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Chrome 66 will silence autoplay video by default

GOOGLE SEEMS set on ensuring that advertisers start to be a bit more considerate with adverts.

Having already introduced an ad blocker which removes the more dynamic (read: ‘annoying’) elements of advertising from its all-conquering Chrome browser, it now has its ears on annoying noises.

Starting with Chrome 66, which is currently in beta, Chrome will automatically mute any autoplay video content with sound.

This means not only adverts but any dynamic site content that the company has embedded for added value’.

It’s not a case of ‘never again’ but rather granular control at a user level, so you don’t get a racket you didn’t want.

You can choose to turn the feature off altogether, or less drastically, you could limit it to sites you’ve ‘previously shown interest in’ – and to emphasise, that’s not just the site, it’s specifically multimedia content on that site.

This isn’t the first time Google has tackled the scourge of unwanted noise. Since Chrome 64, you’ve had the option to permanently block websites that are guilty of the heinous crime of being bloody annoying. This functionality was originally planned for the same time but needed a bit more work so it was delayed.

Previously, it had added an icon above tabs playing sound to make it easier to tell which one was making the bad noise.

Versions of Chrome go through a cycle of being in the ‘Canary’ channel for a month, before moving to the ‘Beta’ channel and then the ‘Stable’ channel which is the one that most punters use.

At the moment, we’re on Chrome 65 Stable, so providing nothing goes wrong at the tinkering stage, expect to see this functionality roll out next month.

A look at the changelog doesn’t throw up too many other big changes, though there is talk of a new asynchronous Clipboard API, a more efficient process under the hood that will lead to a wider variety of content being cut and pasted. µ



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