Thursday , 19 July 2018
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Cisco ‘really excited’ at Apple partnership, confirms CEO

Apple and Cisco recently confirmed they will be working even more closely together. I caught up with two key Cisco executives to learn a little more about the two company’s plans.

Corporate communications

At root, Cisco and Apple are opening up new opportunities that transform iOS into the key platform for collaboration and unified communications.

They are doing this through software, platform and inherent network cooperation. That means Cisco Spark natively integrates with Apple, but Cisco is also able to prioritize iOS video calls and bandwidth-intense collaborative experiences over other tasks on the network itself with FastLane. Cisco Spark and WebEx support on Apple’s platforms also help ensure Apple is a peer player in the enterprise space.

Discussing these improvements, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins told me via email: We are really excited about the deeper partnership between Cisco and Apple. The whole idea behind the work we’re doing together is to simplify the user experience.”

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