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CIO Interview: Joanna Smith, CIO, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust


Joanna Smith, CIO during Royal Brompton Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, described her stream priorities as consisting of skills, confidence and GDPR.

Speaking to Computing as partial of a CIO Interview series, Smith pronounced that it can be tough to attract a right IT talent.

“My biggest regard now is around skills shortages and skills capability,” pronounced Smith. “Here in London in a NHS it’s utterly severe to attract and keep a best resources. We deposit heavily in good new systems and technologies. It’s unequivocally critical that we say a ability to support them relocating forward.

“It’s critical to have an bargain of a dilettante systems yet apparently we have clinical and studious administration systems, so it’s about carrying people who know how a clinicians need to work, and who get a significance of ancillary a clinicians so they can broach good care. But it’s also about new technologies like Voice over IP, cloud, these sorts of things. It’s critical we have folk who are informed with that.

“And as partial of holding on new systems it’s critical that we do believe send to acquire a required skills. We use a lot of third parties to assistance us, to enlarge a existent staff. We pierce staff from business as common to new projects, and transition skills to them so that when vendors pierce divided we’re means to mount alone.”

Smith also discussed security, and a arriving General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] from a EU.

“I’m also utterly endangered also around cyber. Although we’ve been really advantageous in that we’ve been means to deposit in some good infrastructure and we weren’t influenced by WannaCry, apparently cyber moves during such a gait that it would be dumb to be restored so that’s really most during a tip of a agenda.

“Also GDPR’s entrance along subsequent May, that’s got some poignant implications and we wish to make certain that we strengthen a trust as most as we can.

“The turn of fines that a ICO is going to be means to levy subsequent May is important. The NHS has a information governance toolkit. That stands us in good stead. I’m not restored I’m carefully confident that gives us a reasonable grounding, since some SMEs will have no thought about GDPR.”



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