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Cherry MC 4000

Every computer-keyboard backer has listened of Cherry. The German association is famous for a keyboard switches, that form a basement for many automatic keyboards. That’s still loyal notwithstanding a change in new years by some keyboard makers toward regulating choice switch manufacturers, or creation their possess switches.

Yet Cherry’s mixed lines of mice, that tend to be plain and sober, have not enjoyed a same ubiquity—at slightest in a United States. The latest in a MC series, a Cherry MC 4000, competence give us some reason why. Let’s take a look.

Design Features

The Cherry MC 4000 has some-more in common with a Cherry MC 2000 than a approach numerical predecessor, a MC 3000, though a MC 4000’s demeanour is uninformed and sleek.

The pattern is once again symmetrical, permitting both lefties and righties to use it with equal ease…

Cherry MC 4000 (Top)

The MC 4000 sports 6 buttons, adult from a 5 on a MC 3000. It has a customary left-click, right-click, and clickable corkscrew wheel, as good as one vast china symbol on any side, and a tip symbol that switches between a dual predefined attraction settings. All are easy to activate and pleasingly tactile, and a core symbol is usually complicated adequate to equivocate being incidentally strike during normal usage.

Cherry MC 4000 (Buttons  Wheel)

By default, while browsing a Web, a side symbol on a left goes behind one page; a one on a right, forward. Keep in mind that, as is a box with all exquisite mice, a symbol on a side conflicting a ride is ungainly to use, nonetheless symbol assignments are configurable with software accessible on Cherry’s Web site. Cherry’s preference to use no rubber or soft-touch tantalizing on a sides does leave a hold a little loose, though that didn’t worry us much.

Cherry MC 4000 (Side)

Aesthetics is where a MC 4000’s biggest improvements lie. Rejecting both a old-school demeanour of a MC 2000 and a some-more organic pattern of a MC 3000, a MC 4000 looks both complicated and elegant, if a bit over-adorned for an bureau rodent not directed radically during gamers. The initial rodent in this array to have lights, a MC 4000 is illuminated in 6 spots: dual brief lines on any side (one adult front, and one toward a back), and a corkscrew circle and a DPI switch behind it.

Cherry MC 4000 (Blue Angle)

By default, a rodent lights adult blue, indicating 1,000dpi, and if we press a symbol behind a corkscrew wheel, a lights change to red, indicating a 2,000dpi environment is enabled…

Cherry MC 4000 (Red)

Both a blue and a red light settings element a physique of a rodent to give it a demeanour that straddles a visible line between gaming and veteran mice. 

As for a rodent physique itself, a MC 4000 comes only in black. While other members of a Cherry MC rodent family are sole in possibly black or white, it’s tough to suppose a white tone meshing good with this lighting scheme, so we don’t skip a white choice here.

The underside, meanwhile, is mediocre detached from a executive visual sensor, and a slip pad that encircles a bottom of a mouse, as against to a some-more standard little rags of sharp material…

Cherry MC 4000 (Underside)

The MC 4000 is really a many stylish of Cherry’s line, nonetheless it looks bustling for a quite office-bound mouse. We consider it’s best matched to straddling work and ubiquitous use, with a bit of infrequent gaming on a side.

Setup Performance

Since this is a connected USB mouse, setup is passed simple. All we have to do is block a rodent into any accessible USB container on your computer; it was famous right divided in Windows 7 and 10, in a tests. As we mentioned before, some discretionary program downloadable from Cherry’s Web site allows we to configure a rodent buttons, though installing and regulating it is not necessary. Lefties competence wish to switch a side-button functions, to connect a useful browser-back authority to a easier-to-use right side, though there’s not a lot of upside here otherwise.

Cherry MC 4000 (Red Angled)

Weighing in during usually a little some-more than 4 ounces, a MC 4000’s light physique enables a user to knowledge a “high-speed veteran use” that Cherry mentions in a press materials. Conversely, pointing work is rather formidable due to that fact that conjunction attraction environment is truly slow. The dual settings are 1,000 dots per in. (dpi) and 2,000dpi, represented by blue and red lighting, respectively. With many mice by default using between 400dpi and 800dpi, these dual settings are radically usually fast and faster. The 2,000dpi “red” setting, particularly, felt like speed profusion on a 1080p screen, deliberation how light a rodent is already. The cursor flew opposite a shade with usually a slight effort of force. Some FPS players competence find that useful for covering a shade in bullet holes, though it is generally not useful for veteran use unless you’re operative on a high-resolution monitor, such as a 4K panel.

Cherry’s tagline for this product is “Precise, fast, and user-friendly.” So, carrying shown that it is quick and user-friendly, one doubt remains: Is it precise? The answer is a resounding yes, if near-hairline pointing is what we are after. The MC 4000 picks adult on a many pointed of movements, generally clear during a red setting, where little nudges that other mice competence skip are adequate to pierce a cursor adult a line of text. The heft of a rodent is adequate that it gave some insurgency to “overflying” a cirsor target. But we had to get used to it.


The Cherry MC 4000 is distant from a many feature-laden rodent on a market, though it’s a arguable and fit business rodent that can work good for gaming, too.

That said, we’ve seen many cheaper mice for that we can contend a same thing. It’s tough for us to see any reason to suggest spending roughly $35 on a MC 4000 when many mice for $10 to $20 offer many of a same peculiarity and capabilities, and some $30 mice offer more. All in all, this is a important mouse, though we’d mind a price; during this writing, it’s sitting in a aloft joining than it belongs. We’d demeanour for it between $20 and $30 before jumping on it.


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