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Contracts and liabilities between controllers and processors underneath GDPR

In September, a ICO non-stop a conference duration on a draft guidance, that provides unsentimental discipline for UK organisations on contracts between information controllers and processors underneath a GDPR.

The breeze superintendence includes an overview of a imperative supplies that will need to be in place between controllers and processors from May subsequent year, and stresses a mandate of their orthodox obligations.

The superintendence aims to assistance both parties to know their roles and to find compromising solutions for them to be means to have a imperative supplies in place. It is also seeking UK organisations’ views as to either a superintendence provides a turn of fact and construction that they need to scrupulously residence this requirement.

The conference sealed yesterday, and notwithstanding that a superintendence might not yield sufficient sum on any singular point. However, it does embody a lot of useful calm that can be simply accepted and followed, e.g. a controller and processor contracts checklist.

What are a stream obligations?

The Seventh Principle of a Data Protection Act 1998 places an requirement on controllers for them to ensure:

  • that they have selected a processor providing sufficient guarantees in honour of a technical and organisational confidence measures ruling a estimate of information – definition an IT confidence review needs to be carried out; and

  • that they have put in place a created agreement saying that a processor will usually act underneath a instructions of a controller and that they approve with information confidence obligations homogeneous to those imposed on a controller.

The GDPR regime – updates that are opening discussion

The GDPR enhances a stream obligations and includes a set of imperative supplies that need to be enclosed in a agreements between information controllers and processors. These supplies are not new; in fact, many information insurance practitioners have been regulating them for years to explain positions and minimise risks. However, a fact of this apropos imperative is opening new points of contention between parties that need special attention; for instance per additional fees, a border to that both parties will combine with any other and identifying what information fits into a difficulty of “being processed on interest of a controller”, among other things.

In light of this, many organisations are struggling to know who would be obliged if one of a parties does a best to renegotiate a stream agreement and a other celebration refuses to do so. Initially, we might interpretation that a celebration refusing would be a obliged or probable one. However, a requirement of carrying suitable supplies in place is a controller’s shortcoming underneath a GDPR.

It seems that any box where parties do not find a compromising resolution should be analysed on a case-by-case basis. This has lifted concerns among controllers, as it might be formidable to simply change provider if they already have invested many of their bill on an existent contract. Would they be given some-more time – for example, a prolongation of a duration that for certain cases would request underneath Recital 171 of a GDPR – to find a resolution but breaching a regulation?

We wish to hear some-more about this and other concerns associated to this subject from both a ICO and a Article 29 Working Party.

In a interim, organisations will generally find a ICO’s breeze superintendence useful to a border that it explains because contracts between controllers and processors are important; it creates a eminence between what calm is imperative and what supplies are endorsed for good practice. It also clarifies a processors’ contractual obligations and what their approach responsibilities are underneath a GDPR – a bargain of that is essential for use providers.

Rocio de la Cruz is principal associate during Gowling WLG

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