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Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review

Powerful gaming PCs ordinarily come with big, brawny graphics cards requiring together unmanageable and unmanageable complement cases that unequivocally don’t demeanour good in a customary vital room. Som if we wish something closer to a distance and preference of a console system, we will customarily have to make vast sacrifices when it comes to graphics energy – that would substantially annul one of a categorical reasons to go with a PC system in a initial place.

Chillblast’s Nano PCs have for a prolonged time offering a good change of distance and performance, by creation use of tiny form cause Mini ITX components: The complement case, motherboard and graphics label are all extremely smaller in distance than in a desktop PC, creation them easier to ride to LAN parties, or to tuck divided subsequent your vital room TV.

What we benefit in compactness, we mostly remove in terms of reduced inner enlargement room, fewer motherboard slots, and crucially for a gaming system, a extent on a distance of a graphics label we can fit in a case. Previous high-end models have used a renouned GeForce GTX 970 from Nvidia (see final year’s Chillblast Fusion Nano review), that optionally comes in a Mini ITX format, though a GTX 970 is a few stairs down from a tip of a ladder when it comes to performance.

Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review: Price

With a new Fusion Nano Fury, Chillblast has transposed a GTX 970 with a R9 Nano from AMD – a graphics label packaged with AMD’s tip tier R9 Fury graphics technology, though specifically re-engineered to fit into tiny form cause PCs. The outcome is a Mini ITX PC able of formerly unheard-of gaming performance, nonetheless it does come with a 38 percent cost reward of a Nvidia-based model. That means it will cost you £1379.99 from Chillblast’s website.

That arrange of income can buy we a lot of normal desktop PC, or a gaming laptop. So we unequivocally need a good reason to wish a compress gaming PC, as you’ll get improved value from a full-size machine.  Don’t forget that a Fusion Nano Fury is corroborated by Chillblast’s 5 year collect and lapse warranty, a initial dual years of that cover both tools and labour.

It’s also accessible in several colours: red, blue, black, green, bullion and silver/grey.

Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review: The AMD Radeon R9 Nano

AMD’s R9 Nano is a extraordinary graphics label that competence not make many clarity during initial glance. Priced and specified as a top-tier striking card, it’s formed on a same “Fiji” chipset as a company’s flagship R9 Fury, though a stricter energy boundary forestall it from using prosaic out during a tip probable speeds.

Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review

Based on a 28nm production routine and featuring 4GB of AMD’s ultra-fast 4096-bit High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), a R9 Nano offers all a same facilities as a full-sized stablemates. These embody Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) for squeezing 4K-like peculiarity onto lower-resolution screens and genuine 4K support on UHD displays. It also delivers adequate opening to play several games during these ultra-high resolutions. It comes with a same 4096 tide estimate units found in a flagship R9 Fury X, though uses usually a singular 8-pin energy connector rather than dual – tying a sum energy accessible to a board. This causes a label to stifle behind on opening to stay within a reduced energy expenditure parameters and is a categorical reason because a R9 Nano is slower than a R9 Fury X with such identical inner hardware.

The R9 Nano therefore isn’t a right choice for a standard-sized PC where improved opening can be had though a energy and cooling constraints imposed on a smaller model. This means when shopping a compress complement such as this, your initial priority has to be size, with opening entrance a tighten second.

Put one in a Mini-ITX case, however, and we have a label that entirely outclasses anything else in a category.

Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review: Design

If you’ve not used a Mini ITX PC before, afterwards we might be astounded during usually how many smaller they can be than a customary desktop model. The Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury is housed in a Raijintek Metis complement box and looks certainly cute, with a clean, minimalist pattern and costly brushed steel texture.


Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review

The box has been mutated by Chillblast to embody a ‘blowhole’ (actually a suckhole) in a roof. This allows outmost airflow directly onto a graphics card. It can also yield a bit of a jeopardy for any tiny equipment that might tumble onto a case, as there’s no dirt filter or filigree safeguarding it. There is however, a fan ensure in place that will forestall a same function with incomparable objects.

A span of USB 3.0 sockets is also supposing on a tip of a case, commissioned possibly side of a common headphone and mic ports. The right palm side of a box consists mostly of a window, by that a inner components can be seen – nonetheless many of a perspective is vaporous by a energy supply.

Space is during a reward here, so there’s no visual expostulate brook and no room for any additional externally-facing label slots one a graphics label is in place. Our examination representation come in black, though you’ll be spoilt for choice from a operation of colours including red, green, silver, blue and gold. Overall we were unequivocally tender with a outmost build peculiarity and pattern of a system.

Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review: Features

Inside a case, we find a highly-specified system, featuring an Asus Z170I Pro Gaming Mini ITX motherboard with a 3.5GHz Intel Core-i5 6600K processor installed, overclocked to 4.4GHz. The CPU is cooled by a Corsair Hydro H75 glass cooler and a complement comes with 16GB of Crucial 2133MHz DDR4 RAM.

High speed storage comes in a form of a 250GB Samsung SM951 PCI Express SSD, with a 1TB Seagate SSHD hybrid expostulate providing additional capacity.

Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review

With all of these components in place, there’s unequivocally tiny room to manoeuvre, generally with a twin fans propitious to a radiator of a CPU cooler, so this is unequivocally not a complement designed to be upgraded internally, unless it’s by replacing components. The many we could do would be to fit a second 2.5” expostulate for some additional storage space.

Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review: Performance

The Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury performs unequivocally good indeed. A PCMark 8 Home outcome of 5369 points places it among a fastest Core i5-6600K formed PCs we’ve tested, notwithstanding a tiny earthy size. The PC also runs comparatively quietly, nonetheless we did notice that a graphics label emits a conspicuous bemoan when underneath complicated load. It comes not from any fans, though rather from a electrical coils on a board. This seems to be an hapless aspect of a R9 Nano’s pattern and one you’ll usually have to live with. Thankfully it usually becomes conspicuous during flat-out gaming when here are expected to be many other sounds going on to drown it out.

Storage opening (PCMark 8 Storage score: 5084 points) is also quite good, interjection to that Samsung PCI Express SSD, so if we implement your incomparable games on this expostulate we should knowledge reduced loading times.

However, it’s unequivocally a gaming opening we’re meddlesome in and here a Fusion Nano Fury doesn’t disappoint. Compared to a likewise specified PC propitious with a GeForce GTX 970, Alien vs Predator support rates jump from 91fps to 167fps during 1080p. It’s a identical story opposite a board, with a R9 Nano comprehensively trouncing a GeForce GTX 970 over a far-reaching operation of benchmarks and clearly pulling serve forward a some-more we chuck during it in terms of preferred fortitude and peculiarity settings.

Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review: Bottom line

The Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury might be expensive, even holding into comment AMD’s new cost rebate on a R9 Nano graphics card. However, it’s also one of a fastest gaming PCs we can get in this form cause and able of delivering high-performance gaming in a vital room accessible PC. If you’re going to use it on a 4K TV, afterwards be wakeful that a miss of HDMI 2.0 support will extent your modernise rates to 30Hz – to get 60Hz, you’ll have to use a DisplayPort outlay to a PC monitor. There’s no need to have a 4K TV to take advantage of a additional estimate energy however, as a VSR underline can fist many of a 4K integrity into a customary 1080p outlay – and though a 30Hz limitation.

Chillblast Fusion Nano Fury review

This PC is glorious value for income for those who need it, though use on a customary desktop, there’s reduction inducement to buy such a complement unless space is unequivocally tight, or we visualize frequently relocating a complement from place to place.


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