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Can we trust tech with our health?

Smartphones are amazing devices. They’ve evolved from that first iPhone to become our indispensable companions which we rely on for just about everything. Some phones are even fitted with heart-rate sensors, but all be used to monitor your steps, runs and then – at night – how well you sleep. See also: how tech can help you get fit The ... Read More »

How to become a tech reviewer

The great thing about the internet is that anyone can make a website, a blog or post self-made videos to YouTube. All these mediums are good for reviewing products but these days you don’t even need to go to that much effort to start on your journey to becoming a tech reviewer. Before you start out, though, consider why you ... Read More »

Google tells court new Android versions with OpenJDK released last month

Google has released on Dec. 24 new versions of its Android platform that are licensed for use under a free, open source license provided by Oracle as part of its OpenJDK project, according to its filing in a federal court in California. OpenJDK is an open source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition. The court is looking into whether ... Read More »

Pledge 1% movement makes big strides in its first year

The Pledge 1% campaign that encourages companies to dedicate 1 per cent of employee time, equity, product or profit to improve communities around the world, has garnered support from over 500 companies in its first year. The corporate philanthropy movement founded by Atlassian, Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, Rally for Impact and, said companies such as DocuSign, Glassdoor, Lookout, Twilio, ... Read More »

World’s first in-office paper recycling machine turns used paper into clean, white sheets

Printer maker Epson just revealed a new machine that spits out pages at a stunning rate of 14 per minute. Wait! Don’t stop reading yet. That pace only sounds bad when we’re talking about printers. This behemoth isn’t printing paper—its making it, from materials you’d otherwise toss in the trash. The company recently announced PaperLab, the world’s first in-office paper ... Read More »

Oculus Rift UK release date rumours, specs, features and games

Oculus Rift release date and price in the UK, plus Oculus Rift specs, and what it is like to use Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is now confirmed for release in Q1 2016 with an Xbox One controller, Windows 10 support, games Oculus Touch and more. Plus: Oculus announces EVE: Valkyrie will be bundled with all Oculus Rift pre-orders. Oculus ... Read More »

Apple to pay Ericsson patent royalties on iPhones and iPads

Apple has agreed to pay Ericsson royalties on the wireless devices it sells in settlement of a long-standing patent dispute. Ericsson owns patents that it considers essential to the implementation of a number of mobile communications standards, including GSM, the 3G standard UMTS and LTE, used in 4G networks. While it has licensing agreements with other manufacturers of devices operating ... Read More »

Microsoft buys communication startup Talko, will shutter service in 2016

Building a popular messaging app is a tough business, and Talko is getting out of it. The collaboration and voice chat app company announced Monday that it has sold to Microsoft, which will be rolling its technology and team members into Skype.  In a post to the company’s blog, the Talko team said that success in the messaging app space for ... Read More »

Kim Dotcom’s extradition to the US to be decided on Wednesday

A decision on a request by the U.S. government for the extradition of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is scheduled for Wednesday in a court in Auckland, New Zealand. The Courts of New Zealand information service said through its Twitter account that a decision in the case will be delivered Wednesday by District Court Judge Nevin Dawson. Dotcom has held that ... Read More »

Samsung makes last-chance appeal to Supreme Court on Apple verdict

Samsung is attempting to take its years-old patent fight with Apple to the U.S. Supreme Court. On Monday, it filed an appeal to the court asking it to take a look at the rules regarding design patents — rules that haven’t been touched in 120 years. The appeal comes on the same day Samsung is due to pay Apple $548 ... Read More »

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