Wednesday , 25 April 2018
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Switching between Windows 10 S, Home, and Pro might get some-more flexible

As Microsoft’s annual Build developer discussion nears, a new news suggests that a attribute between Microsoft Windows 10 S and Windows 10 might be some-more stretchable than before. Microsoft pronounced in Mar that Microsoft will muster Windows 10 S as a mode of Windows 10. In a blog post during a time, Windows arch Joe Belfiore pronounced that users would ... Read More »

Windows 10 Timeline: How to use use Microsoft’s new organizational tool

Windows 10’s Timeline underline helps answer a question: what was we operative on? This handy, discretionary underline can lane what papers and Web pages you’ve been operative on over a past weeks and months, organizing them into a collection of papers we can fast open to collect adult where we left off. Timeline is partial of a Windows 10 Spring ... Read More »

Microsoft will stop building OneNote 2016 in preference of a Windows 10 OneNote app

Microsoft has sensitively worked to urge a simple OneNote app within Windows 10, and on Wednesday it perceived an astonishing uncover of support: The OneNote 2016 app for Office 365 will be put on hold, and a OneNote app already within Windows 10 will reinstate it within Office 2019. It’s a toll publicity for OneNote for Windows 10, whose UI ... Read More »

Hands-on with Gigabyte’s new Aero 15

PCWorld | Apr 3, 2018 Gigabyte’s overwhelming new Aero 15 adds a six-core Intel CPU and high-refresh row while adhering to the mantra of good battery life. Read More »

Hands-on with Dell’s absolute new XPS 15

PCWorld | Apr 3, 2018 Dell’s new XPS 15 has adult to 6-cores and faster GeForce graphics. Read More »

Microsoft adds ransomware protections to make OneDrive and safer

If your PC is putrescent with ransomware, it will widespread from record to file, encrypting them until we compensate a bad guys for a digital key. But ransomware can also widespread to your files stored in a cloud—and that’s what Microsoft’s new OneDrive protections are designed to address. On Thursday Microsoft announced a ability to “roll back” a files stored ... Read More »

Microsoft’s new Cortana arch skeleton to put her smarts in some-more places

Cortana, where art thou? That’s what PCWorld wanted to know when we spoke with Microsoft’s recently-minted Cortana czar, Javier Soltero, late final week. The digital partner who finished a dash in Windows 10 with her snappy comebacks and stupid knock-knock jokes is still charity to assistance we with your calendar and search. She’s even migrated to mobile apps for Android ... Read More »

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: The best dark features

Microsoft’s subsequent Windows 10 upgrade, code-named Redstone 4 and informally famous as a Spring Creators Update, improves Windows in countless ways. But Microsoft has also combined countless under-the-hood adjustments. That’s since this roundup exists: to underscore smaller additions we competence miss, or explain pointed changes in how Windows 10 works. Unlike previous lists we’ve compiled, though, some of these dark ... Read More »

Microsoft skeleton to move local 64-bit apps to Qualcomm-powered PCs, though it’ll take time

Windows PCs that use a battery-sipping Qualcomm Snapdragon ARM processor are usually commencement to hurl out, though they embody some vital caveats. One of them, a inability to run 64-bit apps, doesn’t seem to be going divided anytime soon. According to a Microsoft representative, a association will “share some-more details” on  a preview of a ARM64 program growth pack (SDK) ... Read More »

Microsoft executive shakeup signals large changes for Windows, Office and more

Microsoft handed a reins of a Windows and Devices group from Terry Myerson to Rajesh Jha on Thursday, partial of a array of moves signalling that Microsoft wants to pierce a “unifying product ethos” to Windows, Office, and third-party apps. In an email to employees, arch executive Satya Nadella explained that a destiny of Microsoft lay in “the intelligent cloud ... Read More »

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