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Cisco IPTV screens to boost Millennium Stadium profits

Cisco has commissioned a £2.7m video over IP and digital calm smoothness height during Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium. The venue’s owner, a Welsh Rugby Union Group (WRUG), hopes a complement will assistance tempt visiting fans to buy food and splash from in-stadium vendors before compare kick-off, rather than stoop to a temptations of Cardiff city centre’s many pubs and restaurants, and open adult new promotion income streams to assistance boost a stadium’s profits.

Based on record already proven during a Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees stadiums in a US, Cisco’s StadiumVision network links dual 90sq m high clarification (HD) screens during possibly finish of a Cardiff pitch, with a serve 450 screens dotted around a venue.

The screens can be away automatic to uncover live games and highlights from other broadcasters as good as disdainful calm filmed by a WRUG itself, that will not make it onto a BBC. This will embody behind-the-scenes, pitch-side and sauce room footage, and organisation train clips and interviews, and opposite angles of a movement taken from adult to 200 HD cameras around a venue, pronounced a WRUG. The network will also lift live IP audio explanation and open residence announcements via a stadium.

“You will never see this calm in a bars around a stadium, we have to come into a track to see it,” pronounced Roger Lewis, organisation arch executive of a WRU. “It is a counsel try to get some-more people to spend time and income here rather than elsewhere in a city before to a game.”

“The array of people going to games has been shrinking since a record knowledge of staying during home has been flattering good, and cheaper, though it is only not a same as being there,” pronounced Andy Elder, vice-president of Cisco’s sports and party division.

Each LCD shade is served by a possess media actor with 30GB of information storage capacity, definition prepared and downloaded calm can sojourn internal rather than be constantly streamed over a network, avoiding opening bottlenecks. Coaxial cabling commissioned when a track was assembled for a Rugby World Cup in 1999 has been transposed with Gigabit Ethernet fibre-optic links, with Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches and 3700 array routers powering a internal (LAN) and far-reaching area network (WAN).

While a WRUG insists it is focused on improving fans’ altogether Millennium Stadium experience, StadiumVision might get a distant some-more remunerative income tide by exposing them to some-more worldly forms of advertising. And not only during rugby matches during 2011, though also a countless other events a Millennium Stadium will horde – all from stone concerts like those given by U2, Madonna and Oasis in prior years, to speedway, boxing, uncover jumping and beast lorry rallies.

The track is also set to horde an as nonetheless vague array of football matches during a 2012 Olympics, as good as a 2015 Rugby World Cup.

StadiumVision video allows a WRUG to pull sponsored promotion onto a shade in opposite formats from TV, most like internet advertising, that uses banner, letterbox and L-shaped promotion that does not retard a whole of a screen, in a bid to keep viewers watching. It will also be used to offer information on food and splash offers going on within a stadium’s bars and cafés during events, and can be pushed to particular screens or areas of a track according to what a advertiser is peaceful to compensate for.

“This time final year, we were regulating PowerPoint, that was a border of a technological know-how,” pronounced a orator for a Millennium Stadium studio control room, that collates, edits and distributes a digital calm over a network.

The WRUG will also try ways to pull a same calm onto fans’ mobile inclination regulating paid subscriptions to in-stadium Wi-Fi networks once a applicable change of wireless coverage and opening has been finalised.

“We need to perform a subsequent era – if they are not flicking between 3 or 4 inclination they are bored, so we need to let them select their possess perspective and let them get entrance to any calm during any time,” pronounced Elder.

The WRUG is concerned to maximize a income streams due to an expected dump in attendances caused by a retrogression and high sheet prices arrogant by changes to a appropriation of eventuality policing. It generated £58.5m of income for a 13-month duration to a finish of Jun 2010, agreeable a pre-tax distinction of £27.6m. This was helped by hosting 8 general rugby matches involving a Welsh inhabitant organisation attended by 530,000 spectators in total, an normal of 66,250, approach some-more than a 53,000 who attended a Wales vs Australia diversion during a initial Autumn International in Nov final year.

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