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Civica signs AU$200m agreement with Victoria for new fines system

Digital solutions provider Civica has sealed a AU$200 million agreement with a Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation for a smoothness of a state’s new fines complement for a subsequent 5 years.

The agreement — that represents Civica’s largest understanding to date and is in further to the AU$130 million awarded final year — will see Civica yield platform-based business routine services for a Fines Victoria system, and includes operation of hit centre, operational support, and outbound association services.

The partnership will support a Victorian and Enforcement Warrants (VIEW) complement that will support a introduction of a Fines Reform Act [PDF] in Victoria. VIEW will concede a Victorian supervision to conduct a collection of fines, polite settlement debts, and plant remuneration orders.

VIEW also includes softened verification, processing, and monitoring of transgression notices, as good as an “enhanced” knowledge for both adults receiving and staff assigning transgression notices and fines.

“Our group is learned during implementing digital record alongside dilettante mutation imagination to broach an softened use during scale,” pronounced Gary Bell, executive executive of Civica’s outsourcing division.

In Apr final year, Premier Daniel Andrews announced that a Victorian supervision was allocating supports to upgrade a military force.

Last month, a Victorian supervision announced that new legislation is being introduced in a state to safeguard military officers can legally use body-worn cameras to constraint footage in a line of duty.

The state supervision also sealed a AU$50 million understanding with Motorola progressing this year as partial of a ascent to supply the military and protecting services officers with mobile technology, network services, and applications to boost situational awareness, safety, and productivity.

Motorola will hurl out some-more than 10,000 iPhones and iPads to military and protecting services officers for tasks such as capturing evidence, carrying out temperament checks, and stating crime or other events such as trade incidents.

Victoria’s Fine Reforms Act comes into outcome on Jan 1, 2018.

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