Monday , 24 September 2018
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Apple TV’s newest app lets you play your personal movie library

Have a hard drive full of old home movies or films you’re tired of playing on a laptop screen? Thanks to VLC Player coming to Apple TV, video formats that normally went unsupported now have a home on iOS’ little black box. The open-source media player is no stranger to other Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, or even ... Read More »

Game of Thrones season 6 premiere date revealed for late April

Game of Thrones is coming… in April. April 24, to be exact. That’s when season 6 kicks off, the official GoT Twitter account announced today. The date falls in line with the series’ other premieres, which have always happened between the end of March and middle of April, Variety notes. Not many details have leaked about the forthcoming season of ... Read More »

Week in Tech: Week in Tech: Let’s talk about CES (and puddles)

This week was all about a three letter acronym. No, not WTF. We mean CES, the annual consumer electronics show where manufacturers show off their brightest ideas and try to persuade us that this year really is the year of the internet fridge. Not only that, but we’ve also got bad news for monkey photographers and some really interesting news ... Read More »

CES 2016: Sony joins the 4K HDR TV fray with three thin screens

HDR has taken over TVs at CES 2016, and Sony is the latest to announce some of its screens are embracing the new standard. The company’s forthcoming 4K Bravia’s – the XBR-X930D, XBR-X940D and XBR-X850D series – are going HDR. Thanks to the standard, the TVs will produce higher brightness, higher contrast and more vibrant colors, Sony said. The new ... Read More »

CES 2016: The first 4K Roku TV is coming soon

Roku always comes to CES with big news to share, and CES 2016 is no different. The smart TV firm announced the first 4K UHD Roku TVs are making it to the wild, and it’s also developed a Roku TV HDR reference design. Let’s start with the 4K news: for the first time ever, Roku is heading to 4K screens, ... Read More »

Updated: Best Netflix TV shows: 30 great Netflix television series

18. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Initially made on a shoe-string budget, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia first season had a cult following, but low viewing figures meant it was destined to be a one-series wonder. Thankfully, everything changed when Season 2 was eventually green-lit, thanks to some big-time star power. Danny De Vito joined for a 10-episode run that ... Read More »

Updated: 25 Best Now TV shows: great Now TV shows available on Sky’s streaming box

25 best Now TV shows Now TV has been a revelation for Sky. It’s arrival in 2012 meant a whole host of programmes that used to be strictly tethered to a satellite dish could be enjoyed without a contract. Now anyone can now enjoy Sky, as long as you have a broadband connection that can stream movies and TV shows. ... Read More »

Updated: Best Amazon Prime Instant Video TV shows: 25 essential Amazon Prime TV series

Best Amazon Prime TV shows In the UK, Amazon had a stuttering start when it came to taking on Netflix in the big streaming battle. This was partly due to a stubborn insistence on Amazon’s part to keep its streaming setup separate, hoping to make Lovefilm (a company it acquired when DVDs were all the rage) into an on-demand brand. ... Read More »

There were more TV shows in 2015 than ever before

Are your TV show ‘to watch’ lists growing out of hand? Don’t worry, it’s not all your fault, as a new study has found that there were more scripted television shows available in 2015 than ever before. To put it into a number, there were 409 scripted TV shows available across broadcast, cable and online services, according to a new ... Read More »

Bah humbug! Best films for avoiding the holidays

Donnie Darko (2001) Where to watch: Amazon Video and Netflix Running time: 1hr 53mins 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds. That is when the world will end. So says The Bunny, but what does it all mean? This thriller about a suburban teen in a tangent universe and his search for Grandma Death’s book The Philosophy of Time ... Read More »

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