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Cooler Master MasterSet MS120

Though you’d consider it’s no contest, it’s not always a justice advantage for automatic keyboards in a face-off opposite aspect ones. Despite what you’ll examination online from advocates of automatic keyboard switches (which embody us), aspect designs do have their advantages.

For one, they’re inherently quieter than automatic switches; whisper-quiet, in some cases. Even so-called Cherry MX Silent switches are louder, notwithstanding being reduction loud than a rest of their family. And, some-more important, aspect keyboards are reduction expensive.

Let’s cgange that. They’re generally cheaper—cheaper construction, cheaper materials, cheaper cost. Logitech’s K120, a low-end aspect keyboard, is one such, and we can find many others for underneath $10. If you’re selling keyboards for several corporate departments and your employer’s chronicle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has as a bottom “Get them to compensate me to take it,” afterwards a unequivocally simple aspect keyboard would seem a compare done in heaven.

But we can also pull a few upscale facilities into a aspect model, urge a altogether build quality, chuck in a decent mouse, and finish adult with a reasonable starter pack of peripherals for budget-strapped users or pre-teens. Where a multiple of an appealing gaming automatic keyboard and a peculiarity gaming rodent would run we some genuine money, your starter pack competence be improved framed for a lean, meant wallet or purse. And that’s accurately what Cooler Master is counting on with a MasterSet MS120, a total keyboard and rodent set with customizable pivotal lighting, and regulating something that a association calls “mem-chanical” pivotal switches.


Here’s a initial demeanour during a keyboard/mouse combo…

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Keyboard and Mouse)

Now, let’s cavalcade down a bit on a keyboard, with an eye on a pitch pivotal caps…

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Symbol Key Caps)

Unlike an augmenting series of keyboards today, shifted functions are displayed on a MS120 above unshifted ones. That’s a long-held gathering that creates good sense, though one that started fraying in new years when keyboard backlighting, an increasingly common feature, couldn’t light a bottom half of a keycap as good as a tip half in some keyboards. We think it’s a multiple of a backlighting’s liughtness and a less-dense architecture switches that outcome in both shifted and unshifted pivotal top black arrangement adult ideally good on a MS120’s keyboard.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Keyboard Top)

The keys themselves have a rather loose, rather inconstant feel, with a lot of wiggle, generally to a left and right. This isn’t atypical for a keyboard with architecture switches, so anybody unknown with automatic keyboards substantially won’t notice this. If you’re selling a MS120 for someone who has played with a friend’s automatic keyboard, however, it would be best to have he or she exam it out first.

The MS120’s keyboard rests on a cosmetic support that feels some-more plain than some other membranes we’ve tried, such as a Logitech G213 Prodigy. (Being cosmetic substantially accounts for a keyboard’s weight of customarily 2.3 pounds.) The keys lay above a frame, as we can see here…

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Beneath a Keys)

This creates it comparatively easy to purify adult dirt and debris, during slightest while regulating a compressed-air duster or a brush. By contrast, a other proceed is to set a keys down inside a frame, where it’s typically some-more formidable to purify out anything that’s depressed inside.

The MS120’s keyboard has a sincerely customary stretch of 17.1 inches wide, by 5.2 inches long, by 1.4 inches high. There’s a lot of doubling adult of keys…

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Doubled Keys)

Even a 6 navigation keys offer a double function. Hitting a FN pivotal on a bottom row, to a left of a right Ctrl key, turns them into media-playback keys. FN pivotal aside, a blueprint is complicated QWERTY (two Ctrl keys, dual Windows keys, and so on). The top right of a keyboard is indifferent for 4 LEDs: Scroll Lock, Num Lock, Caps Lock, and a close that possibly prevents a Windows keys or a whole keyboard from functioning, depending on either you’ve strike FN+F11 or FN+F12, respectively.

The keyboard’s underside has a span of stout feet that open to a back. We attempted pulling a keyboard brazen to see if a feet would fall accidentally, though a span of rubber cushions toward a front of a territory prevented this. They have decent tallness and yield a useful ergonomic boost.

And so, on to a rodent in a kit. The MS120’s rodent is a right-handed indication with a rest for a ring and pinky fingers…

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Top)

As a righty-only design, it sports both a straight arch and a plane arch, providing a plain crater figure around that your palm can distortion during diversion play. That isn’t to contend a rodent removes all ergonomic issues, by any means, though it’s improved in that honour than an ambidextrous-design mouse. We’ve also seen a MS120’s rodent described as suitable for a scratch grip, though that technique tenses adult a fingers, wrist, and reduce arm. Fortunately, it works good with a palm grip, a finger pads wise simply into a somewhat scooped left and right rodent buttons. At customarily 4.6 inches long, by 3.1 inches wide, by 1.4 inches deep, a rodent is a good fit for a medium-size hand. (And it’s lightweight, during customarily 3.4 ounces.)

As with a keyboard, so with a mouse: It’s a vast unit, all matte black. This indication has customarily 6 buttons: a common left- and right-click, scroll-wheel click, dual side buttons on a left, and a symbol trailing a corkscrew wheel. The corkscrew circle rides aloft above a aspect of a mouse than on many we’ve reviewed, and it has a organisation tread. We’ll explain a tone function later…

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Scroll Wheel)

And here’s a perspective toward a left side…

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Left Profile)

Lighting in a picture above gives a sense that a side buttons have an corner we competence be means to feel, though they don’t. There’s also meagre stretch between them, creation them formidable to compute though relocating a some-more supportive ride tip down onto them, that takes time divided from your active game.

Cords on both a MS120 keyboard and MS120 rodent are of a reduction protective, rubber-coated kind: 64.9 inches prolonged for a former, 69.7 inches for a latter. We would have elite braided cords, that offer some-more insurance to a enclosed wires. Granted, Cooler Master’s pack here is an entry-level gaming combo, though this isn’t a ideal place to cut corners.

Logitech MK850 Performance Combo (a competing mouse/keyboard kit) customarily lets we reassign 7 keys, we can’t reassign any on a MS120’s keyboard, customarily within a given program’s key-binding settings.

As for a mouse, a Avago 3050 sensor that Cooler Master uses here is a truly good, arguable sensor, though there’s no approach of compensating for changes to aspect firmness that visual sensors in sole have problems with—moving from a tough timber table to any series of opposite rodent pads, for instance. A lift-distance sorceress such as those Logitech, Mionix, and Corsair (among others) allow in their particular pattern utilities would understanding with this emanate readily. But then, a good marginal that includes this and a other facilities we’ve mentioned would also cost, by itself, scarcely as many as (or some-more than) this keyboard/mouse combo does as a unit.

To a credit, a MS120 rodent comes with 4 preset DPI settings: 500dpi, 750dpi, 1,500dpi, and 3,500dpi. That preference is indeed wider than those supposing in SteelSeries’ mice around a SteelSeries Engine 2 (SSE2) pattern utility, that stores customarily dual DPI settings—but SSE2’s DPI settings can be customized. You have to go with a ones Cooler Master supplies, so if we prefer, let’s say, anything in a 2,000dpi-to-3,000dpi range, that is not uncommon, you’re out of luck. And we’re honestly undetermined by a underline that lets we pierce between a 1x repeat rate on keys regulating FN+F9, and an 8x repeat rate regulating FN+F10. For one thing, it’s startling this wasn’t implemented incrementally, so that FN+F9 would let we cycle uniformly from 1x to 2x to 4x and higher. For another, we can do all this and some-more within a Keyboard territory of Windows’ Control Panel.

The rodent comes with Omron switches. Rated for “only” 10 million clicks, they are though an glorious choice with a light, accurate touch. The keyboard’s dome-plus-spring “mem-chanical” switches, meanwhile, are something of a hybrid of automatic and membrane, though with a motionless indicate toward a latter. They are designed to feel and sound like automatic switches—something like a Cherry MX Brown variety, during a guess, with an actuation force of 45cN and pleasing pushback. They also have a conspicuous click. Some automatic switches have sole good formed partly on reduced noise, though others keep a click since some gamers like that kind of feedback when a switch activates. We can customarily advise that intensity buyers try these keys out, as they’re an animal of their own. Remember, in any case, that architecture switches wear down comparatively quickly—perhaps in a year or two, underneath complicated use. But by then, hopefully any chairman who buys this starter-kit combo and bangs on it though forgiveness can connoisseur to something some-more sophisticated.

Cooler Master claims adult to 26-key anti-ghosting—meaning that if we press adult to 26 keys during once, a MS120 will remember all of them. We tested this regulating a Microsoft Applied Sciences Group’s Keyboard Ghosting Demonstration, and customarily got adult to 13, with many efforts attack in a three-to-seven-key range. While it’s doubtful you’ll ever use a diversion that requires even 10 keys pulpy simultaneously, 3 or 4 is a graphic if odd possibility. 

To a credit, Cooler Master provides 6 media controls on a MS120 keyboard, doubled adult on a 6 navigation keys. It also offers, as we mentioned earlier, a keyboard close underline around FN+F12. And nonetheless we can’t control a lighting on a mouse—which consists of LEDs underneath a corkscrew wheel, a tastefully summarized logo, and a frame along around a bottom of a behind half—the circle and trademark change color, in sync, to simulate a stream DPI setting.

Performance Testing Conclusion

You substantially came divided with dual points about a MS120 from a final section: Namely, a default of facilities due in vast partial to a miss of pattern software, and a multiple of unequivocally good rodent switches and a good visual sensor. These dual factors together severely influenced a game-play testing, both for improved and worse.

From a vantage indicate of simple performance, we found a MS120 a solid-enough gaming combo. In movement titles such as Far Cry 4, a rodent functioned though flaw, as it did in a manic RTS apportionment of a diversion Divinity: Dragon Commander. While a Avago 3050 is not in a same category as, say, a PixArt 3360, it delivers decent performance. We also favourite a light hold of a switches in faster-paced games, where relocating and behaving fast are synonymous with not dying.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Back and Right)

The MS120’s rodent has 4 stored DPI settings, and a reduce span (500dpi and 750dpi) worked excellent in menu-intensive, turn-based plan games such as Crusader Kings II. But you’ll need to adjust to 1,500dpi and 3,500dpi, with zero in between, if we wish to use this marginal and need some-more granularity than 750dpi.

On a keyboard, meanwhile, removing customarily a lighting we wish on a per-key basement is awkward, and as there’s no ability to save profiles, any changes we wish to make in a lighting have to be redone with any diversion we constantly play. That’s not a recipe for tweaking a lighting often.

And that said, saying as a lighting can’t be used to support diversion play—as in a quarrel of lights flashing when a power-up comes online again—it unequivocally doesn’t offer many useful in-game purpose. We’re some-more endangered about a inability to reassign keys and emanate macros, that many gamers find essential.

Also a probable emanate is a keyboard’s anti-ghosting. We accept that we have to give adult some facilities to get a low cost for this combo, generally given a peculiarity of a rodent sensor, though some of a anti-ghosting exam formula showed customarily 3 or 4 pivotal presses were caught. We were bitten by this once, when a final in a discerning period of pivotal combos didn’t come off. If a MS120 sounds like a understanding we wish to snap up, initial check it out in a earthy store if we can, or during slightest know that it’s not ideally matched to fast-action games requiring complex, lightning-fast pivotal combos in sequence. 

Physical contrast will also let we knowledge a loose, aspect feel to a keys, that we commented on above. If you’re deliberation squeeze of a MS120 for someone used to a automatic keyboard, he or she might not like a keyboard for accurately that reason, all other issues aside. On a other hand, if that chairman is used to aspect keyboards, a MS120 shouldn’t infer a surprise, and might feel a pleasing upgrade.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Low Angled Keyboard)

In a end, it’s a matter of trade-offs, customarily as we settled during a commencement of this review. There are clear drawbacks to going with a aspect keyboard and settling for an deficiency of pattern software, though here we benefit a gaming combo with a important sensor that sells for customarily underneath $90.

We could plead a distant larger underline sets of any series of mice and keyboards reviewed in these pages, though a mice would substantially sell new for customarily $10 to $20 reduction than a MS120 set, and a keyboards would (usually) cost extremely more, generally if they use loyal automatic switches. One probable choice is to demeanour adult Computer Shopper’s reviews of peripherals in a final integrate of years, since we arrangement their current, and customarily reduced, cost tags. But you’d still be hard-pressed to find a understanding utterly as good as a one Cooler Master offers for an entry-level gaming-specific combo. For pre-teen gamers and a budget-strapped, it’s good value a look; for a pathologically strict about macros and pivotal feel, a reduction so. 

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 (Right Angled Keyboard)


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