Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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Yahoo Finance launches amicable assets app Tanda, an choice to credit cards

Yahoo Finance currently launched a new app called Tanda that allows tiny groups of possibly 5 or 9 people to save income together for short-term goals. The app uses a judgment of a “money pool” – that is, everybody participating in one Tanda’s collaborative assets circles will compensate a bound volume to a group’s assets pot each month. And each ... Read More »

The NFL and Verizon’s new streaming understanding will move games to all mobile carriers

Verizon will no longer be a disdainful U.S. mobile conduit for examination NFL games on smartphones and tablets. According to an announcement this morning, a association – and TechCrunch’s parent, by approach of Oath – says that it has sealed a new understanding with a National Football League that will concede it to tide live games to fans regardless of ... Read More »

Oath and Mozilla are suing any other after Firefox switches behind to Google search

Firefox’s default hunt engine has turn a theme of a hotly contested authorised battle, a few weeks after Mozilla announced it would be relocating from Yahoo to Google. Yahoo’s new primogenitor Oath filed a censure opposite Mozilla in a California justice on Dec 1, alleging a crack of contract. Now Mozilla has filed a opposite complaint, saying that a switch ... Read More »

Canadian hacker pleads guilty in outrageous Yahoo penetrate case

A Canadian citizen has pleaded guilty to helping Russian comprehension officers in a 2014 penetrate of Yahoo that unprotected as many as 500 million accounts. The defendant, 22-year-old Karim Baratov, is a usually detain to come out of a Yahoo penetrate as a 3 other people confronting charges live in Russia, that apparently has no seductiveness in extraditing them to ... Read More »

Latest turn of Verizon layoffs during Oath affects <4% of staff globally

Verizon has instituted another turn of layoffs as a outcome of a merger of Yahoo and successive mixing of a association with a existent business skill AOL to form a new multiplication — called Oath, led by CEO Tim Armstrong. (Reminder: TechCrunch was owned by AOL that creates Oath a new primogenitor association too.) We know a latest pursuit cuts impact ... Read More »

Mozilla terminates a understanding with Yahoo and creates Google a default in Firefox again

With a launch of Firefox Quantum, Mozilla expelled what’s substantially a many critical refurbish to a browser in new years. It’s faster, lighter and we should give it a try. And as we do so, you’ll notice another change: Google is now a default hunt engine again — during slightest if we live in a U.S., Canada, Hong Kong and ... Read More »

Four years later, Yahoo still doesn’t know how 3 billion accounts were hacked

On Wednesday, in a security hearing that called both Equifax and Yahoo’s past and benefaction executives to Washington, D.C., we’re training a bit some-more about what Yahoo didn’t know about a biggest penetrate in history. When pulpy about how Yahoo unsuccessful to commend that 3 billion accounts — and not 500 million as initial reported — were compromised in what ... Read More »

Flickr exits a print book business, shuts down wall art orders

Flickr, a once Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site that’s now a partial of Verizon*, is removing out of a imitation book copy business, and is shutting down a underline that authorised users to spin photos into professional-quality wall art. In an email sent to users this week, Flickr pronounced that it was branch over imitation books to edition use Blurb as of ... Read More »

Investors place $25M on AtScale to get a large design of large data

AtScale, a four-year aged startup that helps companies get a big-picture perspective of their large information inside their BI tools, announced a $25 million Series C investment today. The turn was led by Atlantic Bridge with appearance from new investors Wells Fargo and Industry Ventures along with returning investors Storm Ventures, UMC, Comcast and XSeed Capital. With today’s investment, a ... Read More »

Yahoo now thinks all 3B accounts were impacted by 2013 breach, not 1B as thought

Internet hulk Yahoo’s large 2013 certainty crack has dealt a association nonetheless another blow. Today Yahoo sent out a notice disclosing that a serve review of the  2013 crack has constructed new evidence. The association now believes that all of a 3 billion accounts were impacted, not 1 billion as it formerly thought. This will embody all people who have Yahoo ... Read More »

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