

Moore’s Law isn’t dead, yet a ability to cringe CPU circuits and boost firmness has drastically slowed down. Coffee Lake, for example, is formed on a same 14nm routine a association introduced with a Broadwell line of laptops CPUs in 2014. Since then, Intel has used a 14nm routine on Skylake, Kaby Lake, and now Coffee Lake.

Despite a identical process, however, Intel says it’s done adequate improvements along a approach to call Coffee Lake a “14nm and plus” chip. A easier approach is to consider of Coffee Lake as an softened 7th-generation Kaby Lake chip with dual some-more cores, yet there are some subtler changes. 

cpus during a glance IDG

Intel’s tip mainstream CPUs alongside AMD’s fastest Ryzen 7 CPU.

So yes, cynics, a usually loyal “8th-generational” partial might be a name itself. Folks of a some-more forgiving mindset will see 8th-gen chips as a large breakthrough for Intel, that has offering quad-core CPUs as oppulance models exclusively for a final 10 years. Consider that Intel once charged $1,000 for 6-core CPUs. With Coffee Lake, you’re removing dual some-more cores for a scarcely a same cost as Kaby Lake and Skylake.

Intel Coffee Lake 8th gen speeds and feeds Intel

Here’s a full line adult of “8th generation” CPUs from Intel.

Why Coffee Lake requires a new motherboard

Although Coffee Lake is radically an softened Kaby Lake CPU, some pivotal changes will expostulate Intel fans simply batty. The categorical one is a disfavour with comparison motherboards, notwithstanding regulating a accurate same earthy LGA1151 socket.

Why, Intel, why? The association cites several changes. The initial is central support for DDR4/2666 instead of of DDR4/2400. The higher-clocked RAM compulsory some-more firmly tranquil blueprint of a wires or “traces” on a motherboard, that mandated new designs.

Coffee Lake also adopts a nifty “per core” overclocking initial introduced with a Core i7-6950X Broadwell-E. This allows a user to overclock usually particular cores formed on a workload.

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