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Cloud-based call recording enables regulatory compliance, says TeleWare

Team Venti, a US-based Microsoft Cloud partner, has taken on a solution from TeleWare that bundles voice recording and analysis tools into Skype for Business.

Venti has offered its clients a hosted Skype for Business unified communications (UC) solution for five years; its main aim is to transition customers away from legacy systems like PBX and ageing infrastructure and towards agile, cloud-based systems. It is offering its mid-sized clients a fully-featured hosted UC solution with voice recording, Interactive Voice Response and voicemail, through its new partnership.

Call recording, which can be used to comply with regulations such as Dodd-Frank, is a key feature of the service, TeleWare CEO Steve Haworth told Computing:

“[The] US financial regulation Dodd-Frank requires all communications relating to pre-execution trade information to be recorded completely and accurately, including telephone, voicemail, instant messaging, chats, email and mobile voice. On the healthcare front, HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) suggests required parties record all patient interactions and monitor communications frequently to support compliance. In both of these cases, TeleWare’s communication recording technology provides multi-platform recording that can be quickly and easily accessed for auditing purposes…

In the UK, TeleWare’s communication technology is used by…businesses in industries such as healthcare, who have to comply with CQC guidelines, and financial services, who this year are facing increased regulatory demand in the form of MiFID II.”

Charlie Ramirez, Team Venti’s managing partner in the US, said: “Clients [can] go live within a matter of days, which is a very powerful proposition. Previously it was always a bit of a project to get Skype call recording set up in addition to long and complex provisioning requirements. By offering the call recording as part of an integrated hosted solution, we are able to offer enterprise level solutions to much smaller organisations. We just turn them on. The huge benefits to customers include flexibility, scalability, ease of use and speed. We believe we are the only provider in the market to offer this.”

Team Venti and TeleWare promise that the solution, which is cloud-based, is scalable as businesses grow. Hosting is at Team Venti’s headquarters in Texas.

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