Sunday , 23 September 2018
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Twitter loses another bidder after Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff rules out deal

DevOps Excellence Awards There are many different ways to move towards a DevOps culture, and these awards are designed to recognise and celebrate the best of every organisation, team, individual, product and tool. Date: 22 Mar 2017 London Read More »

Microsoft open sources Edge browser transcompiler code

Microsoft has released as open source a component of the WebGL renderer in its Edge browser, a move it says will help engineers who maintain WebGL implementations across various platforms The company’s latest open source move sees it release the code for the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) to HLSL transcompiler, a component of Edge used when rendering graphics content. Related ... Read More »

Google plans search algorithm update with more mobile focus

Google will be pushing out an update to its search algorithm in May that will further take into account the mobile versions of websites to determine their search ranking. The firm first introduced a major change to its search algorithm last year to focus on mobile sites, in a move that increased the pressure on firms with non-friendly mobile sites ... Read More »

Marissa Mayer fires Yahoo COO de Castro after just a year in the post

Yahoo’s chief operating officer, Henrique de Castro, has been fired from the company, effective immediately, but with an estimated $40m severance package. CEO Marissa Mayer revealed her decision via a memo to employees, which referred to her “difficult decision” after reflecting on 2013’s company performance. Related articles “During my own reflection, I made the difficult decision that our COO, Henrique ... Read More »

Mobile ads help boost Facebook revenue 63 per cent

Facebook revenue jumped 63 per cent to $2.6 billion (£1.6bn) in the final three months of last year, the social media giant has reported in its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2013. The figure marks a significant rise on the already impressive $1.6bn (£1bn) that was reported in the same period during 2012, with advertising revenues the reason ... Read More »

Opera co-founder von Tetzchner offers Icelandic encrypted file storage service

For those worried about potential snooping by the US National Security Agency and other government surveillance schemes, Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner wants to provide “a safer alternative” type of social media with his startup Vivaldi. Established in November 2013, offers forums, blogs, email, photo sharing and instant messaging platforms, but sets itself apart from providers of similar services ... Read More »

European Commission divided over Google antitrust deal

One in three members of the European Commission are against the European Union’s decision to come to an agreement with Google and end a three-year antitrust investigation into the web firm. Google rivals – including Microsoft – had voiced concerns that the California web giant was using its dominant position in the market to draw business away from its competitors. ... Read More »

Sell Hack, the email-revealing LinkedIn plug-in, shuts down… for now

Sell Hack, the LinkedIn plug-in that allowed users to expose email addresses of other users – even if they weren’t connected on the professional social media network – has shut down. At least that’s the case for the time being, according to a blog post by the Sell Hack team published after receiving a cease and desist notification from LinkedIn. ... Read More »

Yahoo beats Q1 revenue expectations, despite profits slump

Web search firm Yahoo has beaten its financial expectations for the first quarter of 2014, although its profits remain lower than they did this time last year. The search engine – which has struggled to compete with Google in recent years – made earnings of $312m (£187m) between January and March, down 20 per cent from the $390m (£233m) it ... Read More »

Inside Tim Berners-Lee’s first website on its 25th birthday

The first ever website in the world – coded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee while working at CERN – is 25 years old today. Berners-Lee, by his own admission, “just” had to take the concept of hypertext linking – as developed in the 1960s – and convince CERN that widespread use of this idea between organisations and institutions could result in ... Read More »

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