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Chromebooks and Office 365 together will plea Windows laptops


Android apps on Chromebook: Ready for mainstream use?

Android apps on Chromebook: Ready for mainstream use?

Most, yet not all.

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It’s no tip that I’m not a Windows fan. I’m commencement to consternation if Microsoft isn’t either.

Hear me out. On Nov. 27, Chromebook users detected that Office 365 would run on some of their laptops. To be exact, we now know we can download and run Office 365 on Samsung Chromebook Pro, Pixelbook, Acer Chromebook 15, and a Acer C771.

Now, you’ve been means to run a lightweight web versions of Office programs — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote — on Chromebooks. But they were never that good. Then, Microsoft done Office Mobile for Android available, and that also worked on Chrome OS. But, now, Office 365 is adult and regulating — and it’s a real-deal MS Office.

There are now some-more than 120 million Office 365 users. That’s about 10 percent of all Office users. Those aren’t usually home users on a parsimonious budget. According to a 2016 investigate by Skyhigh, 91.4 percent of businesses with during slightest 100 users were regulating Office 365. Usage within enterprises grew over 320 percent as a commission of employees regulating during slightest one Office 365 focus some-more than tripled from 6.8 percent to 22.3 percent.

In a past, a involuntary answer during many companies to any try to switch to another handling complement was: “But it can’t run Microsoft Office.” Well, now Chromebooks can.

And regulating Office 365 on a Chromebook doesn’t need any special software, such as CodeWeavers’ CrossOver. You usually download Office 365 from a Play Store on any Chromebook, that supports Android apps on Chrome OS, afterwards compensate Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription price of $70 a year, and get to work.

Besides usually removing Office, we also get all a other advantages that come with a Chromebook. Chrome OS is some-more secure than Windows. It’s updated with a latest rags and facilities about each 6 weeks. Chromebooks are mindlessly elementary to use. If we can use a web browser, we can use a Chromebook.

In addition, one underline I’ve grown to adore recently is that, if we remove your Chromebook or dump it in a bathtub, to get all your apps, documents, and settings back, all we need to do is get a new one, afterwards pointer in with your Google ID, and in minutes, your desktop is behind usually as we like it and prepared to rock.

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Finally, we can get a good Chromebook for usually a few hundred dollars. Sure, Microsoft promises that a new Windows 10 S will be great. What we see yet is a subsequent incarnation of arguably Microsoft’s biggest OS disaster to date: Windows RT.

Sure, there’s some program that usually runs on Windows. But, unless you’re regulating one of those programs, many Windows users no longer need Windows. Heck, Microsoft itself has been relocating to a use — rather than a product — business devise for years now. And a association has usually changed Office, once and for all, into a multi-operating complement use model.

The bottom line is that Microsoft has got absolved of a singular biggest reason because people are still with Windows: MS Office. If we can run Office on a Chromebook, that is safer, some-more reliable, and cheaper, because wouldn’t you? I’ll be darned if we can consider of a reason for many users.

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