Sunday , 25 March 2018
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Influence: Mobile Working in a NHS

NHS ‘to advantage from flexible development’ with preference of open source database Riak for Spine2 Read More »

Lean, immature and flexible: exploring a IT powering WWF’s new HQ

This month saw wildlife gift WWF’s new UK domicile strictly non-stop by Sir David Attenborough. Everything about a Living Planet Centre in Woking, Surrey, is designed to be as environmentally accessible as possible, including a IT infrastructure. “We looked during how we wanted a staff to work in a organisation, how we wanted them to be connected, how we wanted ... Read More »

Ofcom identifies spectrum bands that could be used for 5G

Staffordshire Police demeanour to EE 4G, Internet of Things and connected inclination to assistance quarrel crime Read More »

Smart meters: an IT disaster watchful to happen?

Everything has to be prefixed with a word “smart” these days – intelligent phones, intelligent cities, intelligent meters – when unequivocally what is meant by a word is that something is not indispensably better, or smarter, yet usually connected. Often, a word is also used as spin to inhibit courtesy from a fact that what has been motionless is anything ... Read More »

Brent Council picks Xirrus Wi-Fi for the ‘cost-effectiveness and flexibility’

Brent Council has comparison wireless network provider Xirrus to broach a Wi-Fi network given it was a many “cost-effective and flexible” resolution available. Stephan Conaway, a CIO during Brent Council, explained that there were several reasons to name Xirrus, one of that was that it compulsory fewer entrance points to yield good Wi-Fi coverage. “It was essential for us to ... Read More »

Building a smarter university

With roughly 25,000 students and over 4,000 staff relying on a IT infrastructure, a University of Southampton knew it had to import adult a options delicately when it put out a proposal for a code new information centre. And being one of a Russell Group of selected British investigate universities, it was wakeful that any mistakes could repairs a repute ... Read More »

If we wish Cisco to broach it’s “in for a penny, in for a pound” says University of Westminster

The University of Westminster is coping with a IT needs of 25,000 students by adhering with obligatory retailer Brocade, desiring a pierce to another supplier, such as Cisco, would need too most of an “end-to-end” commitment. The newly-installed deployment, formed around Brocade’s MLX array of core routers, has already served 21,000 devices, with as many as 3,500 inclination connected to ... Read More »

Android smartphone and inscription Wi-Fi ‘not great’ for craving use

Top-of-the-range Microsoft Surface Book, sir? That’ll be $3,199 Read More »

Intel operative on wireless PCs and $1,000 oppulance intelligent bracelet

Intel is ramping adult a efforts on a inclination front with new inclination to go on sale in 2015 – a high-end oppulance intelligent bracelet and wireless PCs.  The association wants to deliver wire-free inclination that can be charged regulating a pad rather than requiring users to block their inclination into sockets. The new concept, that comes underneath Intel’s Skylake ... Read More »

Building Zones installs initial ever tellurian 801.11ac Wi-Fi network during Eversheds

Wireless networking dilettante Building Zones won a endowment for best networking devise during a 2014 UK IT Awards, impressing a judges with a enchanting story of a small organisation of punching good above a weight. Large, middle or small? This is one of a many questions that businesses have to ask themselves when assessing intensity partners for an IT programme. ... Read More »

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