Sunday , 27 May 2018
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Chinese robotics association UBTECH gets $820 million in funding

Shenzhen-based home robotics association UBTECH announced this week that it has sealed a large $820 million Series C. The round, led by Tencent and a whole slew of other investors, follows a $100 million Series B and $20 million Series C.

The bipedal robotics builder positively isn’t a domicile name here in a States — nonetheless a company’s taken a few baby stairs over here, including a walking Stormtrooper robot expelled alongside The Last Jedi. It also debuted a “robotic butler” with a inscription face behind during CES in Jan that seemed some-more explanation of judgment than shipping product — nonetheless UBTECH has betrothed a extended 2019 recover date.

CEO James Zhou has betrothed a association will use this outrageous subsidy to accelerate a prophesy of bringing robots into a home.

“As record evolves to embody some-more voice and hold capabilities, people need new inclination that promulgate and correlate some-more naturally and intuitively during home, during propagandize and during work,” he pronounced in a recover tied to a announcement. “While trends in robots and robotics are developing, no association has nonetheless stepped brazen with a resources, prophesy and products ecosystem to renovate drudge anticipation and novella into drudge reality. UBTECH is bringing this existence to life by expanding a possibilities for innovation.”

The association says a appropriation will go into RD, hires and expanding a tellurian footprint. UBTECH is one of a series of companies pulling home robotics over a Roomba, including a rumored arriving device from Amazon. The record has been a tough bulb to moment in a preceding decades, though an $820 million investment positively couldn’t hurt. 

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