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Chromebooks are contrast a touchscreen-friendly redesign

With some-more Chromebooks sporting touchscreens and even stylus support, like Samsung’s latest Chromebook Pro, it’s not startling to see a touch-friendly launcher arrive for Chrome OS.

Note that this rested launcher is still in a initial playing-around-with-it theatre during this indicate and usually benefaction in a Canary channel (which is a exam bed for new Chrome OS features).

As a YouTube video next shows, a launcher nestles during a bottom of a screen, display usually a tiny collection of suggested apps and a hunt bar. Users can appropriate adult to exhibit a full bank of app icons. You also get a ability to trigger a voice hunt with a elementary daub of a finger.

A hold early

Some of a commenting developers aren’t too tender with a aesthetics of a launcher as it stands, though it’s still really early days – and bear in mind that it will presumably be flattering severe around a edges and glitch-filled, given that a underline is usually creation a entrance in Canary.

Still, even if you’ve no goal of regulating it yet, it’s really really an engaging discernment into a instruction Google is streamer here, and owners of touchscreen Chromebooks can usually wish that swell down this sold entrance turns out to be swift.

Of course, Google is also bustling implementing support for Android apps opposite Chromebooks, and all of a Chrome OS-toting laptops that launch this year will have this trickery built in right out of a box.

Google has to keep a Chromebooks some-more rival now that Microsoft has unleashed Windows 10 S, that aims to be a large strike in a preparation marketplace – a cheap-and-cheerful domain where Google dominates.

Via: Engadget

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