Wednesday , 28 June 2017
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Twitter bots get enterprising, pleasantness of Sprout Social

These days, a thought of bots on Twitter competence be compared some-more with accounts that auto-Tweet, auto-like, and auto-retweet messages, or are corralled into large armies that follow people and do other things en-masse. But as a thought of artificial-intelligence- driven messengers starts to take hold in a tech world, and specifically in areas like customer service, Twitter is positioning itself ... Read More »

Twitter tweaks the pattern again in an try to woo newcomers

In an bid to improved support to newcomers, Twitter once again is redesigning a app opposite mobile, desktop and a web. The revamp isn’t a radical depart from a before look-and-feel or user knowledge – distinct when it introduced a possess stories-like underline called Moments, for example, or when began reordering a tweets in your timeline. Instead, a refurbish involves ... Read More »

Crunch Report | Twitter Redesigns Desktop and Mobile

Hi! You are about to activate a Facebook Messenger news bot. Once subscribed, a bot will send we a digest of trending stories once a day. You can also customize a forms of stories it sends you. Click on a symbol next to allow and wait for a new Facebook summary from a TC Messenger news bot. Thanks, TC Team Read More »

Social media giants creation swell on bootleg hatred debate takedowns: EC

It’s been a year given a 4 vital amicable height players resolved with Europe’s executive physique to a intentional Code of Conduct for stealing bootleg loathing debate within 24 hours of a censure being received. A lot has happened on this front given then, with a array of calm mediation scandals attack opposite platforms and portion to ramp adult a informal ... Read More »

With one misspelled word, President Trump gifts Twitter a #covfefe meme

Covfefe: sometimes it takes something special to make we step behind and comprehend a state of a universe we live in. That’s what happened this Tuesday dusk in a U.S. when President Trump means a internet a really astonishing present: a covfefe meme. Within an hour of a misspelled word going out in a chatter to his 31 million followers, “covfefe” ... Read More »

Twitter is giving brands a new approach to foster their chatbots

Twitter has found a own way to attend in a flourishing chatbot trend. The association announced currently a new underline for advertisers, that allows businesses on Twitter to foster ads designed to pull consumers into personalized practice within Direct Messaging  – including interactions with chatbots. For example, one code is regulating a bot that can assistance we with a cocktail recommendation after ... Read More »

Twitter for Apple TV adds live, 360 grade video and Periscope’s tellurian map

Twitter launched a chronicle of a use on Apple TV and other media actor platforms final tumble in sequence to broach a live video calm to a large screen. Today, a association is updating a Apple TV app with a integrate of new features, including support for Periscope’s Global Map and a ability to watch live 360 grade videos. The association ... Read More »

BuzzFeed hires Twitter’s Jinen Kamdar as the new VP of Product

Jinen Kamdar has spent some-more than 7 years during Twitter, many recently portion as a executive of product for Twitter’s media tools. Now he’s fasten an tangible media association — namely, BuzzFeed, where he’ll be a new clamp boss of product. He doesn’t start his new job until Monday, May 15, so he pronounced it’s too early to know accurately what he’ll ... Read More »

The #NuggsForCarter child has set a record for many retweets ever

A teen with a adore of Wendy’s duck nuggets has replaced Ellen Degeneres as a author of a most-retweeted post on Twitter. Just over a month ago, Carter Wilkerson asked Wendy’s around Twitter how many retweets he’d need to get a year’s supply of giveaway duck nuggets. The company’s response? “18 million.” Sure, that was roughly 15 million some-more than a ... Read More »

Twitter brings the TV app with live video to Roku

On a heels of Twitter’s skeleton to significantly expand the volume of live streaming video calm on a network, a association currently is bringing a big-screen video app to a new height with a launch on Roku devices. The attainment comes over half a year after a TV app was initial introduced on Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One, and will ... Read More »