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Data analytics for business advantage

Larry Ellison: We don’t pay attention to SAP or IBM as they’re nowhere to be seen in the cloud Read More »

Tough Love: How BG Group’s HR boss binned SAP and passed over Workday to embrace Oracle HCM

If BG Group still retains some of the bad habits it may have picked up as a bloated public sector remnant of a UK government past, there are certainly people at the firm doing their best to sort it out. Luci Love, who had no background in either HR or IT, rose to the position of head of HR shared ... Read More »

‘If you turn it off, you don’t pay for it’ – Shell’s long but cost-efficient journey to AWS and the cloud

The world’s largest oil company – Shell – has finally completed a sometimes painful four-year journey to the cloud. Speaking at the Amazon Web Services Summit in London this week, enterprise product manager Oskar Brink said internal stakeholders needed a good deal of persuasion before they agreed to let Shell move to AWS. They were, he said, unsure of the ... Read More »

The cloud awaits, but are you ready for the jump?

How will virtualisation evolution shape the future of data centres? Read More »

What were delegates’ key take aways from Computing’s Data Centre and Infrastructure Summit 2014?

Influence: The Top 5 IT budget killers, and how CIOs can avoid them Read More »

Volkswagen scandal: Our emission readers are based on input and real-time adjustment, says Volvo

As Volvo is getting into big data and analytics in a big way, the company was happy to explain to Computing how its fuel emission reporting systems work, explaining that they utilise engine management systems based on input and real-time data to adjust the control of emissions in a practice that is “standard in the business”. Speaking to us at ... Read More »

Big data and the need for speed

The message that data is an untapped oilfield has been hammered home so relentlessly that there can be few organisations of any size that haven’t at least thought about how they might wring some value out of all the information they are sitting on. Companies understand the potential now, says Sean Jackson, CMO at analytics database management company EXASOL, but ... Read More »

Can big data analytics increase cancer survival rates?

Big data and data science have a promising opportunity to influence an increase in cancer survival rates. The technologies, processes and principles can be applied across both medical research and clinical practice and act as a platform to accelerate adoption of data-driven healthcare that enables improved clinical decisions, patient outcomes, and alleviates the economic burden of healthcare. Over the past ... Read More »

Monitoring high availability clusters: Why Ping Identity chose Severalnines over SolarWinds

“A lot of companies say they’re distributed and fault tolerant, but in fact they reside in a single data centre or a single AWS region,” said Michael Ward, chief site reliability engineer at Ping Identity, a provider of cloud authentication solutions to some of of the world’s largest organisations. “But PingOne [the firm’s cloud-based single sign-on application] is currently deployed ... Read More »

Why LeadDesk called on MariaDB’s MaxScale to ease its growing pains

Author: John Leonard Source: Computing | 14 Jul 2015 Categories: Systems Tools | Business Software Tags: Mariadb | Mysql | Cloud | Call centre | Maxscale | | Databases | Crm For rapidly growing businesses, even those based on flexible cloud platforms, scaling up to the next… Read More »

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