Monday , 24 September 2018
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Windows 10 Timeline: How to use Microsoft’s new organizational tool

Windows 10’s Timeline feature helps answer the question: what was I working on? This handy, optional feature can track what documents and Web pages you’ve been working on over the past weeks and months, organizing them into a collection of documents you can quickly open to pick up where you left off. Timeline is part of the Windows 10 April ... Read More »

How Microsoft Edge’s hidden WDAG browser lets you surf the web securely

Occasionally, for whatever reason, we browse parts of the web we know could be dangerous, where malicious pop-ups, ransomware or other malware could infect our PCs. While no solution is totally safe, Microsoft now has a free, specialized version of its Edge browser specifically designed to protect you online: Windows Device Application Guard, or WDAG. WDAG was originally developed for Windows ... Read More »

Soon you’ll be able to pay bills inside Outlook

Just days after notifying users that bill-pay reminders are coming to, Microsoft took the extra step and said that you’ll be able to soon actually be able to pay those bills via email, too. users will “soon” be able to click a button and trigger payments right from within the Web service’s interface, Microsoft announced at its Build ... Read More »

Microsoft’s mobile strategy: Create Windows-like app ‘experiences’ for smartphones

Windows watchers worried what would become of Microsoft after a sweeping reorganization that emphasized “experiences,” rather than Windows. As Microsoft kicks off its Build developer conference in Seattle on Monday, we now have a better idea: Microsoft is investing in Windows experiences on mobile devices, with a new app called Your Phone; a migration of Windows 10’s Timeline productivity feature to ... Read More »

Microsoft may release a tiny $400 Surface tablet to challenge the iPad

Another contender might be ready to tee off on Apple’s $329 iPad, and no, we’re not talking about Chromebook tablets again. Microsoft plans to release a $400 Surface tablet, Bloomberg reports, possibly as early as this fall. The cheapest Surface Pro model available today costs twice as much, and every other configuration sells for $1,000 and up. The $400 tablet ... Read More »

What to expect with Microsoft’s Windows 10 ‘Redstone 5’ release this fall

Originally, this app experience was called Your Phone, though the name may evolve as we get closer to launch. Essentially, it’s a cross-platform app that links your phone and PC. Though your PC already has the ability to reply to SMS messages your phone receives, Your Phone will take that, add to it the capability to transfer photos between the ... Read More »

How Microsoft’s Windows ML machine learning could help apps anticipate your needs

Microsoft is using machine learning to make its Windows apps a lot smarter. At a Technology Sneak Peek on Monday at Microsoft’s Build developer conference in Seattle, executives used Windows Ink to demonstrate the potential of Windows ML, a machine learning API that debuted in the April 2018 Update to Windows 10. Because Windows ML is an API, regular users will ... Read More »

What’s new in Windows 10 Insider Build 17666: ‘Cloud Clipboard,’ Sets improvements and more

Now that Microsoft has shipped the April 2018 Update for Windows 10, it’s moving full speed ahead to the next version of Windows, Redstone 5, due this fall. Chief among the new improvements are several key upgrades: a version of clipboard that can cut and paste between PCs, improvements to Sets, dark themes, an improved Notepad, and more. Microsoft shipped ... Read More »

Microsoft lets you gift digital PC games now, but the Xbox experience still sucks on computers

Over five years after the Microsoft Store launched in Windows 8, it’s finally adding a feature that Steam has offered since the Windows 7 era: the ability to gift digital games. Microsoft enabled digital game gifting for select Xbox One titles last fall. Today, the company announced that PC games and DLC in the Microsoft Store can now be gifted, ... Read More »

What still isn’t clear about the future of Windows after Build 2018

We leave Microsoft’s Build developer conference with more questions than answers about the state of Windows, and that’s not a good thing. We wrote rather optimistically about a March reorganization that erased “Windows” from the roles of senior management. Microsoft never answered the underlying questions that reshuffling posed: Is Microsoft Windows as important as it once was? Is the PC? ... Read More »

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